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Part 16: CH16: Battle

CH16: Battle

Dungeon Video Part 1

: Sweet! The north bridge is up!

: Once it's lowered, we can open the gate. But the control room for the gate is locked, and the key is in the central tower. Let's go there first.

Skit: Windor Rising

: It's probably hundreds of years old.
: Speaking of ancient things, the knights seem to have merged with my uncle's forces.
: Wait, what?
: When the first stage of Windor's emergency defense measures are ordered, control of the armies passes to the knight command.
: Ohhh, I get it! ...Wait, no I don't. So what's going on now?
: In short, the entirety of Windor's military is preparing to engage me in all-out war.
It's been hundreds of years since we raised a force of that size.
Asbel. Will you fight?
: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid.
But it's not enough to hold me back from what I believe in. There's nothing to worry about, Richard. I will fight by your side.
: I'm relying on you.

: They found the key in the central tower. Unfortunately, they weren't very good at security.


: The sword bit deep into Richard's left shoulder, nearly severing the arm.

: Richard!!!

: Oh no!

: Sophie! Pascal! Grab him! He'll call reinforcements!

: (Stay with me!)

: Something unexpected was happening.

: Huh?

: Richard?

: Richard was moving like he hadn't stood in a long time, and was making it up as he went along.

: You filthy scum!

: You'll pay for what you did to me. You'll suffer like no other!

: Richard, stop! That's enough!

: No Richard! Stop it right now!

: Richard...

: What... Wait...
I'm sorry, Asbel. I didn't... I didn't mean to say that...

: Are you okay? Is it your chest?
: It'll be okay. Let's just hurry to the south bridge. We have the key now.
: Yeah okay, but... What about your wound?
: I'm alright. He barely struck me. It's nothing to worry about.
: Nothing? But I saw how deep it was.
: He's right! He actually looks just fine.
: (He was bleeding like crazy...)
: All right. That's enough Asbel. Open the gate already.
: R-Right! Got it.

Skit: Sword of Salvation

: Richard, are you wounded?
: No, just frightened is all. Whether they're traitors or not, I'm still raising arms against my own people. It...pains me to think of it.
: You don't need to suffer like this, Richard. All of your fear and doubt...let me bear it for you. That's why I'm by your side, after all.
I need you to keep on. That's the only way I can be saved.
: How will that save you?
: Being your sword is a kind of salvation. I don't have a place in this world, but your hope gives me hope.
: In that case, Asbel, let's continue on.
: You got it!

Dungeon Video Part 2

: Now they needed to lower the gate to let everyone in.

: They lowered the gate, and they thought it would be over.

: Our work is done. The soldiers can handle things from this point forward.
: Right...

: I know that blade...

: I thought I taught you to maintain your guard until the battle is finished.
: Captain Malik!

: But your endgame was weak. If I defeat you here, the tide of battle turns to me.
Wouldn't you agree, Your Highness?
: You would threaten me, even knowing who I am?
: The knights have sided with the new king, thus this is my job.
: I've sworn to defend Prince Richard against all who oppose him. ...Even you, Captain.
: So be it, Asbel.
Grant me no quarter, for you shall receive none!

Holy shit this fight. This fight is the reason this update has 112 or so images.

So here my plan is to defeat both guards, then defeat Malik. The main problem with this plan is that enemies prioritize attacking Player 1 over everyone else, and Richard isn't much of a tank.

This is the first of many many deaths.

Wind-Needle is the non-Mystic Arte Pascal got from her pact with Sylphie. It's not too exceptional.

Deathmire is one of Malik's artes, it covers the ground in boiling ooze/tar. Of note is that a quick step won't get you all the way out on its own.

Right now the strategy is working, I'm keeping Malik locked down for a bit while I pound on both him and the guard.

Cluster Raid is a mid-tier spell from Malik, and hurts like hell. Another multi-quickstep deal.

Unfortunately our stats are a little low for this on Evil and we're constantly falling behind.

On the plus side we're making progress on getting rid of the guards.

I'm honestly really surprised I didn't lose right here, but a focus on dodging over attacking for a bit really helps.

Better shot of Deathmire there.

If I could just get rid of that guy I'd be in a lot better shape.

Note the massive heal here. Various titles give you effects that trigger on Eleth Burst, including a heal up to 90% of your max hp.

Let's try to get rid of a dude.

That's about half of his MAX health.

We've got Malik by himself now.

There's nobody to make us get off him.

That could be a problem, but he's going to die in a couple seconds.

Pay attention to where everyone is standing.






WELP. Let's try that again. BTW if you want to watch that fight rather than the one in the video, click here.

The next try was where I got sick of Richard getting all the aggro and being a health bottle sponge to a greater extent than, say, Asbel would be.

So, now we have a durable guy getting the aggro. The strat now is to prevent Malik from casting to the greatest extent I can.

Infernal Prison is an arte that Pascal uses, but Richard can learn from her. His version is ranged, whereas hers is centered on her.

This is probably poorly used but I wanted to get it off.

Really close to death for both of us here.

Here I'm using Free Run to try to kite enemies.

Dammit that guy is SO CLOSE to being dead.


Now we've got Malik by himself again.

But we have a problem.

Jesus that was close. That cure landed right before I would have been killed.

I wish I could time "parries" (this game's name for last-second dodges) that well all the time.

Even if he Mystic Artes us again, Richard and Sophie are safe.

But he doesn't.

: Captain...

: There is little point in further resistance.

