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Part 4

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Date: 10.JUL.14
From: Juan Curtiz
Subject: re: Just us

It's down to just a few of us now. Right after Valdez died, I guess I went a little nuts and started tearing things apart... but what do you know, I found two more Rad Hypes. Hopefully that will keep me going long enough to figure a way past that damn turret... Who is that? Delacroix? Sanger?

Date: 04.JUL.14
From: Marie Delacroix
To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
Subject: re: Taking action

I'm not sure what secrets you and your new buddy Captain Diego have got going up on deck 3, but I intend to find out. If you continue to refuse to meet with me and my staff, you will leave me no choice but to register a complaint with corporate. If you won't take me seriously, perhaps Sgt. Bronson and her security staff will.

Date: 05.JUL.14
From: Constance Sanger
Subject: re: The soldiers

Before, I couldn't get rid of those jarheads from the Rickenbacker, and now I can't find one for love or money. That creepy OSA guy followed me around for two months until he got the hint. Now I tried to contact him to see if he knew what was going on, but all of a sudden he won't return my mail.

Date: 30.JUN.14
From: Marie Delacroix
To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
Subject: re: Tau Ceti 5

Anatoly, you MUST open up the planet to the scientific staff of this vessel. If there IS something down there, it's bigger than TriOp, it's bigger than the UNN and it's bigger than you. And why have you and Diego shut off deck 3? What's going on?

Date: 07.JUL.14
From: Juan Curtiz
Subject: re: That leak again

Delacroix was right, this ship was NOT ready for prime time. Ok, the automatic safety seals have shut due to the radiation leak in the tubes. I'm gonna head down to engineering control... I think I can use the fluidics monitoring computer to purge the tubes.

Date: 10.JUL.14
From: Constance Sanger
Subject: re: Locking Eng. Control

God, get me out of here. I've re-coded the lock to this room. Maybe that will hold them. I'm heading to cargo bay 2, come find me there.

Date: 06.JUL.14
From: Melanie Bronson
Subject: re: Turret problems

Due to the tenuous situation as of late, I've ordered security defense turrets placed at key locations. Yesterday, one went off accidentally and critically injured crewman Wells. However, somebody must have tampered with the Xerxes security sub-systems because now my technicians are unable to take them off line. Until we get to the bottom of this, I've ordered all security turrets recalled to storage... but now I can't get in touch with the team I sent out to do the recall.

Date: 10.JUL.14
From: Martin
Subject: re: Cargo bay 2

I'm not sure what's creeping me out worse: The hybrids with their pipes and shotguns, the berserk turrets, or our supposed allies. I don't trust those UNN bastards. I've got to find Sanger. She knows the access code to fluidics control. I'm gonna make my way over to cargo bay 2 to find her.