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Part 5: CH5: Last Sunset

CH5: Last Sunset

: It would be an understatement to say Lord Aston was angered by these events.

: Sophie didn't really understand what was going on, so it's a good thing Asbel held her back there. Otherwise the Strahtan's remark about her being an assassin might have had sudden relevance.
: Lord Aston! Please, do not be angry with Asbel. He saved my life.
: Respectfully, Your Highness, your life was in danger only because he spirited you away.
: This is untrue, Lord Aston. I asked your son to show me the town. If there is blame to be assigned for our actions, it belongs to me alone.
: Richard...
: As you wish, Your Highness. I will forgive Asbel's role in the threat on your life.
: I am grateful, Lord Aston.
: But this is not over, Asbel. I told you to avoid Lhant Hill, and you disobeyed me. And worse, you made Hubert and Cheria lie to shield you. The search party was delayed for hours as a direct result of your actions!
: Cheria eventually rolled on him after it got dark.
: I, uh... Um...
: You are confined to your room until further notice.
: Fine...
: I'm sorry, Asbel. I tried.
: That's okay. Who knows what he would've done if you hadn't said anything. Thanks, Richard.
: I fear I have more news, Prince Richard. While you were out, we received an urgent message. Your father, the king, has taken ill. You have been ordered back to the capital without delay.
: My father is sick?!
: I'm afraid so. You should prepare to depart at once. As we cannot allow Bryce to remain unguarded, I will escort you back myself.
: I...I understand...

: Hubert.
: Yes, Dad?
: You will join us as well.
: You're taking me to the capital?!
: Why does he get to go?
: Because you are confined to your room! Or are you so thick-skulled that you've already forgotten?
: Hmph! Hubert gets all the fun.
: I'm sorry, Asbel...
: Don't worry, little brother. Have a good time, okay?
: O-Okay! I'll buy you a bunch of souvenirs!
: He gets a vacation and I get punished. Just great...

: They gathered in front of the manor for the departure.

: If you're ever in the capital, you should come see me. I'll show you around the castle.
: Oh, I'm definitely there.
: Wait. Here...
It's not a reward! I'm just lending it to you. When you visit the castle, show this to the guards. They'll let me know you've arrived.
: Gotcha. In that case, I'll hang on to it.
: I wish I had more time here, but I have to go.
: Okay. I'll see ya around!

: I know. It's just...
: Hey, Hubert! Take this with you!

: It's a good-luck charm. It'll keep you from being scared, even when I'm not around.
: Hey! I don't get scared!
: That's enough, Hubert. We must be off.
: O-Okay!
: Farewell, Lord Aston. Young Master Hubert.
: son...
: See ya, Richard! So long, Hubert! Buy me something really cool, okay?!
: Forgive me, Master Asbel, but...
: Yeah, I know. Back to my room.
: It's very unfortunate that Aston and Asbel didn't communicate better. This could have been avoided. Even though...

: Of course, Aston's lack of understanding of his son lead to predictable results.

: No door can hold me back! I'll just tweak this wire here...
And turn it like this... Aaaaand... Still locked. ...Well, crap.
I really wanted to see the capital... I might've been able to find someone who knows about Sophie.
: You called, Asbel?
: Aah! S-Sophie?! What are you doing out there?
: Asbel, what's the capital?
: Uh... Well, the capital is the biggest city in the whole kingdom. There's lots of people there, so I thought one of them might recognize you. That's why I want to go, but...
: I want to go, too.
: Oh? Well, all right, then! Let's sneak outta here and go together! Quick! Open the door!
: It won't open.
: Damn! Now what?
: Asbel, move away from the door.
: Huh? Uh, okay.
: Hi-ya!

: Holy cow!
: It's open.
: It didn't open, you broke it down! ...Well, whatever. But we'd better go. The whole manor probably heard that.
: Okay.

Skit: You can't Force It

: But what happens then? What happens after you find my family? Will I have to leave like Richard did?
: Yeah, but you'd be happy! Trust me.
: If I become happy, would I smile like you are right now?
: Yeah, maybe...
: Why are you pinching my cheeks?
: Haha, what a funny smile.
: I can't talk.

: Along the way, they encountered a cottage.

: Are you tired, Sophie?
: No.
: You're really strong for someone so...quiet.
: If I'm strong, I can protect you.
: Wait, what? No, that's not how it works.
I can't be protected by a girl! That's embarrassing.
: I want to protect you.
: Sophie is much better at protecting than Asbel.
: Okay, how about this: We'll race to that house over there.
Whoever wins gets to protect the other person. Deal?
: *Nod*

: GO!

: I win.
: Yeah good luck with that Asbel.
: Now I'll protect you.
: Grr! I can't believe it! I was supposed to win! I'm supposed to protect you!
Next time, I'm gonna win! No matter what!

