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Part 20: CH20: Broken Trust

CH20: Broken Trust

: There was no choice but to defeat Richard.

Richard has a Nova Barrier, which as the game reminded us in the previous update is the sign of a "weird shit" type monster.

On the other hand those aren't as big a deal now that we have three people who can pop them.

Basically everything Sophie does is Nova anyway.

Oh and Richard still has a Mystic Arte. It's just a little... redder.

Name's a little different too.

It can't kill more than one party member at a time though.

Richard adds that sword-beam thing he was doing in the cutscene to his move list.

Although this is the big problem.

It can kill more than one party member at a time.

Now this here looks pretty bad.

However, Sword Rain: Alpha roots him in place for a bit, allowing you to dodge around him and take some time to do stuff.

Not nearly as scary as Shade Imperial.

Yeah, like that. Good dodge Sophie, almost game over'd there.

Let's get everyone up and we got this.


Shade Imperial has an absolutely huge radius. Retry time!

The boot icon there the immobilize or heavy status. It prevents you from moving, but not doing anything else.

Here's something new. Each character can learn one or more effects that kick in at exactly one minute after the battle began. I think the only one I have at the moment is one-minute heal.

Anyway let's talk about Melon Gels for a moment. These things are awesome. I'm not even sure why I have any, since I haven't finished the sidequest that lets you buy them, and can't for like another 20 or 30 hours. I think it's a reward from Trials of Graces, which is something I'll discuss later, that was applied to my game at some point.

Moving on, Melon Gels don't just heal you, they increase your max HP. This can in fact break the 9999 hp cap, to a maximum of 12998.

Unfortunately if you're not at full hp when the Shade Imperial lands it still won't help you.

It doesn't persist through death either.

One thing that CAN save you from Shade Imperial is the block button. Blocking reduces spell damage as well as physical, which I seem to have forgotten.

This is Sophie's resurrection skill, Rejuvenate.

Let's get this done.

: Richard wasn't quite done though.
: Y...You...

: Huh?!

: Damn you!

: All men, fall back!

: Asbel! Sophie! Hubert!
Are you all right? Talk to me!
: Sophie, are you all right? Hold on!
: I'm fine.
I remember now.
I remember you. Every one of you. When you were young.

: And I remember Asbel. He was strong and kind. He always protected me, no matter what we faced.
It's, good to see you.
: Yeah...

: Don't worry about me. What's the situation outside?
: Windor's army has retreated from the city, along with King Richard.
: Deploy men to defend the gates immediately. Do not pursue Windor!
: Yes, sir!

: I failed to protect...anyone again.
: That's not true.
You protected me, Asbel. You saved me.
Just like you did when you were a child.
I don't remember much. But still, I'm glad.

: I'm afraid to search deeper and remember my past...
: Sophie...