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Part 10: CH10: Water

CH10: Water

Skit: Holding the Line (I missed this one so it has some youtuber's video)
: Go ahead. Just shoulder the blame all by yourself.
: What's wrong?
: Nothing! I'm just...irritated.
: Irritated?
: It's kind of like being angry, but..
: You're cute, Cheria.
: Hee hee! Where'd that come from?
: When I asked Asbel, he told me to say it to you.
: *Sigh* ...Hey, Sophie? Will you tell Asbel something from me?
: Sure.
: Tell him to butt out!
: Butt out. Right.

: They made it back to town without further incident.

: Did everyone make it to safety?
: Yes. We're all alive, thanks to you. However, many people were wounded.
Boy: D-Daddy... My daddy's hurt...
: Don't worry. I'll help your daddy get better. Okay?
Where are the injured?
: In the town square.
: I'm going to go see if I can help.
: Cheria has been a comfort to us all.
She can heal people with a touch. It's almost like she's Lhant's guardian angel.
: Does anyone know healing magic besides Sophie and Cheria?
: Not very many.
: What happened to Fendel's army?
: They've pulled back, but they're still within Lhant's borders. They've constructed an encampment just in front of the border fortress. Unless we destroy that encampment, we'll never be able to drive them out.
: Do we have any intelligence on it?
: Yes. I submitted a full report to Lord... To your father.
: Good. I'll check it out when I return home.
: One more thing: Frederic and Lady Kerri are waiting for you at the manor.
: I understand. I'll go to them right away.
: Seven years... This is quite the homecoming.
: Asbel?
: Never mind. It's nothing. Let's go home.

: Really? After 7 years you say it like that?
: Oh, I missed you so much! I'm so glad you're back. After what happened to your father, I've been so very worried.
: I'm sorry I wasn't here.
And I'm glad you're all right, Frederic.
: I owe you a debt I can never repay, Lord Asbel.
: Did I...miss the funeral?
: Yes, I'm sorry. We simply couldn't wait for your return. Your father fought bravely, and died defending his home. I pray that is of some comfort to you.
: I understand... Thank you for being there during his final hour.
You are too kind.
: Asbel, please. Please don't leave us again. You must stay and rule in your father's place. We have nowhere else to turn. That...that's why you've come back. ...Right?
: I came back to see if you needed anything, and assess Lhant's current condition.
: Asbel... You can't mean to return to Barona?! Not after all that's happened!
: I know what you're trying to say. But I... I need some time. I need time to think.
: We left your room just as it was. Please feel free to use it as you like.
: Thank you, Frederic.
Sophie, I'm going to check out my old room. Want to come?
: Asbel...
: I'm sorry, Mom.

This is one of only two missable inn requests in the entire game.

: You don't need to thank me. I just did what I could.
Say, Bailey, you wouldn't know what kind of flowers Dad liked, would you?
: Master Asbel?
: Actually, I guess this isn't just about flowers. I mean, yes, it makes me sad that I didn't know the most appropriate flower to choose. But honestly, I... I don't know what he liked about anything.
: Come now, Master Asbel. In these situations, it's the thought that's important. I think Lord Aston would be happy with any flower that you picked for him.
: Thanks, Bailey. Would you mind placing those flowers on his grave?
: Of course.

: Asbel considered his situation.

: If I'd only known how bad things were here. If only I'd accepted my role as your heir.
Then none of this would have happened...
What am I meant to do?
I've spent seven years training for knighthood, and now I'm nearly there. I wanted to be strong so I could protect people. But I couldn't protect anyone, could I? Not even my own father. And then he died protecting his own people...
: Protect...
: You know, it's because of you that I wanted to be strong in the first place.
: Me?
: I mean... Sorry. I guess I think of you as Sophie, you know?
This is so weird. It's like I've gone back in time.
But I think I know my answer. I think I've always known it.
From the very beginning...
Thanks. I think you helped me figure some things out.

