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Part 41: CH41: Flight

Ch41: Flight

Skit: Fodrabound

: Okay. It's back where the giant doors were, right? Sophie, we'll be at Fodra soon. Hang in there.
: Thank you... I'll keep... fighting.
: Good.
: Me too! I'm gonna go punch a monster in the face!
: Indeed. I will be right beside you.

: Someone was there to greet them.

: The Overseer told me to come here and offer my assistance. Is there anything you require?
: (I should have known Fourier wouldn't come...)
: Hey, that's awesome, Poisson! Now I don't have to dink around with flying the shuttle! Come on! Time to put you to work.
: Yes, ma'am!

: Poisson, watch carefully, all right?!
Sweet! Both heat ray cannons are on-line and ready to go.
Now we just need to tinker with the shuttle a little bit... I wish we had more time. But what you can do with a bunch of stupid monsters flying around?
Okay, guys! Poisson and I'll have this fixed before you can say bananas!
: Thanks, Pascal. Let us know if we can help, all right?
: Y'okay!

: Cheria stepped out for a bit while Pascal and Poisson got things ready.

: There you are. I was wondering where you'd gone.
: ...Oh, hi.
You know, it's strange to think we'll be leaving this world soon. Sophie comes from Fodra, right? I wonder what it's like...
: Are you nervous?
: Yeah, I suppose. A little. But I'll be all right.
: I'm sorry, Cheria. I'm sorry for dragging you into this.
: Oh, knock it off. Sophie's my friend too, remember? I'd do anything for her. She's the reason I got to see you all again. And now it's like we're all connected through her.
It's funny. When we were kids, I thought she was my rival.
: Rival? For what?
: Er... Well, for um... You know! Lots of stuff.

: Yeah, she was.
: She's always been kind of mysterious and exotic, you know? But since she comes from somewhere beyond the sky, I guess that makes sense.
: You could say that.
But that won't change the fact that she's been a good friend. Nothing will change that.
: Yes, I agree.
: We'll save her, Cheria. We'll save her and come back together. We've come too far to let things end here.
: Right. Let's do this. Let's save our friend.

: It was almost time.

: Okay, that should do it. Whenever you're ready, Poisson!
: Roger!
: Are we ready?
: Well, the ship's ready, but that's the easy part. Are you guys good to go?
: Alrighty, then. Poisson! Let's do this thing!
: Understood!
Initiating countdown! 200... 199...
: Okay kids, hop on! Let's go! No pushing now! Plenty of room for everyone!
There's a roaring and flapping sound.
: What's that?!
: It sounds like the monsters that struck Lhant.
: What? Dammit!
: The launch procedure is already underway. It would be very difficult to abort at this point. 181, 180...
: Just keep going, Poisson!
Come on, Asbel! Let's go clock some monsters! If they get in here, we'll never be able to launch the shuttle!
: She's right. We should take the fight to them.
: I'll keep an eye on Sophie. You guys go!

: As expected, it's the monsters that attacked Lhant.
: There seems to be an infinite supply of these creatures.
: Look out!

They've got a numbers advantage, but we hit way way harder.

: Despite how easy they were to kill, there was a tremendous quantity of them.

: What are we going to do?
: Asbel! Master Hubert!

: We saw a swarm of these things and decided to give chase. Now go! Get out of here! We'll handle these beasts.
: Asbel, come on!
: Thanks guys! We owe you!
: Pardon me for interrupting, but wouldn't these guys get absolutely destroyed by those things?
: Well, the area is enclosed and they only have to fight them until the shuttle launches, so it's not as bad as it looks.
: I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, and I have to say it looks pretty bad.
: Well, Bailey was tough guy. Not top ten in the world tough, but those cannon-fodder couldn't beat him so easily.

: Anyway the countdown had gotten pretty low by that point.

: Preparing to load the shuttle onto the launch ramp!
Readying the catapult!
Shuttle engines online!

: 59... 58...

: Six...

: Two...
Engines, engage!

The shuttle is going pretty damn fast even this early into its acceleration.

This is two frames (the animation doesn't update every frame, so initially I thought it was one frame) after the previous frame. If we assume that the door is about seven feet tall (28pixels in 720p), then the shuttle seems to be about 94.75 feet long. Call that 95 feet. It's moved about 154.44 feet, call that 155 feet. 155 times 59.94 (frames per second) is 9290.7 feet per second, or 6334.58mph . Divide by two and you get 3167.299mph which is totally more reasonable , in an acceleration time of 8 frames or about 0.133 seconds. In metric, this is an acceleration from 0m/s to 1915.91 in 0.133 seconds, for an acceleration of about 10646m/s/s. For reference, that's about 1086G of force Naturally our party is only mildly annoyed by this incredible force.

: Them again!
: Wait! What is that?!

Look at her fucking sleeves. I like this cutscene over most of the other anime cutscenes, but it still has some major goofiness.

: Fourier had spent her time locked in her lab working on her hobby, and when she heard about all the monsters she brought the kitties out to play.

: Fourier hadn't quite finished teaching them aiming.

Keep in mind each of those cat-things has like 100k hp and is a legit boss monster.
: Fourier...
You came all this way just so you could help us.

Something about the mouth here bugs me.

: So that's Foselos...