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Part 31: CH31: Totally Boaring

CH31: Totally Boaring

: On the slopes of the mountain they found a strange treasure chest.

Not very notable.

Infernal Prison is Pascal's version of the arte Richard used a while back. Ironically it's quite possible for Richard to learn it from Pascal before she learns it herself.

Rolling Thunderbolt is another of Hubert's Burst Artes.

Oh, and we get a title for fighting enough battles on Evil difficulty.

CHAOS difficulty unlocked. We won't use it for the time being since it's a huge pain in the ass with one player unless you cheat more than I am.

: It must be a natural mimic. The will to survive is a frighteningly powerful thing.
: Hey, look. It left a bag behind.
There's a bunch of stones inside. It could be cryas, or maybe ore.
: Do you think it's something that monster ate?
: Hmm...?
Wow, this cryas is amazing. It's like the eleth inside is generating pure heat!

: Pascal, what did you do?
: Nothing!
: The contract has been fulfilled... I am Bloodflame, mighty warden of the fire dragon.
: What's happening?
: The cryas has responded to your blood. My power is yours to use as you wish. I look forward to the day I can once again descend to this world. Go, and do not perish before then...
: Whoops! He's gone!
: Are you okay, Pascal?
: Yeah, I feel great! Stronger than ever! It's like somebody crammed their power into me!
: That's an...odd way to put it.
: ...How about pumped?
: Captain, you're not helping...
So this is Pascal's THIRD Mystic Arte unlocked. It's about 10 hours or so to us getting the rest of the party's SECOND Mystic Arte.

This area isn't quite a dungeon, it's more like a particularly annoying/dangerous "overworld" area. Probably in the "dungeon" category for world map stuff though. I'd do a video of it but 90% of it would be me getting confused about where exactly I was since it's all snow. The only interesting part of it is these guys.

Shame they're completely trivial.

Skit: Short and Sweet

: ...Mm.
: Hubert, are you interested in pumpkins too? Do you want to take some with us?
: No, that's not necessary.
: (Hmm. Hubert has been looking at me ever since he joined us. I wonder what he wants?)
: Hey, is there something you want to ask me, Hubert? It's better to let it out than to bottle it up, you know?
: There is something that's concerned me for some time now, but... Hmmm, how to put this?
: Go ahead. Speak your mind!
: If I may be blunt...
That skirt is far too short!
: Huh? My...skirt?
: It is a distraction to everyone during combat! Do you understand how much of your thigh you're revealing?! It's an affront to basic public decency!
: Hey! C'mon Hubert! Stop staring at me like that!
: Well then, you should start dressing more appropriately!
: He's kind of a pain.
: No kidding.

Skit: Dear Diary

: Captain Malik, what do you think the Amarcian enclave is like?
: Why not ask someone who lived there?
: Me? Hmm, how to explain it... Well, it's a place with lots of folks that are just like me!
: Brr...
: I thought she'd go to you for support, Asbel, but it looks like she's turning to her radishes.
: Heh heh...
: Journal entry for the day: It has become apparent that when Pascal doesn't care about something, her long-winded explanations become very brief.

Skit: Gone Astray

: Hm? Where is everyone? Did they get lost?
Dammit. This is precisely why I hate traveling with them.
Asbel! Sophie! Cheria!
: ...Pascal? ...Captain Malik?
: Wait...
: Did something happen to them?
I can't go on like this! I have to find them...!
: Helloooooo! Little Bro, where aaaaaare you?
: Pascal? ...Pascal!
: Hey, Little Bro! Don't run off like that!
: Gyaaaa!
: Yikes! Didn't I tell you it was dangerous to run around on the snow?
: Well then, perhaps next time you could mention it sooner.
But never mind! What about the others?! Did you find any of them?
: Find them? Wait a minute, isn't that my line, Little Bro?
: ...Huh?
: By the time we realized it, you were gone! We've been looking everywhere!
: What are you talking about?! That makes no sense! I was right in front of you!
: Yeah, but you were totally walking in the wrong direction.
: I don't...think that's true...
: Aw, don't sweat it. Everybody gets lost at some point. Now let's get back to our friends! ...March!
BTW Pay attention to that entrance in the background. We'll be back.

