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Part 21: The Grace of a Gazelle

We proudly present an episode to rival the advent of Nigel Cummings. A quick story for this one: I waited until the very last second (read, 8 hours before we would sit down to record) and had to record and edit the video in time. The editing was going fine, was worried I wasn't adding enough though because reasons and concerns. Then, I had an epiphany. And then I just kind of threw things into the editing timeline (you will definitely know when you see it) and even my hodgepodge tantrum of throwing sound clips in worked out

There was a lot of nervousness in preparing it in time because I'm a huge dick who can't do anything in advance.

I'm only going to spoil one thing: I managed to push Roboky over the edge, at last

Update 21 - The Grace of a Gazelle

-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 3-1 - Kyrgyzstan
It's story time with Lian Xing, who had a lot of fun dressing up on assignment and making up shit to kill people!
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 3-2 - Yemen
The Agency recruit travels to Yemen to help slimeball of the year, Zohar, perform his Mossad-tasked assassination! Gabe wants that viral container, but manages to cleverly play Zohar. In the end, everyone gets what they want.
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 3-3 - Codec Calls (Kyrgyzstan, Yemen)

[Pre-Kyrgyzstan News][Post-Kyrgyzstan News]
[Pre-Yemen 1 News][Post-Yemen 1 News]
[Pre-Yemen 2 News][Post-Yemen 2 News]

Speaking of Nigel Cummings....WE'RE GOING TO MEET MAGGIE POWERS AGAIN!! The boss of Nigel Cummings who was sure to pompously remind Gabe that he was a top agent and even better shot