: Richard, wait! Captain Malik was only doing what he thought was right!
He could be a vital part of your kingdom when the war is over.
: I will decide who belongs in my kingdom!

: What's wrong?

: Richard!

Gralesyde Soldier: Yes, sir!
: Richard...?
: I must speak with Duke Dalen.
: It seems I may live to see another day after all.
Though you did not complete your training, you have become a fine knight.
Serve this country, and Prince Richard, well.
: Thank you, Captain. None of this would have been possible without your instruction.
: Sooo...what happens to him?
: We fought on different sides, but he's still a citizen of Windor. I don't think they'll be too hard on him.
: I hope not. Anyway, what now? Do we go find Richard again or what?
: Yeah. He said he was going to speak to Duke Dalen.
: Cheria.
: What?

: She is?
Let's go take a look.

Skit: The Price of Violence

: Man, can you believe it? Richard totally freaked out on that guy!
: Richard's only human. When someone gets stabbed, they're going to get angry.
: Geez, don't get all angry at me now! Hmph.
: Tch, like I need this now...

: Asbel and Cheria were reunited... again.

: I was so worried when the two of you left Lhant.
...And you are?
: I'm Pascal! Totally nice to meetcha, Cheria!
: Um...yes. Nice to meet well.
: So what are you doing here?
: I joined a relief organization made up of volunteers from Lhant. I wanted to help those who were hurt in the battle.
: A relief organization, huh?
: You came to a battlefield to help people? That's so totally noble and brave and stuff.
: Come on. Let's take you to Richard. I'm sure he'll be willing to support your cause.
: He was gonna go see the duke, right? So where's that?
: Sophie, I don't want to be rude, but your hair is filthy, and you're covered in dirt. Have you been bathing regularly?
: No.
: What?!
You're supposed to take care of her!
: I AM taking care of her! But, I mean, come on! There's only so much I can know?
: Mmm. I suppose...
: Look, I'll clean you all up soon. All right?
: Okay.
: Meh, it's not like skipping a few baths will kill you.

: Dirty people are unhealthy people. Everyone knows that. I'm going to scrub you both down later.
: Y'okay!
: Y'okay.
: Stop that! Don't mimic her!
: She's like their mother...

: Asbel and Cheria met with Richard.

: I doubt even Archduke Cedric can match our strength now.
: The false king shall soon topple and fall. My dear uncle must be trembling in his boots.
: That's...Richard?
: Asbel, you're here. Good.
We've come a long way. When Barona falls, the war will be over. Then this country will know what it means to face true justice.
: Don't even start spewing the word justice! Oops, sorry, that slipped out.
: Hmm? Who are you?

: Cheria! Did you hear my appeal and come to join the fight?
: Ah, no, I...
: Fear not. Once I reclaim my throne, I will save the good people of Lhant.
: Cheria came to help the wounded.
: Ah, excellent. I have many injured men, and your skills will be most welcome.
: Thank you.
: Healing our allies must be your top priority. As such, you may ignore the prisoners.
: Wh-What?
: Those who lend aid to my uncle are no better than beasts. Even their wounded deserve no mercy.
: They're still citizens of Windor...
: Those who stand against me have no place in my kingdom.
: B-But Richard...
: Everyone must know the consequences of disloyalty. This is why I plan to have the traitors executed.
They nearly killed me. Their crimes are unforgivable. Death is the only thing those scum deserve.
: Richard, no! You have to reconsider!
: Do you really think so, Asbel?
: They weren't fighting you because they wanted to! Only a coward would kill his own citizens out of fear!
: You dare lecture me on the rules of proper kingship?
: No! I'm just trying to help!

: Do not forget your place simply because I have shown you kindness!

: Aaaargh!
: Take His Highness inside! And fetch a doctor immediately!

: We shall consider your recent behavior and decide an appropriate punishment.

: Are you and Richard fighting?'re friends.
: Friends... Yeah, we're friends. But I just don't know what he's thinking anymore.
: I'm worried about him too.
: I know. He never used to get angry like that...
: His Highness has recovered.
Also, we have decided to postpone a decision on the fate of the prisoners.
For now, they will remain under guard here in Wallbridge.
: Thank you.
: You, however, are ordered to distance yourself from the prince.
: Yes, sir...
: You are free to continue fighting for us, but will no longer be afforded any special treatment.
: Understood, sir.
: Well, this day's been a little nuts!
Oh, hey, Cheria! Are ya all done zappin' the wounded?
So whatcha gonna do now, Asbel?
: From how the duke spoke, I don't know how much longer I'll be welcome here.
: Will you go back to Lhant?
: I have no place in Lhant. You know that.
: But maybe if you talked it over...
: Why bother? I was never fit to rule anyway.
: That's not true...
: So how are things in Lhant right now?
: Well, Hubert is... He's doing a lot for the people. He was actually the one who suggested I start the relief organization.
: I see...
All right. For now, I'll stay here and fight for Richard. Even if he's angry with me, I can still help.
: Plus, who knows? Maybe he'll change his mind or something.
: Um... Do you mind if I come with you? If he invades the capital, there'll be a lot of people who need our assistance.
And I...I don't want to leave Sophie again.
: You know, I could take care of you, too! ...If you just liked me.
: All right. If that's what you want, Cheria.
: Thank you...

OK. For our next segment, we're going to have a dungeon and some bosses. We now have more than four party members. That means you now get to vote for who I use.

Vote for who will be benched, and who I will control.
Votes should look like this:


bench Cheria
control Richard