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Part 14: CH14: You can win it in a minute when you spin it, spin it, spin it!

CH 14: You can win it in a minute when you spin it, spin it, spin it!

So this update is pretty much entirely a list of Artes for our party at the moment. You can skip that if you don't care.

We're starting out here with Pascal. Pascal uses a "shotstaff" which is a staff that you can fire like a gun via magic.

OK the first thing to see here is that Pascal only has three Assault Arte "lines" rather than the four for Asbel and Sophie. Cheria, Malik, Richard, and Pascal have their left and right lines combined since they have more emphasis on Burst Artes.

Pascal's one-cc attack is her only melee assault attack.

After swinging the staff, she's in position to shoot it. Emission Line is basically a standard shot.

Starscatter is a shot with a rather unusual graphic.

Petal Burst is a whole lot of shots.

Nighthawk Talon fires three shots in a spread.

Sudden Impact shoots up...

...and airbursts.

Death Sentence shoots down...

...and explodes.

Freezing Bloom fires an ice shot.

Vicious Circle fires a dark energy shot.

Star Crusher fires a stream of energy.

For Sophie, we've seen the stick-neutral line already.

Elegant Flash is another spinny attack.

Lucent Palisade is another spinny attack, but with a rainbow trail.

And a shiny ending.

Sundering Fury is a pretty terrifying flying kick.

Dragon Dash seems to be a set of kicks, despite its name.

Phantom Dance is a spinning claw attack, like something Wolverine would do if he was into ballet.

Angelic Ascent, well, describes itself.

Eagle Dive is an upward spinning kick...

Followed by a painful drop.

Demolition Drive is pretty self-describing...

..except for the fact that it ends witha spinning attack.

Spirit Rush involves charging Sophie up with green energy...

Then zapping a dude with it.

Here's Asbel's stuff. We already know a lot about how his fighting style works. Dude doesn't actually use a sword except for 4CC and Burst Artes.

Wing Crush is another "hit 'em with the scabbard" move.

Wolfwind Fang is all about spinning the scabbard around...

...well, and kicking too.

Heaven's Wrath involves swinging the sword in arc.

Gush Stroke is another standard scabbard smack, although more visually impressive.

Phantom Pulse shoots out black blobs...

...that pull an enemy towards you.

Void Sword slashes the SHIT out of something. It also is a tremendous pain in the ass to get for some reason. Like I had all the other Assault Artes for 20 hours or so before I got this. FUCK THAT inherit titles all up in this.

Stagger Strike is a powerful kick.

Beast, as all Tales veterans know, is a knockdown/knockback attack.

Dragon Charge charges the shit out of a dude, running through them with your sword like an anime final showdown.

So for Richard I fucked up a little and he's missing an Arte for this shot. Pretend it says "Rising Phoenix" or more likely "R. Phoenix" in the empty spot.

Poor Form is the Zorro-ripoff from childhood, back and slightly fancier.

Harsh Rebuttal is like the 20th "spin with your weapon out" Assault Arte, except it sends you high into the air.

Then Unbridled Scorn has you fall on some poor bastard with your sword.

Hurricane Thrust is another returning Tales staple, usually on the magic knight character.

So, Severing Wind. Are you sick of spins yet? Because I'm sick of describing them.

Rising Phoenix involves doing a flying attack...

...while on fire.

Lightning Blade is once again self-describing. Another Magic Knight Tales staple.

Sword Rain: Alpha is an upgraded Sword Rain, and stabs a whole bunch of times...

Followed by thrusting RIGHT THROUGH the enemy.

Fiery Beast explodes a fool.

While we're here, let's talk about Richard's Burst Artes to date too. Don't worry, I'll get to Pascal's soon enough, it's jus that this update had too much crammed into it already.

Soul Reaper sends out little energy bits...

...that steal health for you.

Shade Imperial is a nice ball 'o doom that sticks around for a second or so and keeps hitting stuff.

Not too much to say about Sword Deluge.

Vengeant Fangs creates fangs made of wind that close on enemies.

Sorry to devote an entire update to mechanics chat, but oh well. To make it up to you, have a choice selection of End of Battle quotes.