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Part 7

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Date: 05.JUL.14
From: Marie Delacroix
Subject: re: Fluidics backdoor

Somebody's been tampering with the Xerxes unit. In the interest of keeping secrets from the powers that be, I've installed a back door to the fluidics control computer. To activate it, install hardware override 45m/dEx in the systems monitoring unit in command control. You can find 45m/dEx in auxiliary storage 5 in the coolant tubes, keycode: 34760.

Date: 10.JUL.14
From: Martin
Subject: re: Ambush

They hit us six hours ago. Malone, the OSA spook, tried to take one of things out with a pyrokinesis attack, but it didn't even break stride. Then it unloaded both barrels into his stomach. Falzone said there's a weapons cache in one of the engine nacelles. Maybe I can find him and the others there...

Date: 11.JUL.14
From: Marie Delacroix
Subject: re: A new friend?

I've been contacted by some kind of artificial intelligence that wants to help me reclaim control of the Von Braun from whomever... or whatever is now in charge. I don't know where it came from, but I must confess I'm happy it is here.

Date: 03.JUL.14
From: Constance Sanger
Subject: re: Delacroix

I don't know where we'd be without Delacroix. This whole ship is falling apart and she's the only one who knows what from what. I saw her arguing with that creep Anatoly Koretzkin or whatever his name is, and she was giving it to him but good. But that freak job stares her straight in the eye and starts babbling about how she doesn't know the pleasure of the joyful unity or some such. Mama mia, the clowns are running the circus...