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Part 19: That's Right :smug:

It is time. Welcome one and all to THE OMEGA STRAIN!

Update 19 - That's Right

Syphon Filter Omega Strain INTRODUCTION|(2:54)

Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 1-1 - Carthage, Michigan|(45:07)
Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 1-2 - Carthage Aftermath|(9:01)
Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 1-3 - Carthage Codec Calls|(6:03)
-The new Agency recruit joins Imani Grey in Michigan to stop a terrorist attack by French Anarchists. She learns about the way things are done under Logan and saves the city through powers of levitation and super speed, securing seven promotions in the span of a single night!

ZEUS Files
[Pre-Carthage 1 News][Post-Carthage 1 News]
[Pre-Carthage 2 News][Post-Carthage 2 News]
[Pre-Carthage 3 News][Post-Carthage 3 News]

So, basically to sum everything up from the first episodes, the guy named Niculescu is Mara's benefactor and primary employer. The Russian dude is Ivankov and he's selling the new and deadliest strain of Syphon Filter we've seen yet, and doesn't care that it's causing shit everywhere it goes. He's selling it to every terrorist who will pay him. Mara is assigned to deal with him, while Gabe, utilizing the reach of his new Agency, scours the world for answers. This is where you come in. And Mara is being like quintuple agent in this game. She looks pretty good for getting shot in the head several times! The French Anarchist group that attacks Carthage bought the virus and decided when shit hit the fan to try and poison the water supply, which would have serious ramifications outside the city as well, but they all got deservedly tasered for their bad accents.

Episode 1-3 is not a required watch and you should watch the aftermaths, because ranks and shit are cool and hearing Teresa and GARY STONEMAN (Paul Eiding) talk is worth it. 1-3 is just something I discovered during gameplay, a lot of radio calls between characters (sometimes funny) that just get added over the course of a mission and you would never know this because they never play on their own. The Pre- and Post- mission news falls under the Zeus Files the game offers as a side to every mission. This includes political data and world news, and it's definitely worth checking out, especially since Teresa posts Gabe's diary on the break room fridge! The pre-mission news is everything you can see before beating a mission, and the post news is what shows up after.

Anyways, welcome to Omega Strain, and let's have a fucking blast! The future is here.

Also, remember, the Taser is now running at 625,000 volts.