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Part 16

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Date: 08.JUL.14
From: Rosenberg
Subject: re: My nanites

Damn! Why don't I just make a bonfire and throw ALL my nanites on it. Last night with Nikki was amazing. Holo-woman, real woman, you gotta love technology. But I must have left ALL my nanites in her room in the Senusal Sim center. What a maroon.

Date: 12.JUL.14
From: Rebecca Siddons
To: Suarez, Tommy
Subject: re: Find me

I just killed some kind of... some kind of spider... I don't know... but it bit me... and now I'm sick... I'm down to my last med hypo. Come quick, Tommy... come quick...

Date: 03.JUL.14
From: Anatoly Korenchkin
To: Zhukov, Vladimir
Subject: re: Coming home

Forget about land grants, forget about media, forget about patents. What we've found on Tau Ceti will change everything. I've instructed the Von Braun to change course and return to Earth. Captain Diego is in complete accord with this decision. I know that you are skeptical by nature, Miri, but I know once you embrace our discovery you and the entire board will come over to our way of thinking.

Date: 10.JUL.14
From: Rosenberg
Subject: re: Looking out for #1

Taylor found this weird kind of weapon, but he must have used it wrong. Made him sick, real sick. I stashed the thing on the second floor of the crew annex and jury rigged the door lock, code of 11111. Easy to remember, huh? I also stashed a pile of nanites and some other goodies there. No sense getting caught with your pants down. Except in this place...

Date: 10.JUL.14
From: Rosenberg
Subject: re: Defending the reps

What's wrong with people? Things go to hell and they think they can just walk over the rules. I'm not opposed to a little vice now and then, but outright theft... Hey... what are you doing over there! Get away from that replicator, you son of a-