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Part 37: CH37: Showdown

CH37: Showdown

: The party arrived at the decisive battle site.

: So this is World's Eye.
: It's not very big. So where's the entrance to the Lastalia?
: Let's snoop around and see what we can find.
Asbel gets the "Friend to the End" title here, which gives his Lv2 Mystic Arte, but there's no way to train it up before the upcoming boss fight.

Skit: A Near Miss?

: There was no sign of Richard so far. We'd only just entered the area when...

: Well it looks like we beat Richard here.
: Look! Look up there!

: Richard! What happened to you?

: Ah!
: What's happening?
: I don't think his body can handle all of that eleth he's been absorbing!

: So much for talking.

So aside from getting a new fire and water spell Richard isn't really that different. Or tough, it took forever to die when I was trying to lose.

OK Phantom Flare is pretty cool, it hits everything around its target, knocking them into the air...

Then dives like a meteor for its target.

Honestly though after Kurt this fight is going to be disappointing unless I do something. Total anticlimax. Let me see what gimicks I can dredge up...

Much better!

You're probably wondering "what the hell".

Lightning Blast is the spell Richard learns by fighting alongside Cheria. We haven't seen that since I never used them in the same party.

Anyway you're probably still wondering "what the hell" so I'll just say that things are being used a bit ahead of where they'd normally come in, but that I felt I couldn't miss the opportunity to do a five-Richard fight. Since Richard's healing is kind of, well, shit, I put super-endgame armor on everyone.

Oh and this stuff. We've seen Bloody Rose before, but today I have space to go over it some.

You're probably wondering what happened during that cut. All I can say is that things I didn't expect happened. I'll explain everything later. As I always say, "explanations later, comedy now." No I don't.

Oh, and he also has a new unblockable overhead smash attack.

The most fabulous party.

: Richard just wasn't tough enough for 6v1.

: Why! Why... Why won't this body...?
Not after... I've made it this far...
: There's nothing else we can do except grant him a quick and merciful end.
: No wait. Stop!
I can hear his voice... I hear Richard's voice.
: Asbel... Asbel!
: That doesn't sound like Richard.
: Is that you?! Richard!

: Yes...I'm right here for you.
: I don't want to die. I don't want to die!
Don't kill me!
Please, Asbel... You are my...friend...

: P-Protos Heis?
: We saw that name in the Archive of Wisdom.
: No you're wrong! I, I am... I'm Sophie!
Richard... Let's make a...friendship pact.
Then everything will be...okay.

: For a moment it looked like everything was going to be ok.


: Heh heh... Hee hee ha... Aaaaah ha ha ha ha!
: Wh...What the...?!

: Please open your eyes! Noooo!
: The time has come. I have finally arrived. And now there is no one who can stand in my way!

: And that was when things began to get really bad.

: If we don't move now, then we won't make it out of here alive!
: Sophie? Sophie!
: Asbel, we have to go!
: Damn...!