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Part 38: CH38: Fallout

CH38: Fallout

: Needless to say things were pretty bad right now.

: Come on, Sophie. Wake up!
: Her wounds are healed now. I just don't understand what's going on.

: Thank goodness you're awake! I'm so glad.
: Asbel... Cheria...?
What happened to me?
: Richard attacked us. You've been unconscious for a while.
: What happened to him?
: He was... He was enveloped by some kind of strange cocoon.
And we don't really know what became of him.
: Richard...

: Sophie! Try to hold on!
: Unnngh... Urgh...
: What happened to everyone? Where are you? Everything's a blur.
: What?
: Where...did you go? I can't see you.
: Sophie, tell us...what's wrong?!
: We're right here, Sophie.
: Can you see anything?
: Your faces...are getting blurry... I can't see...
: This could be an aftereffect from the attack. If we don't help her, she might lose her sight.
: No...

: It's no use. I can't seem to heal her with either artes or medicine.
: We've got to do something. What else can we try?
: Well, she won't get any better just lying on the ground! Let's find an inn or something!

: Even Sophie can't walk off getting shot in the face with a death ray like that.

: A little better. At least she's sleeping now.
: Sophie...
: Hey, Asbel? This is gonna sound weird, but... I don't think Sophie's human. At least not like us.
: Hey!
: Don't yell at me! She's just not reacting like a normal person, you know?
: Human or not, she's still in pain. If you're suggesting we just abandon her-
: Oh geez, what's wrong with you?! No, I'm trying to help!
: Do you remember when I mentioned Fodra back at the Archive of Wisdom?
: I remember you saying that Protos Heis came from there.
: And that Protos Heis stopped Lambda from destroying the valkines.
: Well if Richard is right, and Sophie is Protos Heis, then there might be a way to help her.
But we'll have to take her to Fodra.
Look, guys. If artes don't work and medicines don't work, then we're about out of options. Course, I can't promise this'll work either. Richard could have been lying or crazy or whatever. And the records in the archive were totally old.
So yeah, it might not work. But I think it's the only shot we have.
: How would we get to Fodra?
I can't just let Sophie suffer like this.
It's my turn to save her for once.
So please, get me to Fodra. I'll do whatever it takes.
: And...what? The rest of us will just sit here and wait for your return? Everyone feels the same as you, Asbel.
: I'd say "shouldn't they do something about Richard," but I'm not sure what they can do about Richard at this point. Besides if Lambda is from Fodra going there might be the best way to do that anyway.
: Wait... Are you sure?
: Of course! We've come this far, haven't we?
: Thanks, everyone.
Then let's get to Fodra and figure out how to save our friend.
: Right!
: Yes!
: Y'okay!
: Agreed.
If we're lucky, we might even learn something about what happened to Richard.
: What do you mean?
: I think Richard is connected to that Lambda guy.
: Wait, you do?
: I'm surprised that it took that long for Pascal to suggest that.
: Yeah. So we should keep our eyes open and try to learn as much as we can. But first we need to go back to the Archive of Wisdom, because I totally don't know how to get to Fodra. But once I figure that out, we'll head there toot-sweet!

: The captain said you were in trouble, so we came here right away.
The Overseer has concluded her discussions with Chancellor Eigen. Fendel has pledged us their full support.
: The information you seek will not be found in the Archive of Wisdom. Instead, you will need to visit our other archive. The lost archive.
: We have another archive?
: Of sort. Long ago, you see, we Amarcians lived in a place far from our current home. When we left, we were unable to bring all that we had acquired. And so, some items were sealed away.
: Oh, that's cool! So where is this other archive?
: In a Strahtan city called Sable Izolle.
: It won't be easy to reach Sable Izolle from here. Fendel and Strahta aren't on good terms, and no ships sail between here and there.
: It is already taken care of. The Overseer has graciously arranged for Chancellor Eigen to provide a ship. It is waiting in the harbor, and ready to sail upon your word.
: Thank you. This will be a great help.
: We will watch over your friend Sophie while you are gone. There is no need for concern.
: Thank you, Poisson.
Hang in there, Sophie. We're going to make you better. I promise.

