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Part 10

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Date: 09.JUL.14
From: William Bedford Diego
To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
Subject: re: Our alliance

I believe the plans the Many have for me are greater than I even imagined. The change is upon me. But the path is more glorious than we imagined. It does not stop at a mere single mutation... the form I've been promised is more beautiful than even that... They tell me I will float through the air and strike at the foes of our biomass with my mind... with our mind... my cup runneth over...

Date: 08.JUL.14
From: Angela Loesser
Subject: re: Miller

I know what Miller's up to. This morning... this morning I saw Erin Bloome... she was tending to some kind of eggs... and she had been... changed, in the most horrible, unnatural fashion. I can only think the worst for the rest of my staff. That son of a bitch. That son of a bitch. He won't get away with this.

Date: 08.JUL.14
From: Anatoly Korenchkin
Subject: re: Glory

Glory... to the Many... I am a voice in their choir.