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Part 32: Logan's Frown

Update 32 - Logan's Frown

Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow Episode 4 - Georgia
Gabe works with Maggie to escape a Spetsnaz Gulag, braving the elements without any outside help. After reaching safety, he finds that things can only get worse.


Left Behind Hidden Evidence
Evidence #41
This level was supposed to be the final level in the game so it was intended to be very difficult. It had dark areas so the player had to use their NV goggles. It had areas where Gabe was forced to use his EDSU goggles. It had helmeted guards that forced the player to use tactics like knee shots. It had EM armor guards that forced the player to use EMP charges. It was definitely an intense experience.

Evidence #42
The story behind this level was pretty simple: Gabe had eliminated pretty much the entire Red Section army except Singularity and his elite guards. While sending his minions after Gabe, Singularity took the Dark Mirror bomb and left on this train with the intent of detonating the bomb, killing millions of innocent people. Little did he know, Gabe boarded the train in a last desperate attempt to stop Singularity.

Evidence #43
Taking a level to a final production sometimes is very difficult. There are many stages in development that levels have to go through, from first playable to Alpha, to Beta, and then to Final. This level actually made it all the way to Beta but due to time constraints, it ended up being cut. Most levels that don’t make it end up getting cut much earlier. We hated to cut this level because the artists had done such a good job on it.

Ep 4-1
Evidence #44
Photocopy. Trinidad, the CSS agent, dropped this photocopied letter as she escaped from the interrogation room. The original had been hand-written on a Zhonghua Industries letterhead, and signed by Dr. Shen Rei, Director, Advanced Energy Group, Z.I. It was addressed to, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, Hotel Matignon, Paris, France.’ The letter never arrived; intercepted by CSS or Zhonghua officials. Most of its contents had been redacted. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #45
Surveillance recording. MI6 provided Cordell with the photos of Lian. Maggie was already in Azerbaijan when I contacted her. This can’t be mere coincidence. We’ve worked several ops in the past. I trust her. But after learning that Lian had a husband she never told me about, I’m prepared for anything. This tape I recovered from the surveillance room details Maggie’s own prison interrogation. She was holding up well. My head still hurts from the beating I took, but her ‘questioning’ began days ago in Kuranca. What hasn’t she told me? –Gabe Logan

Evidence #46
Telegram. The warden had been shot in the back by his own men. He was attempting to escape the wrath Kudrenko would unleash on him after my escape. The cash and telegram in his pocket explained it all. Kudrenko criticized him for having ‘porous’ prison walls in the past, and that, ‘losing Logan would be the final straw.’ Kudrenko promised not to kill him, but to make him a prisoner here at Gebel Tyorma. –Gabe Logan

Ep 4-2
Evidence #47
Frozen corpse. The courier’s body was located just outside the sewage drain system. He died trying to break into the prison. I had to drag Maggie kicking and screaming into these pipes in order to save her life, but this courier voluntarily entered them? Why are NIOC Couriers at every location of interest? They always seem to be one step ahead of me. Either I’m on the right trail, or they’re following my every move. Hypothermia was the obvious cause of death, but Maggie would probably say the smell killed him.

Code: B72 N90 2V6Y –Gabe Logan

Evidence #48
Hatch. Outside the prison, beneath a hollow tree, I discovered a steel hatch. You would never know it existed unless you were searching for it, or crawling around the snow packed woods like me. The MI6 intel described how Kuranca citizens have been abducted by Spetsnaz for over ten years. Most vanished forever, but some managed to return home with the assistance of the Azerbaijani Resistance League. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #49
Oil pipeline. The pipeline buried in snow was operated by the South Caucus Oil Consortium. Their pipelines crisscross Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the Caspian Sea. Since 9/11, oil prices have risen, and so has Russia’s economy. Already possessing vast oil resources, hardliners are trying to cement their super power status by reclaiming oil-rich break away regions. And in these remote mountains, Kudrenko has been given license to do whatever it takes to break the local resistance. –Gabe Logan

Ep 4-3
Evidence #50
Fake passport. After out last encounter, I never got the chance to see the long-term effects of Kudrenko’s wounds. Intel managed to get burn ward photos of the immediate trauma, but since then Kudrenko hasn’t been seen while not wearing a hat. But there’s no dodging a passport photo. Everything listed in this document was false except for the frown, and the grotesque pate of raw skin and thinning hair. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #51
Shipping manifest. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian military has operated like a series of fiefdoms, and Kudrenko had his as far south from Moscow as one could get. When not working on official military operations, Kudrenko’s allowed to do as he pleases with all the resources at his disposal. The shipping records I discovered list everything from food rations, medical supplies, military weapons, to illicit substances. Kudrenko’s smuggling operation was a one-stops hop. –Gabe Logan

Evidence #52
Caviar. Kudrenko kills for country, for business, and for pleasure. What makes a man like him so terrifying is how quickly and easily he can shift gears between cold blooded killer and rowdy sailor. In a single cargo crate, I discovered caviar intended for bribing government officials and laser trip mines intended for use in Kuranca. I’m not sure which cargo is intended for country, for business, or for pleasure. –Gabe Logan