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Part 12: CH12: Succession

CH12: Succession

: Asbel was having a bad day.

: Heh. That brings me back.
You know, this is the place where someone first said that to me.
I was so irritated a girl wanted to protect me!
: I said that I would protect her instead, but...I didn't.
: And now, nothing has changed...

: There was someone who wouldn't abandon Asbel though.

: Sorry about earlier. That was kind of embarrassing...
Do you really want to stay with me, Sophie?
Then I swear to protect you. And this time I won't fail...
: Ugh... I feel kinda...dizzy...

: Dammit, not now...
: It was indeed a bad time to be under the weather.
: Asbel!
: Urgh... *Huff, huff...*
Ungh... W-Water...
: I'll go get some water. Wait here.

???: Hmm, this hut looks a little suspicious...
: Someone had come for them.
???: Should we look inside?
: No!
: S-Sophie?
???: Hey! That's the girl that was with him!
: You can't go in there!
: Ungh...

???: Asbel Lhant!

???: The girl is meaningless. We've come for you, Asbel Lhant.
: Who are you people?

???: Stand aside, or we'll make this hard for you!
: I will protect him.
: Sophie, no!

: Honestly those guys weren't worth fighting. One punch each and they were laid out.

: Who are these guys? What do they want?
: Asbel, are you hurt?
: I'll make it. But we need to get out of here.
Let's head for the port!

: Nobody caught up to them before they reached the port.

: I'll be fine. But look how crowded it is. The ferry must be late or something.
Windor Soldier: Everyone, remain calm! The capital port is still open, and the ferries are running on schedule!
: Did something happen in Barona?
: Asbel, look.

: These guys just don't quit.
Come on, Sophie. We'll take the ferry to Barona.

: (I can't bear to see anyone else suffer because of me. Hmm, maybe Richard could help. He'd protect Sophie. I'm sure of it.)
: Is your head still hot?
: I think I'm fine, thanks. Listen, when we reach land, we need to find Richard.
: Richard?
: Yeah, he's an old friend of me and Sophie. ...The other Sophie.
: Friend...

: Nothing caught up with them on the boat either, but once they reached Barona...

Envoy: I knew it.

Envoy: Perhaps you're planning to visit Prince Richard?
Thought as much. And just how do you plan on visiting someone who's supposed to be dead?
: W-Wait. Richard's dead?! What are you talking about?!
Envoy: Don't play dumb! We see through your lies. Just tell us what you know, and we'll make this easier for you.
: Damn.
Sophie, we've gotta run!
: Okay.

: The city wasn't a safe place.

: Where are we?
: It's the Royal Sanctuary. There used to be a secret passageway here, and I'm hoping it's still around.
: Should we look?
: Yeah. Let's look.

: Oh, nice. You still break down doors, huh?
: ...Still?
: Uh, I mean... Yeah, never mind. My mistake. Let's go inside.

Skit: Where All Was Lost

: (...No. Sophie is my responsibility. Just ahead is years ago...)
: Hey, Asbel. I hope Richard is alive.
: Huh? Wait a minute. Do you remember who Richard is?
: Mmm... No, I've never met him actually. But isn't there a chance he might be dead?
: Oh, that's what you meant. I wanted to think otherwise, but I guess you really aren't the same Sophie from back then.
: I don't know. But I have this feeling I can't explain.
: ...
: Somehow I just want Richard to be alive. Maybe because you feel that way, Asbel? I don't know.

: Up ahead, the found the man they were seeking.

: Wait a minute?!

: Richard, hold on!
: Y-You're...
: It's me. Asbel Lhant!

: Well, I must say I certainly didn't expect to find you here.
: I don't understand. This is crazy! I heard that you were supposed to be dead!
: You heard that I was dead?
: I'm so glad that you're safe. Can you stand? Come on, let's go.

: More of Cedric's men...

It's not worth talking about this fight.

: If you hadn't arrived when you did, I wouldn't have survived. Thank you...
: I'm glad to be of service, Your Highness.
: Please, don't speak like that. We're old friends, you and I.
: Yeah, but you're the crown prince.
: I could order it, you know.
: B-But, Your Highness...
...Fine. Richard. Does that work for you?
: Perfect. Formality just doesn't suit you, old friend.
And this is...
: Prince Richard, this is Sophie.
: Sophie? I was told she had been killed.
: I met this girl at the meadow. I don't know if she's the original Sophie or what, but she needed a name.
: I think it's her. They have the same...feeling about them. You must sense it too. That's why you gave her that name.
: Um, well...

: Richard?
: M-My chest... It's on fire all of a sudden...
Windor Soldier: Hey! I hear voices!
: We'll talk later. Right now, we have to get out of the capital.
: There should be an exit just ahead. If we follow the highroad, it'll take us to Gralesyde. That's where I was headed. The local lord, Duke Dalen, will help us. Now let's go!

Skit: Sweet Revenge

: What's wrong?
: Back then, I vowed revenge on this door because I couldn't open it.
: You vowed revenge on a door?
: Yeah, I was a kid. I wonder if I can open it now? Let's see... Urggh...
: It opened a little.
: Was it always this easy? If I'd been able to open it like this back then, I wonder if things could've been different.
: Asbel?
: ...Sorry. Never mind. Let's go see what's on the other side.

Dungeon Video. I'm not going over Richard's attacks yet, but you can see me fight as him here.

Skit:Time and Tide

:*Huff, huff...*
: What's wrong, Sophie?
: I don't know. My chest. It hurts.
: The air is thin here. Perhaps we should hasten our escape. Here, Sophie. Take my hand.
: No... I'm fine.
: Sophie?
: ......
: Hm, this is unexpected. Asbel, did she act this way around you when you first met?
: No, not really.
: Interesting. Then perhaps the problem lies more with you than it does with her.
: Me?
: Even after seven years, you haven't changed at all. Anyone would recognize you. It was easy enough for me.
: What? I've changed! Maybe...maybe you just changed too much!
: Ha ha ha... Ungh!
: What's wrong? Is it your wound?
: It's...been a long time...since I laughed. I enjoyed that a bit more than was...sensible.
: Richard...

: Eventually, they emerged into the light.

: You all right, Richard?
: It's nothing. I'm just a little tired.
: We should rest. You know a good place to stop around here?
: There's a small hut just off the highroad. But I don't want you to stop because of me.
: There's no need to push yourself. Let's just head for the hut.
: All right. Thanks, Asbel.