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Part 39: CH39: More Water

CH39: More Water

: A plan existed, but the party wasn't out of the woods yet.

Strahta Soldier: Yes, sir! The moment we approached, they just came pouring out of that huge cocoon thing!
Strahta Soldier: We tried to stand and fight, but we were terribly outnumbered... To stay would have meant the loss of the fleet, and so the order was given to fall back. Even now, the monsters continue to spread across the seas. We've had numerous reports of attacks on civilian vessels.
: We should restrict sea travel at once.
Perhaps this is part of King Richard's plan, and he thinks to conquer the world with a fantastic army of monsters.
: No, this can't be.
: Attend to the wounded, and get me estimates on the damage. Then gather every man who can wield iron and get them on ships. We must not let these monsters reach land.
Strahta Soldier: Sir, yes, sir!
: It seems sailing to Lhant is out of the question.
: This isn't good. We don't have time to spare.
: Not to worry. I'll see that one of our ships gets you to your destination.
: Thank you, Mr. President.
: Come see me when you're ready to leave.

: This will take you as far as Fendel. From there, you'll need to cross into Windor on foot. Things are chaotic right now, so we can't guarantee an easy return to Strahta. Are you sure you're ready to go?

: Hang on a second. You're heading to Lhant, but you're sailing past West Lhant Port (bringing you near the crazy cocoon thing) and then going to Velanik, where you must loop around on foot.
: Honestly I don't know why they did that. I'm not privy to 100% of information about what went on.

Skit: The Other Side of the Sky

: Hang in there, Sophie!
: I'm...okay...
: Hey, do you really think this Fodra place could exist on the other side of the sky?
: It certainly does sound like a fool's errand...
: And yet, it's an errand we have no choice but to undertake.
: The ancient Amarcians totally knew this day would come! That's why they left a method for us to reach Fodra.
: Yes. When you say that, it almost feels possible. Like it's our...destiny.
: Yeah, I agree. All we can do at this point is just believe in ourselves and move forward. We can't afford to sit around and do nothing.
So just hang in there, Sophie. I know you'll be okay.

So now we've got nova-type monsters everywhere pretty much, added to the standard encounters.

For the moment there's only two types of them.

I like this guy for some reason

: The party reached Lhant without further incident.

Lhant Militiaman: We had heard you set off for Strahta!
: I don't see any Fendel soldiers here.
Lhant Militiaman: That's because they're gone. Just up and vanished one day without a trace. We figured they were up to something, so everyone's been on edge.
: The situation has changed. Our countries can't afford to fight each other right now. The three valkines have been completely drained of eleth. Our countries have come together in an attempt to resolve the crisis.
Please. You must let us pass.
Lhant Militiaman: Yes, of course...

Skit: The Weight of Existence

: Good, it looks like she's finally asleep.
: Zzz...
: Do you remember the last time the three of us came here? I didn't want to believe that strange girl was really Sophie.
You were so sure, and I was convinced you were just trying to flee from the reality of what had actually happened.
: That's harsh. ...But also true.
: Hey, Asbel. Let me help you. I'll carry Sophie this time around.
: Are you sure? She looks tiny, but she's actually pretty heavy.
: Don't worry. I can do it! One... Two... Thre...ooofff!
: Yeesh! Wow, she is a lot heavier than she looks!
: I told you, right? Here, let me take her.
: No! I said I'll do it, and I just... I want to be close to her right now.

So this looks kind of suspicious. We passed through here earlier, but never had time to notice it because we had to go fight the Fendelians.

Open sesame!

: This ship will take us to Fodra?
I can't imagine how it would even fly.

: Can you make it work?
: Hold on, I'm gettin' there...
: It's working!
: Oh, that's nothing. We're just getting started here. Lemme see... So if the shuttle actually works, we're gonna need... Wow, okay, we've got two zappy heat ray cannons: one in Strahta, and one in Fendel. They're designed to fire simultaneously and focus on a single point in the aquasphere. Oh man, this is crazy cool!
: How can we use the cannons if they're in two separate countries?
: I think we can control 'em from here. Looks like we can adjust the angles and everything.
: Oh, nuts.
: Is something wrong?
: Well, the cannon in Strahta is fine, but the one in Fendel is busted or something.
: Of course it is.
: Yeah, it's not responding. I'm gonna have to go there and see if I can figure it out. But then...
Assuming everything else works... The shuttle is piloted remotely, so we need someone to stay here and fly it.
: Is that something one of us can do?
: Maaaybe me, but...yeah. I dunno. You need real technical know-how to pull it off.
: I'd ask my sister, but I don't think she's talking to me right now.
: Anyway, we can worry about that later. I'll ask the Overseer or something if it comes to it. Right now we should focus on getting to Fendel so I can fix the cannon. It's in a facility on the far side of Fendel Mountain Pass, up near Velanik.
: Right. Let's get moving.

: Outside, the party was greeted by a glowing light orb.

: Oh, yuck. She says the monsters from that cocoon are causing all kinds of trouble. They've ordered all civilian ships to stop sailing into or out of Fendel.
: Sounds like we'd better hurry.
: Right! Lemme just do a little tapa tapa ka-chunk here...
Y'okay! Bon voyage!

: What was that?
: Richard's monsters, I imagine.
: They were headed toward Lhant!
: No!
: We should get to Lhant immediately. They'll need our help.
: Come on! Let's move!

