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Part 30: CH30: Open Secrets

CH30: Open Secrets

Apparently some trade between nations is permitted, which might be why we haven't been arrested yet. This guy talks about trade, although I'm not sure if he's originally from Fendel or not. Either way people are suspicious of him, but he hasn't gone to the Gulag over it.

: There was a bay separating the Velanik area from Zavhert.

: You seem to know a lot about this country.
: Is that a problem?
: No, not a problem. It's just...interesting.
: The Captain's crazy old! He probably knows about everything by now.
: Tactful as always, Pascal.
: Don't change the subject!
: I'm not! I'm only like 22, and so I thought that Gramps here might be all ka-pow, and then...
: I didn't mean the subject of your age!
: Don't fight.
: Sorry about that, Pascal.
: Oh, no worries! It doesn't bother me.

Skit: National Crablette Day

: What?
: I like crablettes a lot.
: You mean crab omelettes?
: Yes. Crablettes. I love them.
: Is that right? Well, I guess my favorite food is-
: Crablettes.
: No, it's not crablettes.
: It should be. The crablette is the finest food in the world.
: Um...

: She's like a whole different person...

: (All I can remember is being with Asbel and the others when we were children... They say I died protecting them.
What does it mean to die? And why does it scare me? Everything is so cloudy. So dark. I want to remember, but I'm afraid...
Will I die again someday? And then meet everyone again like I did this time?)
: I refuse to trust people I know nothing about.

: Ha! If anything, my doubts have grown more urgent. Those two are hiding something. Mark my words.
: You dislike people you know nothing about?
: Y-Yes. I suppose I do.
: So you don't like me?
: Huh?
: I don't know anything about myself. Does that mean you dislike me?
: No, it's not... You're not hiding things from us, Sophie. You just can't remember. It's different from what they're doing.
: So it's okay to not know if it's because the person forgot?
: Um, well...yes. I suppose so.
: Sophie, where's all this coming from?
: Nowhere. It's...nothing.

This guy gives you items based on how many Carta you have. One of them is an unusual anklet.

Skit: If the Anklet Fits...

: Maybe one of the girls could wear it?
: Lemme try it onnn!
: Pascal, wait!
: ...Huh? I can't get it on.
: That's what happens when you don't watch what you eat. Have Cheria try it.
: Huh? Me?
: Yeah!
: (I have to try it after he said THAT?! This is so nerve-wracking...)
: What? No way! I'm too big?! This can't be...
: Then how about Sophie?
: Grrr...
: Wh-What?
: Hmm... It won't fit.
: Whew...
: I wonder why it won't fit any of us? ...Ohmigosh, what if it's CURSED?!
: It was probably just custom-made. We should try to return it to its rightful owner.
Yeah that's going to take a while.

: The capital was blanketed in snow, steam, and steel.

: So this is Fendel's capital, huh?
: The fog sure is thick here.
: Steam is the main source of power in Zavhert. The fog you see comes from their machines.
: You sure studied up on this place.
: It's common sense to know about your potential enemies.
: Is Strahta planning to war with Fendel?
: That possibility has been under some consideration.
: But that would leave Lhant caught in the middle!
: We can discuss such matters later. We should go before the guards become suspicious.
: Right. Keep your eyes peeled for anyone who might be able to help us.

: They'd gotten a whole ten feet into the city when things started to go wrong.

Fendel Soldier: Hold it!

: It's pretty obvious, these guys know nothing about infiltrating places. The first thing you do is figure out what the maintenance people wear, then silently neutralize a few of them and wear their uniforms. Now you can go anywhere and nobody will bat an eye. Something's always broken somewhere. Just say "I'm here to fix the thing!" and it's like the magic words.
: Damn.
: Step aside. I'll take care of this.
We've just returned from a mission in Windor.
Fendel Soldier: Windor? What kind of an idiot do you take me for?!
: My name is Malik Caesar. I have my credentials right here.
Fendel Soldier: Well, this...all seems to be in order.
: I trust this clears up our little misunderstanding?
Now with your leave, we must report to Chancellor Eigen.
Fendel Soldier: You're meeting with the chancellor?!
: Yes. And I would hate to inform him that you were the reason we were delayed.
Fendel Soldier: Please, no! I'm sorry! Come on men, let's get out of here!
: Frankly, I'm surprised they fell for that.
: Yeah me too.
: How in the world did you get Fendelian military credentials?
: I had them prepared some time ago. Just in case.
: You had them prepared? Huh.
: Let's hurry up. There's no telling when they might catch on.
: How did a nature goddess learn to do spywork stuff?
: The... uh, "main" part of me you might say was a revolutionary hero.

: Anyway, for the moment they engaged in standard wandering hero type stuff. Entering random houses that weren't locked and looking for people to talk to about things.

