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Part 34: CH34: Old Wounds

CH34: Old Wounds

: Once they reentered the city they went over what to do.

: There's a place called Fendel Tower north of the city that houses government agencies. I wager we'll find the Ministry of Science there.
: Okay. Let's ask around and see if we can find a way inside.

So now you need to talk to people

Young Man: Huh? You guys working at Fendel Tower too? Hey, you think we could go in together using your pass?
...Yeah, I guess that is a lot to ask, huh? Well, no worries. I'll just go back home and get mine.
: (So, you need a security pass to enter Fendel Tower...)

That's the tower back there.

Fendel Soldier: Wh-What are you talking about?
Woman: Don't play dumb! She looked like a researcher? From a lab? Ring any bells?
Fendel Soldier: A...researcher?
Woman: So you're still gonna play dumb?
Fendel Soldier: Oh! Oh oh oh! You mean...yeah, you mean HER! Listen, I was just doing her a favor. And to be honest, she was kind of...suspicious.
Woman: Suspicious, huh?
Fendel Soldier: She just...didn't seem to be from around here, you know? I'm almost wondering if she might be an Amarcian...
Woman: Oh! Well, in that case, I suppose everything is okay... DO YOU THINK I CARE ABOUT THAT?! She's still a woman! You stupid, hateful pig!
Fendel Soldier: Please! I didn't do anything, honey buns, I swear!
: (There are Amarcians here...?)

There's a 3-part sidequest here where we can see why Malik left Fendel.

: Captain?
: Is there something special about this building?
: (I always swore I'd never come here again... Did you call me here, Lorelia...?)

: Were you followed? Is it safe?
: It's fine. I brought what you asked for.
: ...Thanks. But wasn't this difficult to get hold of? If this is getting too dangerous, just tell me.
: Don't worry about me. I could say the same to you, you know. We both know the risks. We must ensure the plan's success at all costs.
: ...Yes. At all costs.
: (If only I'd realized sooner... Lorelia... Even now I can see your smile...)
: Captain? Are you okay? You don't look so good.
: I'm...fine.
: Come on. Let's find somewhere to warm up.

Skit: Plan B

: If he's been declared dead, then that likely wouldn't work.
: Hubert is correct. In fact, they may already believe there's a con man out there using my name.
: But we gotta do something.
: Indeed. Fendel Tower is only the first step. We have to meet this Kurt as well.
: If we can't find him, retrieving some of his research documents might be enough.
: Do you really believe this can be settled with documents alone? Speaking with Kurt is the only way to be sure.
...Frankly, I would have expected you to feel the same, Captain Malik.
: Well, I hate to break it to you, but I don't. I don't know where you'd get that idea.
: Captain?

More sidequest.

: Shh! Keep your voice down!
: It makes no sense... Why would she help us against her own father?
: ...I don't know. But this explains how she was able to get her hands on a map of the government's key strongholds. And all this time I just thought she was a gifted spy...
: We can't allow this.
: What?
: It will put her life in grave danger.
: We need her, Malik. The information she provides is far too valuable.
: Kurt! We can't just... Dammit!
: Malik! Where are you going?!

: Is something wrong? You look so serious.
: ...You're the chancellor's daughter.
: I'm... W-Wait, how did you-
: You can't be involved with us anymore.
: What? Why?! Because of my father?! I love this country just as much as you!
: I know how you feel, but it's far too dangerous. Your father wouldn't hesitate to make an example of you.
: I'm well aware of that. And more importantly, I don't care. I've long been prepared to fight against my father in the name of our cause, if need be.
: Some people... Well, they don't trust you. They think you're going to sell us out.
: What?! I would never... Oh, Malik. Please tell me you don't believe that.
: ...I can't take the chance of working with a double agent.
: Malik!
H-How can you... *Sniff...*

: (I should have just told her the truth... ...That I couldn't bear the thought of losing her. If I had only done that, then...)

There's also an optional scene you can see if you rest. It's not part of any sidequest.