Skit: Winds of Change

: The wind's so strong. Ah!
: Oh! I got to touch Sophie! I command thee, O wind, blow harder still!
: These winds are really picking up. Should we continue?
: The enclave is a short ways ahead. Whatcha think, Captain?
: I suggest slow but steady progress to avoid exhaustion. Do you object, Hubert?
: No, I have absolutely no objection. Mt. Zavhert is the highest mountain in Fendel, after all.
Also, I'd just like to say, your judgment has always been prudent. There's no need for us to question it. Please, after you.

: Near the top of the mountain, a strange cry rang out.

: Look!

: No! Don't turn your back on him, Little Bro!

: The harsh climate has turned ordinary monsters into rampaging beasts. They'll charge at the slightest opportunity.
Here it comes!

So this is the totally random-ass boss of the mountain.

It's got a fairly low defense, so you can get some pretty good hits in on it.

It summons allies periodically, which can be a bit annoying.

It's real "thing" is the charge, which it's trying to do here.

Fortunately you can knock it out of its animation.

This time I dodged instead.


Anyway this charge can hit pretty hard if you let it hit you.

Malik was really MVNPC this fight, clearing out the adds for me.

Here's another annoying part of the fight, the boss's burrow.

Yeah, charge out of the ground like a goddamn dolphin jumping.

Things got pretty close at one point, this was almost really embarrassing.

Thank goodness for life bottles.

Just have to kill these fucks and then revive everyone.

I'm leading them around on a chase while the item timer counts down.

But you can't dodge the boar's fuck-you unburrow charge by running.

Like that. WELP.

Fortunately both ladies somehow survived this...

long enough for me to Incineration Wave the adds.

Accidentally opened his monster book entry.

Finishing this once Malik comes back up.

Like this.

Err, not quite.

He's not getting out of this stun.

Big boom.

This would be higher if I was on Chaos difficulty, but fuck that.

: They're more fierce than I imagined.
: Are you all right, Pascal?
: Oh yeah. I'm groovy. He just winged me is all.
: After all those things I said to you... Why did you help me?
: Muh? One of our team was in danger, what did you think I'd do?
: Our team...
You were hurt because of me. I'm sorry, Pascal.
: Aw, no worries, Little Bro!
: How can you smile after all that?
And Captain Malik. You have a right to be angry with me as well.
: Even the fiercest warrior can be undone by a single mistake.
: I agree...
: However, you see your mistakes and own up to them, Hubert. With that maturity, you're unlikely to make the same error in judgment again.
: Heh. It's like you're teaching me all over again, Captain.
: I expected you to be far angrier with me.
: I've no need to scold a man who is clearly punishing himself.
: Th-Thank you, Captain Malik...
: And besides, no one was hurt. We were lucky, but it's over now. Right, Pascal?
: Right as rain, Cap'n!
: No... No, that's not acceptable. I owe you a debt, and it must be paid.
: Huh. Well, that's kinda weird, but y'okay. Howzabout you carry Mr. Boar back to the Amarcian enclave for me?
: W-Wait. Carry this? By myself?
: What, no good? It's loaded with protein and essential vitamins, so I was hoping to bring it back and share the love.
: This boar is...really big.
: Okay, forget it. In that case...

: P-Pascal...
Really annoyed that there's no portrait for Hubert being scared or surprised or anything.
: Now come on. We're almost at the enclave!

Next time: The Amarcian Enclave and its ball pit.

OK seriously there was something going on with that boar fight. It's actually not that easy.

Remember how I put up a few screenshots way back of items like the "Tesserasphere" being made with the Eleth Mixer? Well when you do a new game+ with the options I used, it remembers all the items you got in the last game. And while various awesome weapons aren't eligible for being produced, the items that turn normal weapons into the so-called ultimate weapons are.

The Rare Sword isn't actually any kind of ultimate weapon, but it's much better than what we "should" have access to since it's unlocked by spending a shitton of money at shops. I also had Cheria's ultimate weapon, but forgot to put it on her

Anyway I don't feel guilty at all about cheesing that fight. It's probably the most hated in the game, with the possible exception of one coming up two bosses from now and another one later.