Skit: She'll Always Be Sophie

: Asbel, I know what you're thinking, and you don't have to feel that way.
It doesn't matter what we find out. To us, Sophie will always be Sophie. Right?
: Huh?
: Whatever truths we learn will only help us understand Sophie better.
Even with everything that's happened, I'm just glad that I had a chance to get to know her.
She's meant the world to us and nothing is going to change that.
: You''re right. All the things we've done, all the memories we share. We have to protect Sophie. It's the only option.
: Hehe, that's more like it. That look fits you much better than when you're down.
: You're really sweet, Cheria.
: Huh? I, uh, where did that come from?

: Like hell Sophie would sit around.

: Sophie!
: What are you doing outside?! You should be in bed!
: I'm sorry. She insisted on seeing you.
: I'm...coming with you.

: And I won't get better here. I want to be with you. I won't get in the way. I promise. So please. Please let me stay.
: Sophie... All right. But no heroics, okay?
: Thanks, Asbel.
: This is a letter from Chancellor Eigen to the president of Strahta.
I believe the chancellor wishes to mend ties between the two countries. If ever all countries needed to work together, that time is now.
: We understand. We'll make sure the letter arrives safely.
The quickest way to Sable Izolle is through Oul Raye, so we should head there first. They won't be pleased to see a Fendelian ship sail into port, but I'm sure we can explain the situation.
: Imagine, sailing from Fendel to Strahta. These are indeed interesting times.
: And this is for you, Pascal
: Oh, cool! This little doo-dad will let us send messages back and forth!
: I'll contact you immediately if anything changes.
: All right. Let's get going.

: You need help?
: I'm fine. Thank you both.
We're on the ocean.
I can't see it. But I can smell it.
We rode a boat together when you were little, didn't we Asbel?
: Yeah, when we went to Barona.
: You wanted to sail around the world with everyone someday.
Your dream came true, Asbel. Though I haven't recovered my memory yet...
Still, I'm happy we can travel together...
: Sophie, you should get some sleep.
: I'm fine.
Everything is blurry, but I see lots of blue.
I wonder if I'll lose my sight completely?
I'd miss seeing all my friends.
I guess it's good that I can still remember you.
Cheria has pretty hair. And Asbel has a kind smile...
Remembering these things makes me happy, even if I won't see them anymore.
: So I'll be fine.
: Oh, Sophie.
: We'll find a way to heal you. I promise.
: Even if...I'm not like you?
: What do you mean?
: Nothing. ...It's nothing.

: As predicted the party ran into a brief period of trouble.

: Considering we're the first ship from Fendel to ever dock here, it's hard to blame them.
Strahta Soldier: L-Lieutenant Oswell?! Sir?
Fools! Stand down at once!
I'm terribly sorry, Lieutenant. If we had known it was you, this never would've happened.
: Apologies are unnecessary. You were right to be wary of such a vessel.
Now, please tell us where to find the president.
Strahta Soldier: He's traveling here to interview witnesses who've seen the the situation at World's Eye. He's slated to stop at Sable Izolle on his way.
: Excellent. Then we can deliver this letter to him in person.
Let's hurry to Sable Izolle before we miss him.
Cheria gains her title, Embracer of Truth, which grants her Lv2 Mystic Arte. We won't be using it just yet though.

Sure we're in a hurry, but there's a sidequest RIGHT HERE.

: This reminds me of a certain training session.
: You mean...?
: Yep.

They really should give them different weapons in flashbacks. QA
: Don't think you're safe just because this is a training session!
: The prognosticators said this storm will be unusually fierce. Should we really be out here?
: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned. But all we can do now is trust in our students.
: We have far fewer knights and instructors than we'd planned. If something were to go wrong...

I can't capture it in images, but the boat shakes violently and there's a crashing sound.

Knight Academy Cadet: Someone fell overboard!