: * M-Mommy...?
: I'm not your mommy.
: Who are you?
: I'm Sophie.
: Sorry for coming in like this. We'll let you rest.
: No! P-Please stay... Mommy's late getting home and I'm lonely...
: Okay, then. We'll stay.
: Great.
Cut to black.
: ...So your name's Lara, huh?
: Are you really always watching the house all by yourself? I could never do that!
: Yeah. At that age...?
: Mommy's busy working for the government, but don't worry. I'm fine here.
: Wow. Most children wouldn't exhibit such dedication. ...Right, Pascal?
: You can do it, Pascal.
: Thanks!
: I wonder...
: Hee hee. So what do you guys do? Do you work for the government like Mommy?
: Well, uh, we...
: It's a secret. Very hush-hush. Can't tell anyone.
: Oh, COOL! You're spies, huh?! Can I be a spy with you guys when I grow up?!
: ...We'll think about it.
: Yaaaaaay!
: Hey, Lara, how come you don't get out of bed?
: Sophie, that's rude.
: It's okay. I'm just sick is all. I've been this way my whole life. ...Although I'd like to go outside just once.
: I'm sorry, Lara...
: It's okay! I'm used to it. But it's gonna be lonely when you guys leave. Maybe even a little scary...

I really fucking hate how you can't see dolls when you're giving them to her. Oh, and this is a sidequest to give the girl a whole bunch of dolls.
: What's this?
: Think of it
: Sophie?
: You're giving this to me? Really?!
: Yep.
: Oh, thank you! I'll always treasure it!
: I'll bring more later. Lots more, so you'll never be lonely again.
: *S-Sniff...*
: Are you...upset?
: No... I'm happy. Thank you, Sophie... *Sniff!*
: You're welcome.
: Okay! We're out of here for real this time.
: Please come visit again!
: Okay!
: See ya next time!
: Just when you think you've got someone figured out, they go and surprise you. I never expected to see Sophie do something like that.
: She did a good thing. You should be pleased.
: ...Yeah. Yeah, she did.

Now you can clearly see that there's a bush baby doll that we gave her.

: How cute! But...what is it?
: Um...Noko. It says cats eat them.
: Hello, Noko! Welcome to my home! Can I eat you too?

: Pittan! Its name is Pittan, right?
: Hmm, nope. It says its name is Moji-kun.
: Huh. I thought it was Pittan. Well, whatever. It's super cute!
Is this a reference to another Namco game?

: Eeek! It looks like a scary monster! Why would you give me this...?
: It's okay. It's just an imp.
: It's not scary? Hey, looks like it's a girl. So, I guess it would be an impette?
IIRC this imp is ONLY in Dawn of the New World. It's one of the few things that were both new to it and not totally horrible.

: It's Ba'ul! Right, Sophie?
: Um, yes. ...I think so.
: Wow! I always wanted to ride on Ba'ul and see the world... He flies around the sky while carrying a great big boat, you know!

Here's all the dolls we've given her. This will eventually give us Sophie's third Mystic Arte, but that's a ways off. We don't even have anyone's (besides Pascal's) second Mystic Arte yet.

Skit: Piping Up

: Stop that, Cheria! A person could really get hurt if they fell from this height!
: Oh? You're worried about me?
: Look at all the shiny little coins at the bottom...
: You see? I knew she'd end up copying you!
: I should have known that was the reason...
: Huh?

Skit: The Dubious Man

: There is something I should tell you, Brother.
: Yeah, what is it?
: Someone within our group has yet to reveal his true nature. And like this doll, you always see the same face, no matter how many layers you expose!
: You're awfully proud of yourself for coming up with that, aren't you?
: This is no joke!
: Sorry.
: I will not be beguiled by this dubious man, nor do I intend to protect him!
: B-But, he's one of us!
: Such naivete. Mark my words: There could be a connection between this man and King Richard's actions.

: Around town, they collected bits of idle gossip.
: This is actually the first piece of good spy work.

Fendel Soldier: Might as well sit around outside for all the good it'll do me now. I wish the big boss would hurry up with his grand plan. Don't you think?
Actually, forget it. If I'm gonna be this cold, I may as well start spending my breaks in Fendel Tower!
: Grand plan...?

Skit: No More Suffering

: So...what will happen if there's a war? Is everyone going to...die?
: We won't let that happen. Asbel won't, I won't. ...Even Hubert won't.
: But whenever I think about dying, I get scared. It's like my whole chest tightens.
: What? I wonder if that is a part of her remembering the time she protected us.
: Come here Sophie, I'm sure you just had a bad dream. There is nothing for you to worry about.
We're here for you no matter what happens, okay? It's our turn to make sure you're out of harm's way.
: Cheria...?

Skit: A Surprising Theory

: Well, it was fairly obvious.
: What's going on?
: We're checkin' out Asbel. Doesn't he seem a little strange to you?
: Maybe?
: Guess I should just ask him. ...Hey, Asbel!
: Mmm?
: Listen, you've been acting all distant lately. Did something happen?
: Well, Pascal...
: ...Yeaaaah?
: The truth is... It's... Surpriiiiise!
: Huh? What?

