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Part 2: CH2: Naming

CH2: Naming

: Nobody in town had any idea who the Mysterious Girl was.

I like these guys.

Skit: Boys and Boats

: We come this way all the time to look at boats.
: ...Boats?
: If you keep going down this road, you'll reach the western port. They have boats from all over the world!
: Hee hee! I guess you really are a boy if you love boats!
: H-Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!

Cheria is with us, but whatever horrible lung disease she has is preventing her from actually helping. I believe these are everyone's default titles. The stars represent how many of the title's bonuses we've earned.

Skit: Not for Human Consumption

: How nice! These look yummy. I'll take one of them, too.
: I already picked some! What are you gonna do with more?
: Maybe I want my own Apple Gel!
: What does that have to do with anything?
: If you bring a Gel Seed and an Apple to a merchant or a Turtlez, they can turn them into an Apple Gel.
: Wow! I didn't know that! I thought you just ate 'em.
: You shouldn't do that, Asbel. I don't think they're good for you raw.
: *Munch crunch!*
: Err...
: Man, uh, Mysterious Girl was sure dumb back then.

Let's talk about the crafting mechanic, Dualize.

As you can guess from the name, you combine exactly two items. Here we see a list of all things that we can combine. Items listed in red could be combined but we lack a compatible second ingredient, in this case because I forgot to grab the seeds after seeing the skit

MUCH BETTER. Let's forget this ever happened. Later on I'll cover more mechanics related to this.

: So they eventually found something other than someone saying "nope never seen her."

: Hey, do you recognize this girl?
Traveling Beastmaster: Not in the slightest! Is she lost?
: No, she has amnesia.
Traveling Beastmaster: Ahh... How very unfortunate.
Perhaps what she needs is to witness the astounding feats of a beastmaster!
: Hmm... Okay, sure. Let's see what you've got!
Traveling Beastmaster: Great. Prepare to be astounded! *Ahem* ...Abracadabra!
...Hocus pocus, front flip, go!
Um, he's not moving...
Urgh! This isn't supposed to happen!
: Here, let me try.
...Abracadabra, front flip, go!

Traveling Beastmaster: Holy moly! Hey, what other tricks can she do?
: Uh... Woozle wozzle, back flip, go!
...Front flip with a twist!

: Uh...jump really high!

: Now spin! Spin around and around, and then stop!
Traveling Beastmaster: That. Was. INCREDIBLE! Wow, thanks for the great show, kids!
Your friend here must be an acrobat from the circus! Or maybe an assassin femme fatale trained by a secret organization...! Well, either way, it was pretty impressive. I hope you were paying attention, Puffy. Our act is gonna need some serious work! Let's get going.
: I personally would bet against circus.
: Are we done?
: So she's either from the circus, or an assassin...
: Really?
: I don't know. But those movements felt familiar. As if I'd done them before.
: Hmm... Maybe the beastmaster lady was right?
: We should head home. I doubt we'll find anything else here.

Skit: Abracadabra

: Um, you know, could try giving me commands, too.
: Huh? No, I'm good. Let's just go.
: Seriously, it's okay! Let's try it. You can give me any command you want!
: Oh, fine. Um... Abracadabra! quiet for a while.
: ......
: Oooh.
: Mmm...
: Ooooh...
: What are you two doing?
: Come on, Hubert, let's go.
: Hey, wait up!
: Hey! Don't leave me here!

So one of the things you can get for leveling up titles is your attacks, like tornado blade here.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear on his attack tree for some reason.
T-Blade there is Tornado Blade.

Asbel spins around counterclockwise, swings around his sword from the left,

Then swings all the way around to hit again!

Also here's Tempest Strike, I think you can see what it does.

I thought this was pretty funny.

: So they returned to the manor.

: Hi, Mom.
: Hello, boys. Your father wishes to speak with you.
: He's just gonna yell at us again. He doesn't know when to quit.
: Asbel, you mustn't speak so of your father. He thinks only of you and your brother's best interests.
: (Ugh. Not this again...)
: Your father is waiting in his study. Hurry along and see what he needs.
: All right, all right.
Hey, Cheria? Can you keep an eye on her until we get back?
: Huh? Oh, sure.
: You must forgive my son, Cheria. He puts you through so much trouble.
: Oh no! It's no trouble!
: Regardless, you should rest. You must be exhausted after all that Asbel put you through.
: I didn't put her through anything!
: You are the heir to the Lhant lordship, Asbel. You must learn to think more carefully about those around you.

: No! Lady Kerri, please! I'm fine!
: Cheria!
: This is ridiculous. Dad's bad enough, but now you? I'll play with whoever I want, so you can just butt out!
: Asbel!
: Is this where he died from being spanked?

: It's a possibility, if Cheria's illness hadn't taken center stage.

: Oh dear. You should take her home, Frederic.

: I...I'm sorry.
: Cheria...
: We should go see what Dad wants.
: want to come?
: Yes.

