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Part 24: DAMN IT

Update 24 - DAMN IT

-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 6-1 - Zurich, Montenegro
Logan takes center stage as he hunts for clues linking Niculescu to the Syphon Filter conspiracy. Having found no evidence, he travels to Mihai's villa for answers, finding his only surviving nemesis in the process and treating her to a fantastic experience.
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 6-2 - Ukraine
The IPCA, having located Ivankov's nuclear missile base that he purchased from the North Koreans, set out to shut down the launch of his missile before he starts World War 3 by demolishing Moscow. Fuck this level god damnit
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 6-3 - After-Action Report
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain Episode 6-4 - Codec Calls (Zurich, Montenegro, Ukraine)
-Syphon Filter Omega Strain - Elsa's Final Deposition

Everything is good. Life is good, and the Syphon Filter conspiracy is dead. Finally! But there's still TWO games left, just another day at work for Gabriel 'FUCKING' Logan. Man, we're up to 50 videos in the playlist on my channel now, that's pretty cool.

Thanks to nine-gear crow for Aviators on Logan

[Pre-Zurich News][Post-Zurich News]
[Pre-Montenegro News][Post-Montenegro News]
[Pre-Ukraine News][Post-Ukraine News]


Also, in closing, I told Coolguye I was going to present a compelling case for an avatar for Roboky. It must combine this stupid shit-eating face with this to be like this. I'm bad at photoshop.

The subtitle should be "Gabe, you are the hazard. You are the biohazard" or "This thing is just like Satan's Spaghetti it just has access to the infinite dimension of cruelty there's nothing standard issue about this thing"

Something like that. There are many great Roboky quotes out there.