Skit: Weird is Weird

: She'll be okay. We can't take her with us because her illness might act up.
: Illness?
: She's been sick since birth. But everyone gets sick, right?
: Really? I don't remember ever being sick.
: Someday I'll stop being surprised by you, Sophie. But you sure are weird sometimes!
: Weird? What does that mean?
: It means you're...weird. That's all. But in your case it means I'll never get bored when I'm with you!
: Then you are weird too, Asbel.
: ...That just sounds weird coming from you.

Skit: Stick and Mooove

: Ow! Hey, take it easy, cow! ...Oh, you wanna play? Let's go!
: D-Damn it! I lost...
: Was it fun?
: What?
: You asked the cow to play with you.
: Just...don't tell anyone about this... All right?
: Okay. But why were your noises weirder than the cow's?
: No one asked you!

: A large lake stood between Lhant and Barona, so they took a boat.

: I don't know. But I'm nervous. My heart is...fluttery? It happened as soon as I saw the capital.
: I'm too excited to be nervous!
: You are?
: Yeah! I mean, wouldn't it be awesome for you and me to jump in a boat and sail around the world?
: You and me?
: Well, other people could come. Like Hubert, and Cheria, and maybe even Richard. We'd have so much fun, you'd forget to be nervous. And then we could sail around and try to recover your memory!
: That sounds nice.
: Hey, we're almost to Barona! Boy, are Hubert and Richard gonna be surprised to see us!

: They arrived at the city of Barona.

: Man, this city is HUGE! It's nothing like life back in Lhant.

: Cheria? What are you doing here?!
: I came here to see a doctor. I should have known you couldn't stay away, Asbel. So what are you doing here, anyway?
: I'm looking for someone who might know Sophie. But I also might swing by the Knight Academy. Oh, and I'm definitely gonna visit Richard.
: He's the prince, Asbel! You can't just waltz into his castle and start yakking away!
: Sure I can! That's why he gave me this.
: A ring?
: Not just any ring. This ring proves I'm Richard's friend. Come on! Follow me to the castle and I'll show you what this baby can do.

Along the way, you can meet a girl who we'll see later.

Knight Academy Cadet: C'mon, Victoria. Do you have something against Captain Malik?

: Asbel decided upon the direct approach.

: Check this out...
Windor Soldier: That's the prince's ring! You must be Asbel. The prince told us to expect your arrival.
: Wow. It really worked!
: So is Rich...err, His Highness busy? I'd love to chat if it's not too much trouble.
(I hope he has time. His father was pretty sick, after all...)
Windor Soldier: I shall inquire after His Highness. In the meantime, perhaps you could wait somewhere less...conspicuous? I suggest the square with the valkines cryas. It's a central location, and easy to find. Besides, the valkines cryas itself is well worth the trip. You don't see a hunk of cryas that large just anywhere.
: Sounds good! We'll go wait there.
You heard the man. Let's head to the square with the valkines cryas.

: They met in the shadow of the Valkines.

: It's nothing like any cryas I've ever seen... What's its proper name again? Glo... Glo-something?

: Hey, Richard!
: Sorry I'm late, Asbel. Sophie? Cheria? It's good to see you again.
: Um...should you really be walking around by yourself?
: It's okay. I think he brought a friend.

: Ah. Gotcha.

: But enough history. I'm pleased to see you all again. And so soon!
: How's your father doing?
: He's going to be all right.
: That's great news!
: Yes, although... Well, he's recovering. That's the important thing.
So what's your plan?
: Oh, I don't know. Maybe wander around town, see the sights?
: That sounds fun.
: You should come!
: I don't know. That could be a bit...tricky.
: You don't want to come with us?
: No, it's just... He's a prince, you know?
: Well then, we'll just have to make him our honorary big brother!
: That' way to go about it?
: Come on! Let's take our new brother Richard out on the town!
: Um, Asbel? People are going to notice if you're wandering around with a young man named Richard...
: Oh, right. So what should we call him?
: ...Tiger Festival.

: ...Hee hee!
: Oh, these two are really something! Please forgive them, Your Highness!
: Ha ha! It's fine, Cheria. I love it.
From now on, I'm your big brother, Tiger Festival.
: Sweet! I've always wanted to have an older brother.
: Our older brother, Tiger Festival.
: Exactly. Now why don't you let me show you around the capital?
First, there's a special place I want you to see. It's my way of thanking you for our good times in Lhant. We'll go through the north gate and follow the road for a little bit.
: Where exactly are we going?
: Heh. Don't worry! You'll see.
: W-Wait a minute. I don't know about... Hey! Hold on, wait for me!

Everything Worth Knowing

: Oh.
: Okay, fine. That bores you, too. ...But did you know that humans and monsters are made of almost the exact same stuff?!
: ...? Are you talking about the fact that all biological organisms have nuclei composed by the fusion of eleth?
: Wait, what?! Come on, even Hubert doesn't know what all that means!
: do I know it?
: How should I know? But you'll probably remember soon enough! Now let's get moving, okay?
: I?