If you don't head in immediately, you can get a small scene with Cheria.

That icon is the "sidequest" icon, but 50% or so of sidequests are just "watch this cutscene". Most of them aren't too bad, though.

: Shouldn't you be sleeping, Cheria?
: Hm? Oh, Asbel... I'm fine, really. It's noth- *Cough!* *Hack!*
: Are you okay?
: What's wrong?
: I...I'm fine. Sometimes my chest starts to hurt and I can't stop coughing. *Cough, cough...*

Remember how Mysterious Girl is the one that has the healing spell?
: ...Hey. I actually feel a little better...
: Really?!
: Wow...
: Was that some kind of magic spell?
: ...I don't know. I just wished her pain would go away.
: Th-Thank you...
: But seriously, Cheria. You should go rest.
: Yeah. That way I won't get yelled at, too.
: I think we'd better go now. Take care, Cheria.
: Y-Yes. Of course. Thank you again.
What a strange girl... If only I could do things like that... Then maybe I could be with Asbel and the others...

If we talk to Cheria again, we can get an apple gel
: You're always hurting yourself, Asbel, so...
H-Here... Look, I.... Um...
Oh, just take it, okay?! I've been saving my allowance.

: And so Asbel went to see his father.

: Hm? Who's the girl?
: We met her outside town. She seems to have amnesia. She doesn't remember who she is or where she's from.
: Oh? Well, we can worry about such things later. I need to speak with you.
: What is it now?
: I received a letter from a very important man in the capital. His son is coming to visit Lhant.
: A visitor from the capital, huh?
: That's rare, isn't it, Dad!
: This boy is around the same age as you, but you are not to approach or speak with him.
: Tip: never say something like this.
: He hails from one of the most powerful families in the Windor Kingdom. We cannot be seen to show him even the slightest disrespect.
If something were to happen, it would be a blight on the Lhant name. Do you understand, Asbel?
: Why are you just asking me?
: He's not oblivious.
: Do you understand?
: ...Yes.
: Good. As for the girl, I shall hand her over to the authorities. I'm confident they will be able to find her family. This is the best thing we can do for her now.
: Isn't he the "authorities" there? It is a feudal lordship.
: I'm assuming he meant the knights.
: What? Huh?
: This plan should put your mind at ease, yes?
: I want to be with Asbel.
: You do?
: What is this about, Asbel?
: You don't want to go?
: I don't know... But...I want to stay with Asbel.
: Are you in some sort of trouble?
: Of course she isn't! ...Um, right?
: It would have been hilarious if she was just using him and was actually not amnesiac at all.
: Well, she cannot stay here. I will contact the authorities and make arrangements for her transfer.
: Don't worry about it. I can take care of her.
: What?
: I can take care of her!
: This is foolishness.
: I'm serious!
: Do you even understand what you're saying? You are a powerless child who couldn't possibly be entrusted with such responsibility.
: How will you know if you don't let me try?!
: My Lord, a messenger has arrived concerning our guest from the capital.
: Right. Send him in. Asbel, we shall continue this conversation later. Until then, stay out of trouble.
: Dammit...
: Come on, Asbel...
:I'm going to help her, and I don't care what anyone says!
Let's go!
: O-Okay...

After this, you can see an optional scene with Asbel's parents.

: It's for his own good. The sooner he gets there, the sooner he'll get used to it.
: He's just so young...
: Look, I know how you feel. I'm not happy to see him go either.
No. In the end, this is the best thing we can do for him. I don't want my boys fighting over Lhant after I'm gone.
: Yes... You're right, of course....
: Have faith in him. He's a strong child.

Aston doesn't seem to give a shit that his son overheard that.

: Asbel went outside to vent.

: And why am I the only one he ever yells at?!
: W-Well, you're the oldest. And that means you'll be the lord of Lhant one day.
: I'd rather become a knight in service of the king.
The capital has a special training school for knights. Did you know that?
: I've heard of it.
But Asbel, can you...can you really take care of this girl?
: Yeah. I don't have a choice. I have to show Dad that I'm not just some useless child.
: Well, yes, but...

: Hey, Cheria! You feeling better?

: So did your dad decide what to do with the mystery girl?
: Yeah, I'm gonna take care of her.

: Don't shout like that! You'll make yourself sick again.
: It's your fault! What do you mean, you're going to take care of her?
: I just mean I'll be responsible for her until we find out who she is.
: What if we never find out?!
: Well then...
I'll be with her for the rest of my life!
: The rest of your--
: No! You can't do that! Are you kidding?! You just can't!
: Too late! I've already decided.
: Let it go, Cheria. He'll never change his mind now.
: Un-believable...
: Hey, you're with us now, okay? Don't worry. Everything's gonna be fine.
: Okay.
: But if you're gonna be our friend, we need to give you a name.
Hmm... How about...
Tiger Festival!
: You idiot!
What kind of a girl would want a stupid name like that! Un-believable!
: Hehe. I don't think it's too bad a name.
: My brother's not very good with names...
: Fine, then. What do YOU want to call her?
: Um... Well, I don't know...
: We found her in a meadow, right? So maybe we should name her after a flower.
: Cheria, what was the name of that flower I gave you?
: Hm? It's called a sopheria.
: Sopheria... Ah-hah! I got it! We're gonna name her Sophie!
: Sophie... Ooh, it's kind of pretty.
: I agree. It's a good name.
: All right, from now on, your name is Sophie! Is that okay...Sophie?

