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Part 6: CH6: The Adversary

CH6: The Adversary

: I always get emotional at this part of the story.

And now we're wandering the city at night. I always found it very atmospheric.

The Equipment and item shops are still open in case you need them, but this portion of the game is still super-easy.

I forgot to get a shot of it last update, but there's a girl who really wants to open a popsicle stand here.
Young Woman: I've never seen this girl act so serious about something before. Maybe she actually has a chance...

: Eventually, they reached the Sanctuary and began to wait.

: It seems like it.
: I don't see Richard. I guess we'll just have to wait.

: Maybe we should give up and go back to the inn? Something important probably came up.
: Richard would never break his word! He'll come. I know it.


: After a long while...

: It's very late now. We should get back.
: I...I don't understand. Why didn't he come?

It's kind of hard to make out, but there's a broken-off bit on the lower left of the door.
: Can we crawl through that?
: Come on, let's check it out.

Skit: The Boy Who Knew Everything

: Asbel, do you have any idea what you're saying right now?
: Nope! Not a clue! How about you, Cheria?
: I don't really know either.
: It means that even if you did a bunch of bad stuff when you were alive, you'll be forgiven when you die.
: Ha! I knew Hubert would know!
: You should pay more attention, Asbel. I...won't always be around to explain things to you.
: ...Ah!
: What's up with her?
: Even if she couldn't remember what it was, she knew something was wrong.
: Asbel...
: Sorry, Hubert. What did you say?
: Forget it!
: Aw, come on! Don't get all sulky now!
: Yeah that was a bad time to clam up.

: Well, we've come this far. Might as well go inside.
: N-No! It's dark in there, and probably dangerous!
: Plus, what if Richard comes while we're in there?
: Richard has to use the passageway to get here, right? We'll just meet him on the way!
: Ooo! Maybe we can find him and scare him! Hee hee! Come on, let's go!

And we have our first dungeon worth a video! Only barely though.

Nothing to write home about the enemies.

Except that rats have souls apparently.

Skit: Revenge Will Be Mine!

: Asbel, look! The gap between the door and the wall is packed full of dirt.
: The door won't open because it hasn't been used in a long time.
: Grr! This stupid door is really pissing me off! I won't let it beat me!
: How can you win or lose to a door?
: We'd need a grown-up to open it.
: I want to open it and see what's on the other side! If I have to ask a grown-up, it's like I lost!
: Who cares about the stupid door?! Let's just hurry up and see Richard!
: I will smash you open one day! Never forget this!
: I don't believe this. He just vowed revenge against a door...

Skit: Sticky Situation

: Hey, stop hiding behind me, Hubert! I'm just as scared as you are!
: B-But...
: Asbe-
: What is what?!
: Knock it off, Asbel!
: No, look... It's...right...behind you...
: Or not! Ah ha ha ha! I totally fooled you guys!
: That is NOT funny, Asbel! Hubert, can you stand? Oh-

: I... I...
: Did you just...pee?
: Don't worry. I won't tell anyone this happened again.
: Really...? Thank-
: Wait, what do you mean, "again"? What did Asbel tell you?!

: And so they arrived at the place where their destinies would be set.
If you only watch one video this LP, watch this one.

: What is it, Sophie?

: Huh? What the heck?!

And here we're at the boss battle. It's kind of underwhelming, but we're still in the "tutorial" section.

I'm playing as Sophie here so I have to remember to do the healing. When you fire off a heal skill, it autotargets whoever is lowest.

You can hold down the circle button to continue to charge up a spell, and during that time you can switch targets with the left analog stick.

The fight really just feels like something that the game was obligated to put there.

: That wasn't the danger. Or even close to it.

: Asbel, it's not safe here. We need to leave right away.
: There's nothing to worry about! We already took out the monsters.
: Asbel, look! There's somebody over there!

: Hey, wait a minute... Isn't that...?
: Asbel! Don't go over there!