: Perfect timing, Frederic. Would you please mail this letter for me?
: M-My lord! This is a letter of withdrawal from the Knight Academy!
: I will become the next lord of Lhant. It is my duty as Aston Lhant's firstborn son.
: I shall inform Lady Kerri immediately. She will be overjoyed.
: Sure. Oh, one more thing.
I've heard about a report outlining the Fendelian army's encampment.
: It's waiting in the study, my lord. Shall I escort you there?
: That would be perfect.

: Frederic, do you know if this report is still accurate? It claims we can pass through the seaside cavern beyond Lhant Hill and emerge near the enemy encampment.
If that's true, we could use the cavern to stage a surprise attack...
: Pardon me? Lord Asbel!
You look at home here. Does this mean our land finally has a new lord?
: It does. I know I'm young, but I'll do my best. I hope you'll help me, Bailey.
: I am yours to command, my lord. Have you heard from the Royal Knights? Will they ride to our aid?
: Unfortunately, it doesn't sound good. I fear we fight this battle alone.
: I see.
: As such, I'm considering how to deal with Fendel.
: What are you planning?
: We should strike. It's time we went on the offensive. We can use the seaside cavern to stage a night attack on their main camp.
: Interesting. Yes, the cavern should allow us to approach the enemy undetected.
: We'll split into small units and regroup near the exit. Then when night falls, I will lead the attack. Ready the men. I want to be there tonight.
: So soon?
: The enemy is still recovering from today's battle. The timing is perfect.
For the sake of Lhant, we must not fail.
: We shall begin preparations at once!
: I want to be a part of this fight, Asbel. I want to help drive Fendel from my home.
: Cheria, I...
: I want to go too.
: Thank you. ...Thank you both.
We'll leave as soon as preparations are complete. I want to make sure we reach the cavern before nightfall.
: I'll be ready.

BTW if you're following along at home, before you leave make sure you have 3 of these and put them on everyone.

And now for a change of pace, I control Sophie. Triple Strike gives her three glowing punches.

Double Moon causes her to do two flip-kicks, knocking the enemy into the air.

Piercing Blast (Seraphic Bolt is something else) is a frickin' laser beam. Nobody says all Assault Artes must be melee!

: As they approached the entrance to the caves...

: All right.

: Uh...I don't know. She needs a name, right?
: Even though we have no idea who she really is?
: Look, I'm just...
: You need to come back to reality. Everything has changed since...since then...
: You're right. It has changed. Sophie's dead... My father's dead... Hubert got adopted by some guy in Strahta... Oh, and my oldest friend treats me like a total stranger and has apparently given up on smiling.
: Oh!
: Look, I know this is all my fault. Okay? That's why I decided to stay.

: It's a sopheria.
: That's where we got the name Sophie.
: Sophie... Asbel calls me Sophie.
: Sorry, I should have asked you first.
: No, it's fine. Please call me Sophie. I like this flower. It feels warm and familiar. It makes me happy to be named after it.
: If you like it, why don't you grow another one?
Here, take this. It's a sopheria seed.
: This will turn into a sopheria flower?
: When we get back to the manor, you can plant it in the flowerbed.
: All right.

: No one has seen us yet.
: Good. Let's keep it that way. Now come on, we're almost to the other side.

Skit: Everything is Intact (since I missed Holding the Line I had to get this from the youtuber too)
: Being in a place like this sure doesn't lift my spirits.
: Hey Asbel, I just told Cheria that she was cute, and she said that you should butt out.
: What?! You told her that? Come on, I was just kidding around!
: She was already irritated when I told her.
: Cheria's been angry ever since we met in Barona. *Sigh* Feels like everything's collapsing around me...
: Is it? Nothing seems to be falling apart. Everything is intact.

I made a dungeon video for this area if you wish to see it.

Cheria learned a new Burst Arte, Lightning Blast. It sends out a fan of lightning. It has a maximum range that can be sometimes rather inconvenient.

