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Part 13

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Date: 07.JUL.14
From: Malick
Subject: re: Sim Unit 3

Mmm... Bronson knows... won't let her undo the work we've done... mmm... wired up a surprise for her... anybody approaching Sim Unit 3... will feel sorrow... so much sorrow...

Date: 12.JUL.14
From: Tommy Suarez
To: Siddons, Rebecca
Subject: re: Don't stop

Don't stop Rebecca. Keep moving. Get to the escape pods on the command deck. We'll take off, set the toaster to wake us up in 30 years and we'll be back on Earth before you know it. A toaster built for two, baby, that's our next stop. Sound good? So let's do it. I won't take any excuses.

Date: 08.JUL.14
From: William Bedford Diego
To: Bronson, Melanie
Subject: re: Cease and desist

You listen to me, you little bitch. Either you disband that little toy army of yours, or some real military is gonna come down there and walk all over your rent-a-cops. You can't possibly understand what our mission is here and the glory of our purpose. If you do what we say, you might have a chance to see the glory of the Many. Comply or die, sister. It's that simple.

Date: 10.JUL.14
From: Melanie Bronson
Subject: re: Resist

They've killed my men and now they've killed me. I'm holding my guts inside of me with both hands. I'm almost done... resist. This is bigger than my little life, the lives of my men and the lives of the people I was forced to kill. Resist. Humanity demands it! Resist!

Date: 07.JUL.14
From: Melanie Bronson
Subject: re: MedSci armory code

I've authorized a change in the access code for the auxiliary weapons lockup in the crew quarters of MedSci deck to 98383. I won't have my own gear used against my men. There's no such thing as too cautious.

Date: 11.JUL.14
From: Marie Delacroix
Subject: re: The main elevator

If we can reprogram the Sim Units and divert power to the transmitter on deck 5, my new friend will be able to regain control of the primary data loop from Xerxes. She... it says that will let us use the bridge elevator and take control of the ship.

Date: 08.JUL.14
From: Melanie Bronson
To: the Crew of the Von Braun
Subject: re: Martial law

As of this time, I am declaring a state of martial law on the Von Braun. All primary sub-sectors of the ship will be locked down and only accessible by security access cards. If anybody is found to be interfering with the normal operations of this ship or impedes the work of the security forces they will be shot on the spot.