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Date: 02.JUN.14
From: Taz Amanpour
Subject: re: New code

Great. I've got to change the access codes out of Cryo A again! Like I've got nothing better to do. I think Grassi just likes to make work for me. I'll set the new code to 45100. That should be easy enough to remember.

Date: 07.JUL.14
From: Grassi
To: Polito, Dr. Janice
Subject: re: Implant job

Hey, doc... a security bot showed up with orders from you to place this grunt into the recovery freezer. I'm no cyberdoc, but I know a plant job when I see one. I suppose you know they outlawed R-grade cyber-goodies after that fiasco back on Citadel Station... but, hey, I just work here, right?

Date: 04.APR.14
From: Marie Delacroix
Subject: re: Xerxes

Why is it that no one listens to me? The security protocols on the Xerxes system are clearly immature. Some idiot hacked into the primary data loop last night and made Xerxes sing Elvis Presley songs for three hours. I finally had to pull the voice sub-system off line. What would happen if somebody with a real agenda got into him?

Date: 26.JUN.14
From: Grassi
Subject: re: Animal rights?

Ever since we reached Tau Ceti, the lab monkeys have been acting strangely. Nurse Loesser picked one out of a cage to be brought in for vivisection and the rest of them, I mean the entire group, stood up on their legs and howled. This wasn't just a random display, it was a protest.

Date: 07.JUL.14
From: Juan Curtiz
Subject: re: More trouble

I've been unable to get in touch with Delacroix... this place is falling apart... members of my team keep disappearing. The leaks in the venting shafts shorted out the primary access channel... and that means we'll all be on auxiliary power until we can get it back up. That means ALL the lifts are out... Marie, where the hell are you?

Date: 20.JUN.14
From: Grassi
Subject: re: All work, no play

I got called up around 0430 to help unload the shuttle coming back from Tau Ceti. Korenchkin was there alone. Jesus, what the hell happened to him? He'd lost most of his hair, and you could see these lumps on the side of his neck. And that smell. I told him he should go see Dr. Watts, but he told me to mind my own business. Well, la-dee-da.

Date: 06.JUL.14
From: Juan Curtiz
To: Delacroix, Dr. Marie
Subject: re: Coolant leaks

Marie, I've got to restrict access to Engineering until we can figure out what to do down there. It's just too hot. I don't know where all the Hazard Suits went, so I'm reduced to bringing down an armful of Rad Hypos. Those damn things always give me a headache.