: (It feels like only yesterday that I made that friendship pact with Sophie and Richard. But we've all changed so much since then. I don't know what to believe anymore...)
: Asbel? What are you doing out here?
: Sorry. I just needed some time to think about things.
: ...About King Richard?
: Heh. You know me too well.
Hey, remember the first time we met him?
: Of course. You broke into his room and then dragged him all over town. I was always surprised he enjoyed it as much as he did. He even wore that stupid disguise...
: Haha, yeah. Good times. Everyone was together back then. Even Richard. But now he's all alone, with no one to support him. Sometimes I wonder if that loneliness drove him to his current state.
: I can't help but think if things could've been different... I was so caught up in my own training that I never thought to check up on any of you guys. If I had been able to notice Richard's troubles, maybe I could have stopped things from the way they are now.
: It's not too late.
: I don't know.
: Stubbornness is one of your strongest traits, you know? You're always pursuing some issue long after it's reached the point of annoyance. So if you believe he can still be saved, then don't give up. Just use the same persistence with him that you have shown me.
: Thanks, Hubert. That means a lot coming from you. I'm glad you're around. You always put things into perspective.
: Oh, come on.
Besides, it's my job as the little brother to keep you out of trouble.
: Haha. Ouch.
: If King Richard doesn't have anyone to trust, then at least he can go to you.
: You think so?
: You promised to believe in him. And you have an obligation to maintain that promise.
: I suppose it does.
(He's right. If I don't stop Richard, who will? I'm not going to give up. No matter what.)
Hubert seems unusually forgiving there.

Middle-Aged Woman: Oh, I'm talking about the girl who lives here. She just moved in a short while ago. I think she works in the Ministry of Science, but she's so busy I almost never see her. Such a nice girl, though. I try to bring her dinner whenever I have the chance. But it's getting late and I haven't seen her... I guess I could start dinner anyway. After all, she's doing so much for Fendel...
Say, do you think you could take a peek inside while I go get things underway?
: (A girl from the Ministry of Science...?)

: Fermat!
: You know each other?
: Of course! Everyone, this is Fermat. She's an Amarcian like me.
: Nice to meet you, everyone.
: So you work for Fendel now, right Fermat?
: That's right. Actually, I work at Fendel Tower. The security is such a pain!
You have to use this fancy security pass just to get in.
: Hey, so do you think I could maybe kinda sorta borrow your pass? I've wanted to see the inside of that tower forever!
: Uh, well, I don't know.
: Pleeeease! I promise I'll just look around and not break anything and come right back!
: Well, all right. I suppose I can trust you of all people.
: Aw, thanks, Fermat! I totally owe you!

: It was time to climb a tower.
: I've done that a few times, depending on how you want to split things up. I really, really hate stairs now.

: Fendel Tower, huh? I sure hope Kurt is here.
: You said you knew him, right, Malik? In fact, you seemed shocked when you heard his name. What kind of person is he? If things go badly and we have to fight him, your information might help turn the tide.
: We first met at the military academy over 20 years ago. Much as they do now, the people of Fendel were suffering. The climate was harsh, and our valkines provided no help. Most of the people were on the verge of poverty. ...Or worse. The rich were content to let the poor struggle, so long as their own gluttony remained satisfied. Eventually, a young officer decided he had seen enough and started a reform movement. Kurt and I believed strongly in the cause, and had soon devoted ourselves to it completely.
: So what happened?
: It was youthful foolishness. Those in power brought pressure to bear and crushed the revolution before it could take hold. I knew my life was in danger, and so I decided to flee Fendel while I still could. But Kurt... Kurt stayed. He refused to watch the light of revolution flicker and die. He was a man of fearsome intelligence and singular will. A man who would sooner die than surrender his ideals. Even if we do manage to track him down, I doubt he'll listen to an old coward like me.
: But there's a chance, Captain. And that means we have to try.
: I suppose you're right. Let's go find him.

For some dumb reason, there's a skit that's only available if you backtrack to the inn after that scene.
Skit: A Blind Eye

: Who?
: Well, we got in here because of Fermat, right? I feel like we've put her in danger. I hope nothing bad happens to her.
: I'd rather you turned a blind eye to that.
: But we can't. We did something bad.
: Hmph!
: No matter how good the reason, I hate resorting to deception.
: Listen everyone, when it comes to the valkines, even Pascal sees that the ends can sometimes justify the means.
: Yeah, but I'd never lie.
: But...But you just did!

: Fermat's not feeling well, so she sent us in her place.
Fendel Tower Guard: ...She sent six of you?
: Today's procedure is... unusually labor-intensive.
Fendel Tower Guard: Well, all right. Go on through.
But that pass of yours will only work on the first floor. All other areas are off-limits.
: Understood.

: Yes, I suppose so...
: I won't hold it against you if you wish to view me as a professional liar.
: All right, we made it into the tower. Now the real work begins.
: Right. We should find Kurt as soon as possible.

Skit: Convincing Kurt

: When I first heard about Kurt, I feared you might try to avoid having to meet with him again. That no longer seems to be the case.
: Having come this far, I no longer feel conflicted. It's just...
: ...Yes?
: I might have mentioned it before, but Kurt is not an opponent to take lightly. I can't say whether I'll be able to persuade him.
: That's enough, Captain Malik.
: ...What?
: I'm saying, try to keep your self-importance in check. Stop thinking of this as only your problem.
Their valkines experiment will be disastrous, and convincing him of this is a duty we all share.

