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Part 4: CH4: Pact

CH4: Pact

: Usually when you fall off a cliff like that you die. Especially if you fall headfirst like Asbel did.

: What...happened?

: Sophie, are you okay? Are you hurt?
: I'm fine.
: Thank goodness...
: What about Richard? Is Richard okay too?!

: He wasn't hurt.
: Really? Okay. Good. ...That's good.
: You look happy, Asbel. Why are you happy?
: I'm happy because you and Richard are alive.
: Because we're alive...
: Urgh...

: Wh-Where...?
: We fell off the cliff. I think the sun went down while we were knocked out. Are you okay, Richard? Nothing broken or anything?
: No, I think I'm fine.
: I can't believe we fell off a cliff and no one got hurt.
: Yeah, weird isn't it.
: Your name is Asbel, yes? I...I owe you my life.

That ring is hovering.
: I owe you a great debt. This is the least I can do.


: I didn't save you for money or power or because you're some dumb prince! I, I did it for... Oh, never mind...

: I didn't mean to insult you. Forgive me.
: We should go back, Asbel.
: Yeah, we should.'m not really sure how...

: Sophie? Richard? I think it's time for a little hike.
If monsters come, we fight together. That's the only way we'll beat 'em.
: Y-Yes, of course.
: All right. Let's go.

And now Richard is a playable party member.

Volition makes a Z-shaped slash. Dude's a mini-Zorro.

I don't have much to say about Moon Glare.

Sword Rain is a Tales staple, usually on the main hero though. Stab/slice the enemy a few times (four in this case).

Sonic Thrust is also a Tales staple, but not necessarily a hero thing. It stabs and knocks back the enemy.

Skit: Face Time

: You seem reserved. This is very unlike you.
: Why would Bryce try to assassinate you?
: I can think of...several reasons. But none that are worth sharing.
: But...but why not? I fought him off, you know? You can trust me.
: I'm sorry, but it's more complicated than that.
Richard exits.
: What's wrong? You're making your angry face again, Asbel.
: I'm not angry. I'm just...frustrated.

There are a few narrow ledges that will make you do a minigame or fall off unless you walk using the O button.

Skit: A Brother's Pride

: Probably a bird of some sort...
: No, it wasn't a bird. What was it again? ...If Hubert was here, he'd know for sure.
: Hubert is your brother?
: Yeah, and he's super smart! He's always reading books and studying, so he knows everything.
I mean, yeah, he's a bit of a wuss, but who cares when he's a genius?!
: You seem very proud.
: Yeah, I am. But don't spread that around, okay?
: Men hate sharing their emotions.

: About halfway up they had a conversation, but it was interrupted.

: Sophie, I know it's dark and kinda scary, but you don't need to worry, okay? I'll protect you.

: Sophie should be the one protecting Asbel.
: Wh-What's that noise?!
: Something's there!

: All right, buddy. Time to play!

Honestly this fight is kind of meh, at least by this game's standards.

The bears don't stay staggered very long at all and will break out in mid-combo.

I forgot to check their HP at full but it's not really going to be more than 1500, and this is on Hard! That's it, next time I record it's going straight to max.

It's worth noting that despite Sophie and Asbel both spending more time on the other bear, the one I was attacking died first.

BTW Asbel's sword there has a really fancy sheath.

: See? With a team like ours, monsters don't stand a chance!
: I'm...on your team?
: Yeah, of course you are! We need you, Richard.
: You...You're not mad at me? But I insulted you...
: Richard! It's fine! Seriously. I'd already forgotten about it.
: Thank you.
: Come on. We need to hurry if we're gonna reach the top.

Skit: About Face
Incidentally if you watch the skit video you can see me hit the PS button instead of select. I didn't bother editing it out since it's right between the title and the skit and is only a second or so.

: Richard...are you happy when Asbel smiles?
: Hm? Well, I don't have a problem with smiling. But where did that come from?
: So it makes you happy?
: I haven't really thought about it.
: Asbel was making a sad face earlier.
: And you would rather see him happy?
: I don't know. It's difficult for me to say for sure, but I think so.
: Asbel and I are very similar. But I suspect the way we think about things is very different.
: Hmm?
: Let's leave it at that. Right now, we should return to the meadow. Let's use these roots to get back up the cliff.

: They made it to the top of the cliff

: Ngh...
All right, Richard, you're the next one up.

: What are you waiting for? Here, come on. Take my hand.
: Right. Mm.

: Ngh...
: Yes! All right, we did it! We made it back!

: Friends?
: Yeah, of course! We're all friends now, Richard.
: Oh, I see...
: Asbel? Am I your friend too?
: Yeah! Of course you are!
: What is a "friend" supposed to do?
: A friend helps you out when you're in trouble... You laugh together when you're happy...
Aw, come on now, tell me the honest truth. Have you forgotten what it's like to have friends?
: ...I don't know.
: I know! I've got a great idea.
Let's use this tree to make a friendship pact!
: Friendship pact?
: It's a tradition in our town.

: But I don't know how to write it.
: Oh yeah... Well then, we'll do it together! Come on, come on over here.

: From now on, no matter what happens...
: The three of us will always be friends.
: We will friends.

: All right! Now our friendship can never be broken!

: Wow... I'll remember this view, and this day, for the rest of my life.

Escort: Master Richard? Master Richard!

Skit: The Meaning of Friendship

: What are you thinking about?
: I was pondering the meaning of friendship.
: Ha! It's like I said! You help each other out when you're in trouble, you laugh together when you're happy…
: Wait - I get it. You've never had a friend before, have you?!
: That's not true!
: Look, it's okay. Sophie didn't have any friends before me, either. And just 'cause we made a pact doesn't mean you can't have other friends.
You should friend it up with everyone you meet when you get back to the capital!
: I think... Yes, I would like that.

Skit: The Facts on Pacts

: So why did we use this tree for ours?
: I heard some grown-ups talking once. They said if you use a tree nobody knows about, the friendship will last a really long time.
: But, how come?
: I don't know. But I hope you and me and Richard can be friends forever. Even after we grow up!
: What about Hubert and Cheria?
: We grew up together. We don't need one.

Skit: Fight or Fright

: I don't know. I haven't experienced anything like fear.
: Wow, you're really something. My heart was racing just from having to face that Bryce guy.
: Was it scary?
: No way!
: ...Well, a little. I guess I didn't know how hard it would be to fight someone.
: Then why did you choose to fight?
: Well, Richard just looked so miserable, you know? I thought I might be able to help him out.

: Of course, they were in for such a chewing out when they got back. And that chewing out set everything into motion.