Skit: Brotherly Love

: Calm down! When you get excited like this, you lose sight of everything around you. You need to analyze the situation rationally.
: Yeah, but that's why you're here, Hubert. Analyzing situations is your job.
You know that's not me. If there's something I have a chance of protecting, I'll do whatever I can to make sure it's safe.
That's what Sophie taught me.
: I see. Then perhaps I should stop holding back.
Well enough, then. If I ever see you slacking off in this department, I will let you know in no uncertain terms!
: Good. I'm counting on it, Hubert!

: Lhant was once again a warzone.

: Stay back!

: Asbel!
: Right. We'll handle the monsters. You get everyone else inside.
: But I...

: Bailey! Look out!

: Urgh...
: They've got us trapped!

Lhant Militiaman: Yeah! They did it!
Asbel's men defeated the monsters!
: Sophie! You okay?
Hold on!
: Thank you Asbel. You helped save us all.
It's hard to believe that a tiny girl like her could do all that...
Please get her back to the manor so she can get some rest. I'll take care of things around here.

: Asbel's party had saved the town. Not Asbel. That was still important to him.

: You've been gone for so long! I was worried I might never see you again.
: I'm sorry for the concern, Mom. We'll explain everything later.
Frederic, could you please get a room ready? Sophie needs to rest.
: Your own room is already prepared, Master Asbel. Would that be acceptable?
: It's fine. Thank you, Frederic.

: She's having nightmares...
: Even in her dreams she tries to protect us! ...Makes me feel kinda lame.
: Come in.
: I apologize for intruding at such a time, young masters. Bailey is downstairs, and wishes to speak with you right away. I asked him to wait in the study for now. Should I send him away?
: Hmm... No, that's fine. We'll be right down.
Keep an eye on Sophie, all right? We'll be right back.
I leave in some moving around the house here so you can see a bit of how this segment plays out, since the video seemed to transition awkwardly if I just cut together all the cutscenes.

Still Falling Short

: It has been very difficult seeing Lhant turn into a battleground once more.
: I try and I try, but what if I never find the strength to protect those most important to me?
: How much more must we endure before we reach the ideals we strive for?

: You and your companions saved the people of Lhant. We are in your debt. And Asbel, saved my life. Thank you.
: Any of us would have done the same.
: ...How is your friend doing?
: She's resting but... she's not feeling well.
: That poor girl...she's suffering for helping us...
: No, she's been in failing health for a while now. It's nothing new. But thank you for your concern.
: Will you stay in Lhant?
: Unfortunately, no. We have pressing business elsewhere. We have to save Sophie. ...And Richard, too.
: I see.
: We have a long road ahead of us to make that happen. I trust you'll take care of things while we're gone.
: Asbel... Perhaps I have... misjudged you.
: Thanks, Bailey...
: If you'll excuse me, I'll be going now.

Also, Raymond has some dialog here that you should see.

: Well, it's hardly a matter of vital importance, but... Do you happen to know what sorts of things Cheria likes? Does she have...hobbies?
So yeah, he's trying to hook up with the girl he kidnapped and tried to feed to monsters.

: You're thinking. ...This worries me.
: I'm thinking about our father.
About how I rebelled against his authority. About how I left. I thought that becoming a knight was all I needed to protect the people I loved. But I was wrong. It wasn't enough. I wasn't ready to be the lord of Lhant. It was just a title they hung around my neck. What thoughts did Dad have as he lived and died as the lord of Lhant?
: You're a lot like your father was.
: M-Mom?
: He spent all his time worrying about us, and wondering if he was doing the right thing. But he hid that concern behind a mask of strength and discipline. When the two of you left, he thought of almost nothing else.
And he worried that his decisions, no matter how well-intentioned, had caused you both to suffer.
: It's hard to imagine him thinking like that.
: Feelings were never your father's strong suit. He was never able to express how much he loved you both, and it frustrated him to no end.
I know the two of you are going through a lot right now. But what matters is that you keep trying to do what you believe is right. ...Your father used to say that.
He raised you well, whether you realize it or not. And his spirit will help you in the dark days to come. Just remember: Whatever path you take, I will always be here for you. And if your father were here, he would say the same.
: Mom...thank you.

: Asbel...!

: I'm okay.
: Hey, Sophie. I'm here.
(We'll heal you, Sophie. I promise...)
All right, let's get back to Fendel and fix that heat ray cannon.
Do you know the exact location, Pascal?
: Yep! We can take the road that leads from north Lhant to Velanik. The cannon is just past Fendel Mountain Pass.
: Hang in there, Sophie. We're almost home.
: I will.

: As they left, one final surprise.

: Please, take this with you.
: What is it?
: Just a little basket of goodies. I made all your old favorites, and there's enough for everyone.
: Kerri didn't really have a lot of options for helping, but this one was probably the best.
: Oh...
: Ohmigosh, you're the best mom EVER!
: You are too kind, Lady Kerri.
: Thanks, Mom.
: Take care of each other. And be careful.
: You too.
We'll see you soon.
Kind of wish I'd put this up on Mother's Day.

Skit: A Few of His Favorite Things

: Why are you telling me this?
: Because it was your favorite dish when we were all still kids. I'm sure that's why your mother included it.
: Cheria, please, I don't particularly care for omelettes.
: Okay, I'll toss it.
: What?! N-No!
: Oh? Maybe I'll just eat it then.
: That won't be necessary. I'll eat them.
: So you still like 'em!
: I do not! ...But I have nothing against them, either.
: And how do you feel about Asbel?
: I...have nothing against him.
: Hehe, I knew it!