Dungeon Video. We have to go up through these rusty, robot-infested passageways.

Along the way up, there's an event where you can either calm down a guard or rat out these dudes.

They'll be ok. Probably.

Skit: Panel Discussion

: Indeed. If you make one panel move, all of the others shift in lockstep.
When determining our path through the tower, we'll need to factor in the positions of the moving panels.
: And then there are these. Looks like we can shut off the steam by closing the corresponding valves.
: But if we close too many valves in the same place, they may not withstand the pressure.
: This tower looked majestic from the outside, but the interior is junk!
: Sadly, I think that pretty much sums up Fendel for me.

Skit: Revisionist History

: Hey, are you all right?
: ...I'm sorry, what?
: I'm curious as to why you are standing by yourself?
: I'm...not good with heights.
: Ooh, I see people down there. But they're tiny.
: Captain, is that really true? About being afraid of heights?
: Yes, why would I lie about something like that?
: Wait, but when you ambushed us at Wallbridge, weren't you waiting for us at the top of a tower?
: Yes, and that's probably why I lost. Had there been any other option, I would have taken it.
: Losing to Asbel must have really gnawed at you, huh?
: I'm not sure if you should be sad about, you know, not killing your student.
: Hey Malik's brain is not a happy place. He's a man who has a lot of problems.

Another event, we have to give them the correct gel to pass but they jumble themselves up after requesting them in very vague terms.

Skit: High Maintenance

: Eee!
: Pascal, what is it?!
: Eeee! A Geese Original #3 piston! And it still works!
It's even been bored up! I can't BELIEVE someone just threw this away!
: And I can't believe you get this excited about garbage.
: C'mon, help me search, Little Bro!
: ...Fine. What are we looking for?
: Tee hee!

False Bravado

: Mmm...
: Are you well?
: Yeah. I'm just looking forward to seeing Kurt again.
: Then perhaps you should act like it. Because when you appear anxious, it makes the others uneasy.
: Oh?
: My brother in particular relies on you with all his heart. So at this point, even false bravado would be more than welcomed.
: Hmph. Aren't we clever?

There's a non-optional fight here, but I hesitate to call it a "boss". Each of those guys can't break 10k hp.

: They arrived at the office.

: Are you sad he's not here?
: A little. But I'm also relieved. I have no idea what I'll say to the man when I finally see him again...
...Anyway, we're here. We should learn what we can.

Sidequest interruption!

: No!
Fendel Soldier: End of the line, sweetheart.

: Stay back! I'm just a soldier who loves her country! I wouldn't expect government lapdogs like you to recognize me!
Fendel Soldier: How dare you!

Fendel Soldier: Now die!

: Aaaagh!
: Lorelia!

Fendel Soldier: Gyagh!
Fendel Soldier: Aaargh!

: Lorelia! Just hold on, Lorelia!
: M-Malik...

: The map...I gave you before... lacked...essential details...
: Lorelia...
Listen, I'll get you fixed right up. Just stay with me, okay?
: Malik, I...
: Don't talk.
: I'd take care of this...
: Lorelia...?
: This reminds me of something.
: Oh?

: It showed the location of the cryas supply, just as she promised. With its supplies replenished, the movement began to gather steam. But my heart was never in it after that. Eventually, increasing government crackdowns put the flames of revolution to rest...
If she'd been alive, Kurt and I might have found a way to make it work. If I hadn't ignored her wishes...
: Captain? Isn't that...
: Yes. It's me. Back when I was young and very, very stupid.
: Captain, listen... I don't know what happened in your past, and I won't pretend to. But coming to Windor wasn't a mistake. I'm sure of that. And for what it's worth, I'm glad I got to know you.
: You're really something, Asbel.
: Even when all seems lost, you find a way to keep moving forward.
: (Perhaps you may even help me do the same...)
: I hope so. He doesn't compare favorably at all.
: You gonna fill me in on this?
: No actually.

: Here, lemme look... Hmm... Yep, that's it! It's the valkines cryas!
It's hidden in a glacier right outside the capital.
: What? That's just a stone's throw away...
: If the valkines explodes, it will mean the end of Zavhert!
: Someone's coming.

: Malik? Is that you?
: Hello, Kurt. It's been a long time.