: There were a great deal of gaps that needed to be crossed by swimming.

: Are you cold?

: If it's too much, take Sophie and head back to Lhant.
: Don't worry about me. I'm the one who asked to come, remember?
: Or were you just thinking that maybe I'm in the way.
I don't know. Do you even really want me here? If not, you should just say so.
: No, I didn't say that! I'm actually really happy you're here.
I just...don't want to push you too hard. I couldn't stand it if something happened to either of you.
: Cheria. You're wet, too.
: I'm gonna wring out my clothes. So turn around.
: Oh! Right!

Skit: Diving In

: Okay.
: Let's make sure we don't miss anything. We'll move slowly and carefully.
: ...Ha-choo.
: You okay, Sophie? ...And Cheria, you should be careful not to catch a cold as well.
: Hey! Don't stare at me like that when I'm all drenched.
: Sorry!

There's another kind of Assault Arte than the standard stick direction + mash x ones. This is a charged Arte. You hold the button down during a regular Assault Arte (sometimes you need one that meets a specific criteria) and then let it go.

Reaper's Toll has a pretty good knockback on it, but for some reason I failed to knockback this guy and I didn't get a better one in this recording run. I'll see if I can do better later.

Skit: Remembering the Past

: That reminds me of when you used to come hide out at our house.
: You probably don't know this Asbel, but whenever we did that, Grandpa and Lady Kerri would scold me to no end.
: They did?
: But Lord Aston always came to my defense. He was always looking out for me.
: My father did that? ...Really?
: That's why I was so sad when I heard he'd...he'd died...
: Cheria...

Skit: Just a Bite

: Hm? Why not?
: That's a carnivorous sea plant that paralyzes its prey. It may not like people. It's dangerous. Did it bite you?
: Mm, just a little.

: It's better.
: ...Good.
: I'm glad you were here, Cheria. ...Sophie, you should thank Cheria too.
: Thank you, Cheria.
: O-Of course...

Skit: Enough With the Water
You only see this skit if you go through the water more than necessary.

: Yeah?
: I feel like you've been having us dive into the water an awful lot. That isn't...intentional, is it?
: Um...what do you mean?
: Never mind. It's not a big deal.
But it's just... As soon as my clothes start to dry out, we're right back into the water! I'm wet all the time!
It's starting to feel a little bit...perverted.
: Wh-What?! No! That's not... I would never... That...That has nothing to do with it!

: At the back of the cavern, they faced a fearsome foe.
: Huh?

This boss is one that a lot of people have trouble with. First off, wear Poison Charms. Second, wear goddamn Poison Charms. Third, well, you'll see.

Oh hey what's that peaking out from around the boss?

MORE SLIMES! At the start of the fight and every 25% or so of HP she'll spawn slimes.

Extending spikes like that is the main attack form of the Queen. It hits a huge fan.

At about half or so she starts barfing gunk at you as an additional attack mode.

The gunk sticks around, and I believe damages you if you stand in it.

So you can see from this image that I've fucked up bad. That's eight slimes, and the most that ever spawn at once is six.

Let's retry that.

OK you see the "Block" there? That's how you know the Poison Charm is earning its keep.

Kill Slimes erry day.

This is the last slime spawn. Six slimes.

It's a bit of a pain.

We manage to pull through though.

With a little help from my medicine cabinet.

Oh hey more close calls. Here I've got a choice. Heal or res using items?

I choose res.

It's possible I chose wrong.

This time I choose heal.

Although it's close, I manage to clear some of the last remaining slimes.

And she runs out of minions.

Boom! Everyone's alive this time too.

: I don't see the Fendelians anywhere. Let's stay here and wait for our men to arrive.

Skit: The Only One

: No, I don't think so. It's probably lived down here for years.
: So it would still be alive if not for us? That's kind of sad. I feel terrible now.
: Maybe, but it was either us or it. And we have to save Lhant!
: Asbel...?
: (There's no time for pity. I'm the only one who can protect Lhant now!)