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Part 22: Nigel Cummings, Part 2: In Memoriam

Update 22 - Nigel Cummings, Part 2: In Memoriam

-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 4-1 - Chechnya
Story time with Mujari this time around as he showcases what a gigantic hypocritical nerd he is and his obsession with "non-lethal force"!
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 4-2 - Minsk, North Atlantic
The Agency recruit heads back to Belarus to assist old friend Maggie Powers, the boss of the late Nigel Cummings, and gets embroiled in the most chaotic mission yet! Afterwards, Torgue discovers that his EXPLOSIONS!? were insufficient in eradicating the original Syphon Filter strain, and he prepares a proper end to the S.S Lorelei, once and for all!
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 4-3 - Codec Calls (Chechnya, Minsk, North Atlantic)
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 4-BONUS - Acrobatic Marvel

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