: We need to speak to you. It's important.
Is it true that you're heading up the valkines experiment?
: It is. And it's also true we're finally on the cusp of a vital breakthrough. If this experiment works, we'll be able to harvest eleth at a phenomenal rate.
The people of Fendel, all of them, will want for nothing. The revolution of 20 years past never died, old friend. It just took a different form.
: You have to stop the experiment, Kurt.
: The research you're using is flawed. If you extract too much eleth, it'll initiate an unstoppable chain reaction and destroy the valkines!
: This is Pascal. She's an Amarcian, and an expert on the valkines. She founded the original research upon which Fourier based her work.
: Your concerns are amusing, but unnecessary. The experiment will go forward as planned.
: What?!
: Do you think me so foolish as to rely solely on the work of Miss Fourier? We've made extensive modifications to her research, and accounted for every possible outcome. You have no cause for concern.
: But...
: My country is dying. If we halt the experiment, the plight of our citizens will become exponentially greater. We would be forced to invade neighboring countries merely to survive. The border skirmishes of our recent past would quickly escalate into all-out war.
: When you say neighboring countries, do you mean Windor?
: We have nothing more to discuss.
: So that's it? You refuse to stop the experiment?
: Malik. Out of respect for our past history together, if you leave now, I will give you time to escape. If not, I will summon the guards.
You turned tail and ran once, Malik. I suggest you do so again.
: Kurt, damn you.
Enough! You and I chose very different paths, old friend. This is mine.

: Well, at least we know where the valkines is. That's something...
: But Kurt refused to stop the experiment.
: He's fought a revolution all by himself for the last 20 years. Think of the strength that must have taken! ...I wish I could support him.
You heard what he said, Pascal. Do you still think the experiment is dangerous?
: There's no safe way to extract eleth from that valkines. It's just way too unstable.
: I see...
: Captain Malik, we should go to the glacier and stop the experiment. We're the only ones who know the truth. It's our responsibility.
: Responsibility...
: When we next meet Kurt, we will almost certainly have to fight him. Are you prepared to do that?
: To fight my old friend...
: If we do this, it will bring the wrath of the entire Fendel nation down upon us. And we are but six people. If you don't pull your weight in battle, it'll put all of us in danger.
: Kurt is still my friend, no matter what happens here. But I will do whatever it takes to stop him. I owe him that much.
: ...That's all I needed to hear. Shall we move onward?

Northeast, Ho!

: Chancellor Eigen would be the man you seek. He certainly has the power to stop it.
: But unfortunately for us, we didn't see Chancellor Eigen in Fendel Tower.
: Somebody in town said Eigen is watchin' the experiments personally and stuff. So if we're gonna convince him, we better crash that party!
: You may be right. If the valkines is in the glacial region, we should take the northeast exit out of town and hurry over there.
: Right.

: Oh? Thanks, Pascal. But you can keep it if you want. I won't be needing it anymore.
: Muh? How come?
: boyfriend finally proposed!
Right? So I don't have to work anymore. Instead, I'm going to be the best wife ever!
: She says this, but later on she spends ten of man-years on research of matrimonial harmony.
: Amarcians.
: It's like you were there.
: Ohmigosh, that's great!
: I'm so happy right now! I just want to spread this happiness to everyone!
: Really? I'll take some!
: Oh? Pascal, are you finally thinking of finding someone, too? Alrighty then! I'll give you some happiness!♪
...Pssst! Hey, Pascal. Who do you think is the cutest guy here?
: The CUTEST guy?!
: Oh, oh, wait! Don't tell me! Let me guess... Hmm... This is quite a selection...
Well, this guy seems kind of mysterious. ...Which is hot. Having a couple of secrets can really make a man stand out.
Of course, if he has too many secrets, other ladies might want in on that action! I prefer someone like my fiance. He's friendly, but not overly popular, you know?
Geez, this one's young! ...And so shy, too!
: I am not shy, madam! I'm simply embarrassed at the ridiculous turn this conversation has taken!
: ...Not very good at expressing his feelings, though. He might be a good fit for you, Pascal. You could use some order in your life. Although personally, I can't stand men with short tempers like that. They need to be more kind and attentive. ...Just like my fiance!♪
I guess that just leaves you, over there.

: Really? Why?
: B-Because... Well, because he's rude! That's why! And stubborn, and selfish, and totally oblivious. ...And he has terrible fashion sense! S-So, um, I don't think you want him at all!
: Um I'm standing right here, Cheria...?
: Well, I guess there isn't a clear winner after all. But keep your chin up, Pascal. I'm sure you'll find someone handsome and devoted and charming someday. ...You know, like my fiance!
: Aw, don't worry! I've already found my perfect person right here!
: What? Who?!
: Where?!

: Nobody makes my heart go all thumpa thumpa like she does!

: Gyaaah!

: It would seem you have a ways to go yet.
: Hey, I'll take what I can get...

Have some more win quotes.

Also, I need you guys to do something for me. Soon we're going to be fighting a boss. No points for guessing who it might be. I need you to come up with a party for me to take in. There are two rules. First, it must have Malik in it. Second, it must have either Cheria, Sophie, or both in it.