: I'll go. Where are they?
Knight Academy Cadet: No need, sir. This guy already pulled her out.
: You...
Knight Academy Cadet: *Cough, cough!*
: You there! Help this woman to her cabin.
: Do you think to be praised for this action?
: I...I don't know. I just wanted to help.
: And what if you had needed rescuing as well? Hmm? What then?
: I was just following Captain Malik's advice, ma'am... "Always be prepared for any possible contingency!"
: ...You were prepared for her to fall overboard?
: Well, not her specifically. But in a storm like this, it seemed reasonable to expect that such an event might happen.
: So you risked your own life to play hero. Is that it?
: S-Sir! I wasn't trying to do anything! I just-
: Silence! No more excuses. As punishment, you will scrub every inch of the academy's floors. Am I clear?
: Yes, ma'am...
: Hold. What was your name again?
: Asbel Lhant, sir.

: I was surprised to see someone so young risk their life so selflessly like that. I wanted to know you better. To learn how such a thing was possible.
: I'll be honest, Captain: Three straight days of floor scrubbing was pure murder. Major Victoria said they had to be clean enough to eat from. ...And then she actually made me do it!
: Heh. She's not one you want to upset.
: Although even that experience taught me something.
: Cleaning a floor taught you something?
Another shaking/crashing deal.
: Wait! Was that...?!
Sailor: M-M-Monsters! Possibly the same ones that sank the ship!
: We'll take care of them!
: Here they come!

Challenge: negligible. I forgot to turn off the "be Richard" thing on Asbel and Cheria.

Sailor: Thought I was a goner for sure, I did. Thanks mightily, sirs. Bad news is, the battle knocked everything akimbo down in the hold.
: You need some help cleaning it up?
Sailor: Shiver me timbers, lad! You sure?
: It's no problem at all.
: So what was it you learned from the floor scrubbing?
: ...Cleaning is more fun than you'd think.
: Oh, come on.
: It's true! I mean, sure, it was painful at first, but after a while I realized part of me really enjoys it. Maybe it's a way of making up for how messy I was as a kid.
: Turning something difficult into something fun... That's just like him. Perhaps it's what makes him so strong.
...Ah, hell. I may as well pitch in.

Skit: Outside the In-Joke
Gotta wonder how the Japanese skit title here worked.

: It's a city devoted to the research of cryas artes. ...Cheria, what's wrong?
: When we visited Sable Izolle, people were trying to keep the Rockgagong from being killed.
: Is that right? Hmm, interesting. Then I assume that must have been when you were all swallowed by the Rockgagong?
: Stop it! Please, don't ever bring that up again!
: Excuse me? Did I...Did I say something wrong?
: Ah ha ha!
: Hee hee ha!
: Ha ha ha!
: Okay, what are you not telling me?!

Skit: Needs More Fiber

: It's got some kinda mechanical bird that pops out and flies back to Poisson.
: Did you see this thing, Captain? It's really something.
: ......
: Ah. I guess you're still worried about that letter, huh?
: Yes. What if the president refuses to accept the chancellor's word?
: The Captain is all worried. Stop. Seems to be aging rapidly. Stop. Aaaand, send! Bye bye!
: Wow! Look at it soar through the sky!
: You guys should be nicer to the Captain. Just because he's worrying all the time doesn't mean he's getting old.
: Well, one thing is for certain; I'm not too old to take you young whelps over my knee!

: The party had no trouble catching up to the president.
: Mr. President?

: We came here as soon as we could.
: Mr. President, we have a personal letter for you from Chancellor Eigen.
: Mmm... I see. So King Richard is involved with the incident at World's Eye.
: I'm sorry, Mr. President. We weren't strong enough to stop him.
: Don't apologize. This matter goes far beyond mere strength of arms. It's time for the people of this world to come together and face their common enemy. And it seems Chancellor Eigen feels the same.
: We had a second reason for coming to Sable Izolle, sir. We're searching for the lost archive of the Amarcians.
: Lost archive?
: Yes, sir. The Overseer said we would find it here. We thought it might be located in the research tower.
: And this archive contains information that will help in our struggle against King Richard.
: We believe so, sir.
Research Tower Director: We discovered ruins in the deepest part of the tower that appear to be of Amarcian origin.
However, they are protected by a series of complex security mechanisms, so we have been unable to examine them closely.
: Security mechanisms, huh? I might be able to jigger 'em open, but I won't know until I try.
: Mr. President? Will you allow us to investigate these ruins?
: Yes, of course. The tower is yours. However, as this is a matter of state security, I must insist that we accompany you. Is this acceptable?
: Of course, Mr. President.

