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Part 26: "Why do you even bother bringing us at this point?"

That is the Barrett .50 cal and boy is it underwhelming in this game.

Update 26 - "Why do you even bother bringing us at this point?"

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror Episode 3 - Peru
Gabe heads to Peru to link up with an old friend of his, killing many native Peruvian revolutionaries and a bunch of Red Section mooks to boot. Addison makes some less than stellar decisions and the battle goes from bloody to silly.
Syphon FIlter Dark Mirror Episode 4 - Bosnia
Logan makes a trip to Bosnia as the United Nations Peacekeeping Force assaults an abandoned weapons factory being salvaged by terrorists and Nolan Norths. Gabe is here to...uh...kill more people, let's just say that. Along the way he helps out a kid who is already suffering from PTSD despite seeing no combat and violently massacres hundreds of men. Just another day in the office for LOGAN.

I actually forgot why Gabe even bothered going to Bosnia at all. Either it's just blanking on me or he had no real reason whatsofuckingever to go there other than to murder more people. Also I'm going to call all Red Section members 'Nolan Norths' from now on.

Main Game Evidence posted:

Ep 3-1
Evidence #28
Ortega’s papers. The entire revolution is a scam. Ortega, one of the Peruvian Revolutionary War Council leaders, was in Iquitos prison serving life for rape and murder when Red Section broke him out, funded an army, and paid him to attack Iquitos. Maybe Red Section had committed too many of its personnel to the KemSynth refiner op and could not take on Hargrove’s forces as well, or maybe they simply wanted to sneak in unnoticed. Whichever, Ortega’s days of rape and murder are over. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #29
One of Hargrove’s men. A background check confirmed my suspicion: David Carter was an NSA agent. He and Jack Miller were both assigned to monitor this NSA project that KemSynth was working on. When Red Section got hold of it, the first thing they did was track down the NSA agents and eliminate them. How did Singularity know who they were? –Gabe Logan

Evidence #30
PRWC bank statements. These records show that huge sums of money were transferred from Red Section numbered accounts directly into accounts controlled by the Peruvian Revolutionary War Council (PRWC). Some of the money was being funneled directly to Carlos Barerra, the leader, and Luis Ortega, his number one goon. It’s costing Red Section a fortune to fund this revolution, which proves two things. One, Red Section is well funded, and two, they’re investing heavily in their bid to acquire Project Dark Mirror. –Gabe Logan

Ep 3-2
Evidence #31
Red Section radio. I’ve found a Red Section radio. They’re running voice print technology which prevented me from impersonating one of their soldiers. As Teresa points out, Red Section is running pretty sophisticated equipment. Their comm equipment is even more sophisticated tan ours. This, together with the devices I discovered in the refinery, suggests that Red Section has access to government spec equipment. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #32
Another one of Hargrove’s men. Mark Aldred. Teresa’s background check confirmed what I already knew: he’s another NSA agent. Either the NSA didn’t trust KemSynth with their project, or the NSA had multiple moles embedded into the operation to provide security. Another option is that Hargrove herself is working for the NSA, though Teresa could find no current record for her anywhere. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #33
List of boarding schools. When Red Section ransacked Hargrove’s room, some of her papers were scattered. I picked this up on a nearby balcony: it’s a list of boarding schools. I know it’s Addison’s because I see her handwriting on the back, notes she has taken about the quality of the schools. Why would Addison be looking at boarding schools? She doesn’t have any kids. –Gabe Logan

Ep 4-1
Evidence #34
NATO shipping label. Whoever was in charge of this NATO op screwed up and left electronic tracking devices on some of the shipping labels. Teresa decoded this one, confirming our suspicion: the signal leads back to a classified NATO nuclear arms research facility. Their waste material here is clear evidence that NATO is illegally storing dangerous materials at this site. Teresa will notify the Agency mop up crew and our handler in Washington. They might want to get someone out here, once the UN is finished blowing the place up, to remove what’s left. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #35
Zivmovic manifesto. I’ve found copies of the Zivmovic Prijateljstvo manifesto. How the hell do you pronounce that? The book is filled with Zivmovic’s famous rants, blaming the Imperialist United States for everything that’s ever gone wrong in his country. I was able to find the book with my EDSU goggles because it has one of the small music chips: when you open the book, you can hear Zivmovic singing his anthem. The book explains why Zivmovic is here: he wants to use the depleted uranium for terrorism. It doesn’t explain how he became allied with Red Section, or how he learned of NATO involvement. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #36
Kress’s papers. I found a beat up satchel containing Red Section paperwork. Prominent is the name Richard Kress. Running his name, Teresa came up with this: a Richard Kress works in high level operations within the UN, coordinating peacekeeping efforts. If he’s a Red Section mole, that would explain how Red Section found out about this Zivmovic operation. A bug inside the satchel means someone didn’t trust him. –Gabe Logan

Ep 4-2
Evidence #37
Zivmovic capsules. One of Zivmovic’s men, dead, but no gunshot wounds. Beside the body is a case of cyanide capsules. Zivmovic left specific instructions for all of his men that they were not to be captured alive. Each man carries a cyanide capsule. If they are captured, they were ordered to take their own life to avoid interrogation. It seems like the kind of command a sick mind comes up with to maintain total control. God help us if a man like Zivmovic ever rises to a position of real world power. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #38
Janzen’s unit orders. Using my IR, I’ve discovered one of the young men from Janzen’s unit, shot in the head. Inside his pack was their unit’s orders. When this op began, Janzen’s unit had eighteen men. How many are alive now? If I find out that Red Section had a mole inside the UN who sold out these boy’s lives, I’ll kill the bastard with my bare hands. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #39
Red Section Orders. One of the Red Section mercs, dead. He was carrying orders to the onsite Red Section commander signed by someone codenamed Singularity. I wonder who at Red Section is picking these code names? A singularity is a black hole, a point of matter so dense it creates a gravity well from which nothing can escape. I wonder if Singularity, whoever he is, is he trying to communicate something? When I find him, I look forward to seeing bullets enter his event Horizon. –Gabe Logan.

Ep 4-3
Evidence #40
Broken UN seal. At the end of the Bosnian war, the UN closed Tuzla munitions and other Serbian weapons plants. Inspectors installed monitoring devices on unmovable equipment, such as these chemical silos. All of them have been deactivated and replaced with devices which spoof the UN signal. I doubt that Zivmovic is technologically capable of this, which means that Red Section has been involved here from the beginning. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #41
Zivmovic’s GPS. Apparently dropped by one of Kress’ henchman, was a global positioning system equipped with a Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). When I return to command, Teresa will have the tech guys pour over it. Zivmovic was using it to track the location of DU containers. If they get transported to his HQ, we can observe their movement and send in a UN task force to shut down the ZP for good. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #42
War criminal. I recognized one of Zivmovic’s men: Ritko Boravnic. He was head of a Serbian death camp where thousands of ethnic non-Serbian were put to death during the ethnic cleansing in the Bosnian war. As I suspected, Zivmovic’s organization has provided an excellent hiding place for many fugitives from justice. If he regains power, men like this will start right back up where they left off. –Gabe Logan