: Well? Do you like it or what?
: My name is...Sophie.
: Nice to meetcha, Sophie!
: And nice to stop saying "Mysterious Girl" constantly.
: Hurry! This way!

: Sophie! Come on!

: Where are they going?
: Forgive me, young masters, but did Lord Aston perchance come this way?
: He just ran by a second ago. It seems like he was headed out of town. What the heck happened?
: The Turtlez Transport containing our young guest is long overdue. Lord Aston fears they may have met with tragedy on the road.
: That guest must be the boy Dad was talking about.
: We should go take a look for ourselves!
: Don't be silly. What can we do? We'll just get in the way.
: We won't know for sure unless we try! The kid's coming from the capital, so we should head in that direction. All right, everyone! Let's get this show on the road!

Skit: A Cheeky Retort

: Hmm...?
: This road that we're on now is called East Lhant Highroad.
It connects Lhant with the capital city of Barona, and is primarily used to transport cryas gathered from the Lhant region and-
: Ow! Don't pinch my cheeks! It hurts!
: I think she's heard enough, little brother. But you know, Sophie, Cheria's cheeks are great for pinching, too...
: N-No, Sophie! Stop!

Skit: Little Treasures
: I'm not sure why Asbel thought it was a good idea to take a side tour to hunt for Cryas shards in the middle of going to check on an urgent situation.
: It's just his type.

: What is it?
: I found a cryas shard! Pretty sweet, huh?
: This is...sweet?
: Yeah! It's my new treasure!
: So what treasures do you have?
: Hmm. I can't remember. I don't think I have any treasures.
: Huh... Well then, I'll just give you this! Take good care of it, okay?
: Okay. I will.

: They reached the caravan.

: Relax, we can handle this! All right, just gotta draw one of them this way...
He throws a rock at it, but it doesn't really come across in screenshots at all.

: Asbel! Hubert!
: Cheria, take care of the Transport!
: All the birds were after the kids or Aston and his soldiers, so the transport was clear.
: R-Right!
This way, everyone! Hurry!
: Bring it on!

This is our first truly mandatory fight of the game.

As such, it's a little weak.

Sophie has more maximum health than it!

And we're 3v1 too.

Sophie's got some moves. I'll have to do a more detailed breakdown of them later.

Here's the results screen. Note that it says Tornado Blade was upgraded. There are many titles that have the same special on them, many of which have it twice. Each one, in addition to teaching you the skill if you don't have it, has a small or not-so-small boost to the skill when you get it. We might re-examine that when I have full access to the game mechanics.

: That's the last of them.

: Wh-What?
What did I do now?
: How many times must I tell you to stay put? You could have been hurt! Or worse!

: Sophie...?
: Sophie? So she remembers something after all?
: Actually, Asbel named her Sophie.
: I see. I suppose you intend to play her guardian now?
: That's not what I...
Escort: Lord Aston.

Escort: We are well, thank you.
: Please accept my most humble apologies! I shall accept whatever punishment you deem fit for providing such inadequate protection.
Escort: In light of your son's bravery, I think this incident can be forgiven.
: I am unworthy of such kindness, noble sir.
: Are you all right?
: I'm fine. Hmph. Now he's putting on his groveling act.
: Our visitor, Master Richard, will be staying in the manor's guest chambers. I shall say this but once: Do not approach him for any reason. I will not accept any more troublemaking from you. Am I clear?
: Yeah, yeah...
Escort: Lord Aston? We should be off.
: Yes, of course. Please permit me to escort you the rest of the way.
: Asbel! Are you okay?

: That Richard person was inside the Turtlez Transport. I wish we could have met him.
: Well, he'll be in the guest chambers...
: Asbel, no! You can't possibly?
: Oh, yes I can! It's time to meet this Master Richard for ourselves!
: B-But, you can't! If Dad finds out, he'll have our heads!
: Look, it'll be fine. We're just gonna take a peek. Now let's get home and meet our new guest!
: This would prove to be one of the most important things Asbel would do.

Skit: A Wild Seed Takes Root

: Did you see how Dad talked to that guy? The visitor must be real important.
: He said he was close to Asbel's age.
: Whoa! Sophie spoke up on her own!
: Asbel, promise me you won't do anything stupid!
: Dad said his name was Richard, right...? Okay! Let's get back to the manor!
: *Siiigh...*
: Huh?!