: Ohmigosh, WHAAAAAT?! You guys are the BEST!
: Something like that?
: ...Something like what?

: Anyway they found more loose lips.

Equipment Vendor: This is a pretty big list. You planning to invade a country or something?
Fendel Soldier: Nah. This is know. That.
Equipment Vendor: Oh! Right! That. So, think that's gonna work out?
Fendel Soldier: Meh. They don't tell me nothin'. But I did manage to overhear a juicy piece of gossip!
Equipment Vendor: Lay it on me.
Fendel Soldier: Apparently, the big boss at the Ministry of Science has been making regular trips out of the city. That means we're close!
Equipment Vendor: So it's okay to get my hopes up?
Fendel Soldier: Absolutely, my friend. Things are about to get real busy around here. ...All right then. I'll be back to pick up the goods.
: The Ministry of Science... Is something happening soon?

Fendel Soldier: Oh, no? Thank goodness. I was worried there for a minute. Lately my department's been doing a lot of work with the valkines. I had to get out of there before the stress drove me insane.
Yeah, yeah, I know. It's for the good of Fendel... All right, I'll get back to work now. But don't tell anyone about that valkines comment, okay? I'm, uh...not supposed to mention it.
: Work with the valkines...?

: They stopped in the square to discuss their findings.
: Seriously, the square?
: None of those guys was exactly an espionage expert.
: Even Hubert and Malik?
: Well... Hubert was still only like 17, that's the age where you think you're a lot smarter than you really are.
Honestly I think Malik's "give a shit" part of the brain had been de-activated.

: But we still don't know where it is.
: I'm still surprised the Amarcians are apparently helping them.
: Me too. I thought they were all extinct.
: Man, this is bad. This is really, really bad.
: What are you getting so worked up about?
: See, Fendel's valkines is kinda wonky, so it's really hard to extract eleth from it. It's also really dangerous to extract eleth from it. And if this little experiment of theirs fails... Boom.
: Um, what do you mean, boom?
: I mean BOOOOM! Like the entire country of Fendel being wiped off the map?! That kinda boom.
: Remember that crater we saw on the way here? That was when a cryas about thiiiis big decided to explode.
Tiny cryas, huge crater. Now think about what would happen if the entire valkines exploded!
: How do you know all this, Pascal?
: Because I made the crater.
That's why I know this is bad. I'm pretty sure they're using my research for their valkines experiment. I knew it as soon as I saw those soldiers' weapons at Warrior's Roost. The principles are totally based on my work.
: But wait. I thought they were using Amarcian technology?
: Yeah, they are. I'm an Amarcian.
: What?!
: Oh, the last-of-my-ancient-race deal? Seriously?
: Oh, did I not tell you that? I coulda sworn I mentioned it at some point...
Yeah, so hey. I have an idea: Let's go visit the Amarcian enclave. There's gotta be something useful there. We might even learn where the valkines is.
: Actually there's a stable community of Amarcians at the enclave.
: Is it nearby?
: Well, its not super nearby, know. It's in Fendel.
: Huh. Well, I suppose it can't hurt.
: Hold on.
Why have you been keeping your Amarcian origins a secret? What is it you don't want us to know?
: Huh? I didn't tell you because you didn't ask.
: And you! That little show you put on earlier was far too convincing. Perhaps there's more truth there than you would care to have us know!
: Hubert, stop it.
: Oh, right. I suppose you don't find this suspicious in the least?
: It's all right, Asbel. Your brother is correct.
I am originally from Fendel. However, this is the first time I've been back in over 20 years.
: I knew it...
You still want to travel with them after all this? Malik lied about his origins, and Pascal thinks we need to ask if she's a member of an extinct race!
I suppose lies and deception just come naturally to these people? I'm sorry, Asbel, but I cannot abide allies who engage in deceit. I will go no further with them at my side.
: Hubert, wait...
???: There they are!

: Interesting. So that's how the records show me.
Fendel Soldier: I am hereby placing you and your companions under arrest!
: Uh oh. Time to hit the road, guys!

Skit: All in the Timing

: *Gaaaaargle!*
: *Pchoo!*
: *Pchoo!*
: What's wrong with you! We're being chased by enemy soldiers!
: Dental hygiene is simply not this important!
: But Cheria, you're always all, "Don't forget to brush!" Right, Sophie?
: Right.
: So NOW you decide to start listening?!
Yes Graces has a skit where you brush your teeth while running from the Soviet Army.

So for the moment the whole city is filled with wandering patrols that will battle you.

: What do we do now?
: Are you sure you don't wanna go to the Amarcian enclave? We're pretty much headed in that direction already anyway.
It's a little cold, but it's still super nice. Come on!

These arm-grabbing things aren't animated very well. Look at that clipping. I think the ones in Dawn of the New World were better than this, and they gave absolutely no fucks about quality there.

Next time: Man vs Boar