: While they were distracted, wondering what was going on...

: Oh dear... What do we do now?

: ...The Adversary made its entrance.

: Cheria! Hubert!

: Asbel always was a dumb kid.

: Dumb to the point that this wasn't the dumbest thing he did.

: This is a lot closer though.

: This can't be happening... I don't believe it...

: Asbel wasn't dead yet. Sophie had her priorities.

: Whoa. That's something.

: S-Sophie...

: Asbel...? Asbel...!

: I'm so grateful...

: This is all my fault.
It was a mistake. I shouldn't have brought you here...
I'm so very...sorry...
: Asbel... I think I understand.
Back when we fell off the cliff...

: Sophie?!

: Sophie had remembered.

: Noooooo!

: This was now the only possible outcome.

: But the pain wasn't over yet.

: H-Huh? Where...?
: Asbel. You're awake.
: D-Dad? Where am I?
: You're home. You've been asleep for several days.
: Where is everyone? Where's Sophie, and Cheria, and Hubert? And where's Richard?
: Richard? I didn't hear anything about him being involved.
: (Richard must have made it back to the castle...)
: Cheria and Hubert are alive, and will be fine.
: What about Sophie? What happened to her?
: She's dead.
: Sophie's...dead...
: You don't actually expect me to believe that do you?
: Dust in the wind.
: Do you see, Asbel? This is a direct result of your careless actions. You wish to be responsible for people? Start with yourself. Start by changing your attitude and obeying your father. Become a proper lord and dedicate your service to the memory of that poor girl.
: Is that how I...take responsibility for Sophie...?
I...I need to apologize... To everyone...
: Cheria was quite worried about you. I suggest you look for her first.
: What about Hubert?
: You will not be seeing Hubert again.
: What? What do you mean? I thought you said he was okay!
: Hubert has been adopted by the Oswell family of Strahta.
: He's been...adopted? By the Oswell family...? Wait, what are you talking about? What do you mean, adopted?!
: I mean exactly what I said. He is Hubert Oswell now.
: Are you insane? No! I refuse to accept this!
: This was a very difficult decision, Asbel. I hope you can appreciate that.
: This is so like you. You don't tell me your plans. You don't ask my opinion. You just do whatever you want and expect everyone to play along!
: Asbel, I will not have you speak to me in that tone!
: I'm done, Dad! I'm done listening to you! I'll take responsibility my own way!
: Then what course of action do you plan on taking?
: I...I won't become the next lord of Lhant.
: Excuse me?
: I said I won't become a lord! I'm going to train at the Knight Academy!
I'll become strong enough to protect everyone!
I won't ever let someone I care about be hurt again!

: Asbel, what happened? I heard shouting.
: ...I'm leaving.
: What?
: I'm going to become a knight. The strongest knight who ever lived!
: No! Don't go! P-Please don't go!
I know Sophie and Hubert are gone, but I'm still here! I'll take their place! I'll... I'll never leave you!
: You'll take their place?
So you'll be my little brother instead of Hubert?!

: Don't you get it? Hubert is gone! And we'll never see Sophie again! Never!
: That's not... I...I'm sorry...
: Dammit!!!
: I...I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that! ...I didn't mean it....
: I'm sorry, Cheria. I'm just... I'm angry. But it's not your fault. It's all my fault.
: Does that mean... you'll stay?
: ...Yes.
: I'll help you, Asbel. I'll help however I can.

: I'm sorry. I know I said I'd stay, but I can't spend another day in Lhant.

: If I'm not stronger, I run the risk of hurting, or losing someone again.
I have to become strong to ensure that never happens.
So that's why I'm leaving.
I'm sorry, Cheria.

: Hey! Excuse me! My name is Asbel Lhant! Is anybody in there?
I'm here to enlist in the academy! I'm not leaving this place until I've become a knight!

: Asbel didn't see any of them for seven years after that.