Skit: Hightened Senses

: Please, don't worry. The fault is mine. But how did you know it was me who bumped into you?
: Your body is rugged. I knew right away.
: Can you recognize everyone that way?
: Yes, except everyone is different. But I know when they're around by their scent, their voice, and the sound of their footsteps.
: Oh oh! How do you know it's me, Sophie?!
: Perhaps when you're around, Sophie feels an instinctual urge to run away.
: Oh, that's totally not true.
: No, of course not. You're always very warm to everyone, Pascal. So even when you're far away, I know it's you.
: Sophie... *Sniff!*
: Pascal?
: Well, it's a good thing Sophie can't see you now.
: Shut up, Captain! *Hooonk!*

I like the design of this rail-platform for some reason.

: It looks just like the machines we saw earlier! In that case, I should be able to whack this into shape in a jiffy...

Research Tower Director: It's amazing that a device so old still functions. And that a single girl could so easily crack the security which had confounded our brightest scientists.
: There was still a problem.
: Okay, let's see... Fodra... Fodra...

: Ohhh... Yeah, that's gonna be a problem.
: What is it?
: Well, I found a route to Fodra, but I'm not sure it'll work. ...Also, it's kinda super dangerous.
First, we need to find this flying shuttle that's designed to travel through the aquasphere.
: Fodra wasn't on Ephinea at all.
: But apparently it can't just ploop on through on its own. It seems like there's another piece to the puzzle...
: Hold on. What's the aquasphere?
: It's this giant, like, membrane of water in the sky that covers our entire world.
: Are you saying there's an ocean in the sky...?!
: Is there anything in there about how to cross this barrier?
: Well, it seems like the ancient Amarcians were planning on just busting open a hole for the shuttle to pass through. They were working on a method that involved firing rays of intense heat at the aquasphere right before the shuttle would've launched. In theory, the rays would've burned a hole in the barrier and allowed the shuttle to break through.

I'm not sure why Ephinea is represented as a flat plane. I'm pretty sure even the world map models it as a sphere.

This is in fact an actual technique with rocket launches. It's why Cape Kennedy is located in Florida instead of say California.
: This will TOTALLY work! ...I mean, I'm mostly positive it will totally work. ...Pretty much.
: It's worth a shot. Besides, we're used to beating the odds by now.
: Y'okay! So first we need to check the shuttle and see if it can still fly.
: Where is it, exactly?
: Right next to your hometown! ...Isn't that weird? Apparently there's an entrance in the seaside cavern in northern Lhant.
: Perfect. Let's make for the seaside cavern at once.
: Right. If we return to port, we can hire a ship that will take us to Lhant. That'll be the fastest way to reach the cavern.
Did you hear that, Sophie? You're going to be okay!
: Th-Thank you, Asbel.
: Just hang in there.

: Of course it's always something with this type of problem.

Strahta Soldier: The fleet we sent to investigate World's Eye is under attack!
: Who would be attacking us now? Windor?
Strahta Soldier: No, sir! Apparently it's a group of monsters based on the island itself!
: What?
: What's the current status of the fleet?
Strahta Soldier: They've sustained heavy damage, sir, and were forced to retreat back to the harbor.
: I will see them at once. I'd like to hear their story for myself.
: We should get back to Oul Raye as well.

Skit: The Tenderness of Youth

: ...Connected to Richard? It's not an unreasonable assumption.
: But finding a cure for Sophie comes first.
: Definitely! So whaddya know about this seaside cavern we're headed to?
: When we used the cavern to infiltrate the Fendelian camp awhile back, we had to swim through a lot of flooded areas.
: Oh yeah? Then I guess our clothes are gonna get wet.
: Yeah, when Cheria went through the first time-
: ......
: Ah, to be so young that mere memories make you blush.
: Captain! Don't make fun of us!