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Part 29: Logan's War Crimes

Finally, I can post a video.

Update 29 - Logan's War Crimes

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow Episode 1 - Indian Ocean 1
Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow - Logan's Uncut Warcrimes
Gabe is back in the final installment of Syphon Filter. Given a job by NIOC Director Robert Cordell to secure a US Naval Supply Ship carrying something only he knows about for some reason. On the scene, Gabe does what he does best: commit War Crime after War Crime in his search for answers and blood.

I'm semi blind to the game. I played through some levels, skipped all the cutscenes, so when I go to record, it's always a treat to find new things, meet new people and kill them violently, you get the idea. That's all Gabe does this for anymore I'm sure.

Logan's Shadow Evidence posted:

Evidence #1
Pirate body. The dead pirate was part of the Warsingala Protectors clan. Part of the first wave of men to board the St. Helens, he was probably one of the first to die. Equipped with a small caliber pistol, he didn’t stand much of a chance against the ship’s crew. But this was a numbers game; a battle of attrition. The Warsingala kept sending men until they eventually overtook the St. Helens crew. This doesn’t fit the typical pirate M.O. They attack for money, and money’s no good if you’re not alive to spend it. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #2
CIWS debris. On our approach, the St. Helens’ defensive systems tried shooting Alima and I out of the sky. I managed to destroy the systems so we could land. It takes a year to train crews how to operate these guns and how to discern between friendly and hostile aircraft. The crew working the radar stations knew who we were, and they chose to fire on us anyway. If it weren’t for Alima’s piloting skills, this chunk of steel would have been from our helicopter. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #3
Dog-tag. I expect Cordell to lie or withhold sensitive information from me. He doesn’t trust anyone. That’s how he is. So I wasn’t surprised to find Special Ops already onboard. But I never expected to find an entire Spec Ops team killed by a group of rag-tag Warsingala pirates. Special Ops has the best training, resources, and intelligence in the world. They’re more likely to die from friendly fire, drowning, or helicopter crashes than the enemy’s hand. I guess Cordell didn’t give them all the facts either. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #4
Ceremonial engraving. This engraved monument described the Mt. St. Helens duty in the US Navy. By all outward and declared purposes, she was just a simple ammunition supply ship. Navy supply ships always travel within the safety of larger fleets, flanked and protected by the offensive ships they are there to re-supply. But the St. Helens had been travelling treacherous Indian Ocean waters alone, and she paid the price. The US Navy names all their ammunition supply ships after famous mountains. I hope this one doesn’t live up to its name. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #5
SMAW. The Warsingala used American weapons to shoot down Alima’s helicopter. Some of the most valuable contraband on international black markets, SMAW’s are terrorist favorites for the very fact they can destroy large aircraft with a single lucky shot. They’re still looting the St. Helens, and packing their own cargo holds full of more SMAWs. And these could easily be sold and used to bring down a commercial airliner. Cordell wants me to secure hold five, but I’m going to see that the Warsingala’s lucky streak ends right now. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #6
Necklace. Alima wasn’t the corpse burning inside the helicopter. The charred remains weren’t the strong-willed and heroic friend I worked with for years. Her office, hangar, and helicopter were always free of clutter and personal belongings. Habits formed from sergeant inspections during boot camp. The unicorn necklace was the only exception. It was clearly precious to her. In her homeland, it is a charm, a symbol of luck. I thought I had lost Alima once before, when a helicopter carrying Alima and Stone went down in Belarus. This time her luck ran out. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #7
Point of impact. The massive, gaping maw of charred and shredded steel was created when a smaller boat, loaded with explosives and piloted by soon-to-be-martyrs skimmed just below radar and crashed into the bow of the St. Helens. The Navy ship was dead in the water, but met its doom in the aftermath of that diversionary explosion. As the ship’s crew responded to the emergency, a second wave of attackers boarded the ship and caught them off guard. Still, something doesn’t make sense. Why was the St. Helens in these waters, alone without escort? –Gabe Logan

Evidence #8
MREs. The Warsingala boats were like parasites astride the St. Helens, sucking her cargo holds dry. Just as one boat departed, another shuttled in to take its place and continue looting. The pirates didn’t stop with stealing just weapons or military ordinance. They took anything that wasn’t bolted down, including uniforms, pots and pans, pillows, even popcorn and beef jerky. One American ship has probably just supplied the Somali economy for a year. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #9
Keffiyeh. From the colors on this grunt’s keffiyeh, and the customary 898 tattooed on his neck, I’ve identified that Cordell was right about one thing at least: we really are dealing with al-Jamil. I’ve fought these guys before. Led by Ghassan al Bitar, these guys call themselves ‘The beautiful.’ Al-Jamil divides its forces into two branches: warriors and elite. Inductees can become one or the other, but until they achieve a certain status within the army, they’re cannon fodder. Topside, on deck, I killed a lot of these lower-level grunts. This guy was one of Bitar’s trusted inner circle. He’s not so pretty now. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #10 (For killing all the guys in the first area with stealth)
Farewell Letter. ‘Dear mother, please know that without fear, pain or regret, I have traveled proudly to my new home.

By the time this letter reaches you, tales of my heroic sacrifice will already have rippled through our homeland and thundered around the world. Make the tears you shed be for pride, not sorrow. My sacrifice against western conspirators of the Suez Canal is what I feel I was born to die for.

Please tell my brothers, sisters, and father I hope they are as proud of me as I was proud to share their name. Until we meet again, know that I am now at peace.

-Your son, Ehab Atwar’.

Evidence #11
NIOC courier. The executed agent had been a courier working for the National Intelligence Oversight committee. NIOC was created via Presidential Order to provide a layer of accountability for the countless ‘black box’ agencies such as mine. Cordell may be smarmy, but he’s got connections with the right people inside the Intelligence world. That’s how he managed to worm his way into the role of NIOC Director. He’s not my boss, but he’s got enough influence to always be in the way. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #12
Insulated armor suit. I’ve seen this kind of suit before. The ID tag reads ‘AIT AS-4.’ One of Singularity’s designs. Singularity was the brains behind stealing Project Dark Mirror. He stole classified projects from around the world and sold them to the highest bidder. This special hazmat suit technology was stolen from Aeroscience Integrated Technologies when Red Section took over their facility in Helsinki. This suit’s been modified to act as an anti-static safety suit used for handling electronic components. The fabric is made out of tightly woven carbon fibers that mesh an armor-like shell. A power supply built into the back of the suit doesn’t make much sense for something designed to discharge static electricity, but Teresa or Mujari should be able to reverse engineer it. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #13
NIOC computer. This computer interfaced directly with the vault inside cargo hold five. I’d never seen anything like it; an encrypted hard drive, custom operating system, and with no external ports or network connection. All signs that this was designed to be the most isolated, and therefore, most secure computer in the world. Building a proprietary computer is prohibitively expensive and impractical – it’s got Cordell’s stink all over it. The vault itself was quite small, but appeared capable of transporting an array of volatile and dangerous cargo types, including chemical, biological, even radioactive weapons. What the hell was Cordell transporting?
Code: J88 9G5 447A –Gabe Logan