: Richard took them to on a tour, and they met someone who would be important later.

: Uh-oh! Asbel, we have to leave. Now!
: What? Why?
: That knight over there knows who I am.

: Hm? What's this?

: Well, you're a friendly lad. Hello yourself.
...You there. What's your name?
: He's Tiger Festival!
: Asbel!
: That's an odd name.
: Don't worry about our brother. He's kinda shy.
: H-He gets nervous around other people, and then...he can't stand up straight! Please forgive him.
: I see. So that's how it is.
: Exactly! It would be mean of us to just leave him behind, so we let him tag along, you know?
: Such generous siblings are a rare gift. You must find your own courage for their sakes. Agreed?
: Y-Yes, sir.

: Farewell, my young friends.
: Phew! That was close!
: (Thank you, Malik...)

Skit: To Be a Knight

: The first step is to get into the Knight Academy. But from what I hear, that's the easy part...
: How come?
: Because you can't leave till you're ready. Some students train for years and still don't graduate.
: I'm not worried about that! Heck even your own knight said I had talent! I'll be out of there in a year, tops.
: But is that what you really want? If you become a knight, you can't become a lord.
: I'm not gonna be lord, so that's fine. Hubert can take care of that.
: He should have told his father that.

Skit: Pact Attack

: I know. She never smiles at anything I say. But hey! Maybe YOU should try to make her laugh!
: Me? What hope do I have? I lack your talent for buffoonery.
: Hey! I think you just called me a buffoon!
: Hee hee!
: No! That's not what I meant at all!
: And to think we made a friendship pact...
: What?! You two made a pact?!
: Sophie was in on it, too.
: And you didn't come get me?! Un-believable!

: Eventually they arrived at what Richard really wanted to show them, the hills North of the city.

: Oh, wow...

: Wow! You can see so far!
: Lhant's not the only place with a great view.
Sometimes I have the Royal Guard escort me here. I find it...relaxing. All you see is land and sky and green. There's no pain, no suffering. I see this and ask myself: Why must men fight? Why do all arguments inevitably lead to war? I would give anything to build a world without conflict. ...But I suppose that's just a silly dream.
: No! You can do it, Richard! When you become king, you can create any world you want!
: My father used to say that same thing. But then...
: ...Then what?
: You can't tell anyone this, but my father isn't sick. He was poisoned.
: What? Who would do that?!
: There are many who stand to gain by my father's death. And when I become king someday, those same people will come for me as well.
: They'd try to kill you? Who are they?! Let me at 'em! I'll take 'em out right now!
: Poor Richard...
: It's okay. I just have to be extra careful from now on.
: If you ever need anything, Richard, you just come to me!
: Thanks, Asbel. I will. Come on. We should go back to the city.

: All things must come to an end eventually though.

: You can come out, Asbel. They've seen us.
: Ugh. Well, I guess it's time to face the music...

: Lord Aston, I must return to the boat and continue with preparations.
: Yes, of course. I leave it to you, Mr. Oswell.
: Goodbye for now, Hubert. I look forward to seeing you again.
: Y-Yes. Goodbye.
: Asbel, what are you doing here? And...Prince Richard? Is that you? What's going on?
: Well, uh, you see...
: Never mind. It doesn't matter. I suppose I can forgive you this time.
Your Highness, I pray my son causes you no further trouble.
: D-Dad...?
: I must return to the inn. When you're finished with the prince, meet me inside.
: He's never this nice. What's going on?!
Wait, why do I care?! Now I don't have to sneak around anymore! This is great!
: Are you all right, Hubert? You're being awfully quiet.
Are you upset we've been exploring the town without you?

: They did this on my behalf. But we should have invited you along. I'm sorry, Hubert.
: We spent the whole time trying to hide Richard from people! We had to pretend he was our big brother and everything.
: What about me?
Am I still your brother?
: Huh? What are you talking about? Of course you are!
: Yes. Of course...
: What's gotten into you?
: Maybe he doesn't want to share his only brother. Maybe he thinks we stole you away from him?
: So many lost opportunities to communicate properly.
: Hey, cut it out, that's enough! You're embarrassing me!
I know what to do. Let's take Hubert out and show him around.
: Perhaps you would like to see the castle?
: Can you really get us all in?!
: Well, we'd probably have to sneak you in after dark. We can't use the front door, but I know a secret passageway that'll work.
: That's awesome!
: I found out about it from some old documents. I just tried it a few days ago. It leads from the castle to a building called the Royal Sanctuary.
: This is a great plan!
: Then it's settled. We'll meet tonight in front of the Royal Sanctuary.
: We'll be there!
: I have to get back before people start to miss me. See you tonight!
: See you later!

: This is gonna be great! I told you we could count on Richard! I'm so excited! Aren't you excited, Hubert?
: S-Sure...
: Okay. Let's head back to the inn and wait for it to get dark. This is gonna be SERIOUSLY great!
: In the secret passageway, everything went wrong.