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Part 17: CH17: Infiltration

CH17: Infiltration

: It was time for everyone to get their marching orders.

Gralesyde Soldier: On the orders of Duke Dalen, your team will be allowed to join us in battle. However, you will not belong to the regular army. Instead, you will function as an independent commando unit.
: I understand. Please tell the duke and His Highness that we will do our best.
: An independent commando unit?
: Sounds like it just means we can do whatever we want.

: Cheria... Hubert... Everyone has a place and a purpose... But what about me?
Well, pouting about it won't change anything. For now, I'll just do what I can to help Richard.

Skit: Hard to Justify

: Come on, Cheria. Don't you feel bad for Richard? He was almost murdered by his own uncle!
: I'm trying to understand, but it's difficult. Is more fighting really the only solution?
: I can understand that you feel sorry for all of the wounded, Cheria. But I don't think you're being very fair about this.
: Wait! You don't have to- Oh, Asbel... Can you not see that Richard was in the wrong here?

These guys sit in front of Barona and will give you supplies, including cool stuff like All Divides and Elixers.

Skit: Going Commando?

: I don't see Richard anywhere.
: What should we do, Asbel?
: We're a commando unit, right? So we should just kick back and wait for something to commando!
: I don't want to hear that kind of talk! There has to be something we can do.
: Yeah, okay, Captain Bringdown. You should try having fun once in a while!
: Sorry.
: If Richard isn't here, then there must be some other way of reaching the castle. ...Right?
: Yeah, good point. Let me think about it.

Oh, by the way, I purchased some costumes from the PSN store for the game. I can't use them too often, because the ones with music override any unique boss music, but I'll use them whenever I feel like it.

Here's a video of the costume music changes, as well as some post-battle conversations we've opened up.

Harold Berselius is from Tales of Destiny 2 (JPN) and is apparently a lot like Pascal.

Leon Magnus is from Tales of Destiny, and is its version of Kratos.

Anise Tatlin is a character in Tales of the Abyss, which has an ongoing LP.

Likewise for Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear

Here's a group shot of all 4 costumes.

Skit: A Seven-Year Blur

: You really love that captain guy, huh?
: It's more than that. I respect him. He taught me all sorts of things about being a knight.
: So what's knight school like, anyway? Was it all fun and filled with teenage pranks or whatever?
: Not really. Actually, I didn't have a lot of time to goof off.
: No?
: The instructors and students were all working towards the same shared goal. My seven years there just kind of flew by.
: Well that doesn't sound all that bad to me! What do you think, Cheria?
: How would I know?!
: Mrowr! All this school talk rub you the wrong way?

: What orders? Did the prince come this way?
Gralesyde Soldier: Yes. He took a squad inside just before you arrived.
: I see...
All right. Let's follow them.

Dungeon Video! Barona Catacombs again!

Oh, and I purchased additional costumes for Asbel and Cheria.

: I still go there every seven years. But at that time, there was nothing there.

Skit: Burial Plans

: Well, it's a place where dead people are buried.
: Why are they buried?
: It's kind of hard to explain. But when I die, I'll be buried in one, too.
: You're going to die?
: Hah, hold on. I don't plan on dying any time soon.
: Good. Thinking about that makes me feel bad. ...But why do I feel that way?
: What you feel is normal, Sophie. No one wants to see anybody die.
: But Asbel, aren't we fighting other people?
: Well, yeah, I guess we are. Sorry, I don't think I can help you make sense of that now.
But I might have an answer for you someday. Ask me again when I'm older. All right?
: It's not really an easy question to answer.
: Okay. You can teach me once you know.

: They found the exit from the secret passage, and entered the castle proper.

: Asbel... You're here. As you can see, we were ambushed, and all my men slain. I alone managed to survive.
: This place is dangerous. You should let us take it from here.
: Impossible. I must settle things with my uncle personally.
: Well then, at least let us accompany you.
: ...Very well.
Richard joins the party here, but we've voted to bench him so nothing changes.

Dungeon Video 2: Wandering the Castle!

: Richard, are you all right?! Are you hurt? It's the wound you took at Wallbridge, isn't it?
: Wounds do not "come out".
: Or is it the poison you told me about? The one given to your father?
: Yes... My uncle tried to poison my father.
And as I expected, he did the same to me. But when that didn't work, he came at us directly.
...I will make him pay. He will curse the day he tried to take my life!
: Richard...
: We've wasted enough time. Let's go.

Skit: Separate Worlds

: What is this? I've never heard of this healing method.
: It's acupuncture!
Honestly it sounds more like massage to me based on that first line.
: Acupuncture? What does it do?
: Oh! Oh, that feels really good... I dunno, I'm still studying it.
: Whoa, wait a minute. You're having me perform a treatment on you and you don't even know what it does...?
: Huh? Those two're off in their own little world again.
: Such fabulous vases, wouldn't you agree? A shame only one remains intact.
: Sorry. To be honest, I don't really know anything about antiques.

This guy will sell to you in the castle.

There are a few too many wandering encounters in the place. I got stuck fighting like four in a row.

Skit: Friends Close, Enemies Closer

: Maybe someone tore it up?
: No, I don't believe so. The missing half was given to the knights who backed the first king of Windor.
: You're talking about the order of knights who became the Royal Guard?
: Yes, exactly. And now that same order has turned their blades against the king they swore to protect.
: I can't stop thinking about how they murdered the king.
: What if I had become a knight at the castle? Would I have joined the attack against your family?
: I'm certain you wouldn't have.
: How can you be sure?
: You're unlike other knights, Asbel. You even fought your own captain for me. ...Perhaps I owe that to our friendship pact.
: The friendship pact. Yeah, maybe you're right.

So I'm changing my cooking setup to give me some extra revive power, in light of difficulties with other bosses.

: One woman stood in the way of their ultimate goal.

: I'm not here on academy business.
Surely you realize that?
: You're Cedric's guard...
: Gold star for you, young man.
But you need to leave here.
: No!
: I see... Then you leave me no choice!

I had some difficulties with Pascal. It felt like I was spending more time trying to build a combo to get my CC higher than doing a combo to cast a spell. I may use Pascal more in the future but for this time I really felt like I was lousing it up.

Victoria uses spear artes. IIRC this is called "Dragon Spear" but has no nameplate. I may be mishearing some of these names.

Wind Spear.

Another view of Wind Spear.

Lightning Spear.

Here's Pascal's lvl1 Mystic Arte.

Speaking of Mystic Artes...

It's kind of weak by the standards of boss Mystic Artes.

I accidentally hit the button that opens the enemy book mid-battle.

In the end she's really just a warmup for the main event.

: You've...grown strong...

Skit: Slay the Usurper!

: My uncle may be a coward who poisoned his own family, but he still has skill with a blade. ...Are we all ready for this?
: As ready as they come!
: Yes.
: May the wind guide our blades...
: And you?
: Of course. Let's head onward and finish this quickly.
: (His transformation at Wallbridge surprised me, but everything's fine now. He's back to normal again...)
: Hey.
: Oh, sorry, it's nothing. Let's just keep going. Just know that I'll do whatever is in my power to make sure we meet your goal.
: Thanks, Asbel.