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Part 46: CH46: Shut Up About Friendship Already - Part 1

Update 46: Shut Up About Friendship Already, Part 1

Skit: A Word in Edgewise

: Yes. It feels like-
: Protos Heis is capable of receiving the unique signals that emanate from Lambda. As long as he remains alive, this function stays intact.
: Wow. So, does that mean you always know where he is?
: No, I can't really-
: It is not capable of isolating Lambda's position.
The signals emanate from Lambda in a concentric manner.
This makes it possible to calculate a rough distance, but not to isolate the point of emission.
: So what you're saying is, it's not possible for her to actually know where-
: I've made myself clear.
: We can't talk.
: Ha ha haaaa...

Dungeon Video

There are a lot of sphincter-like things we fall through or pop out of throughout the place. Cheria seems no longer afraid of them.

Sophie's got a new Mystic Arte. It's pretty cool.

Sophie knocks a dude into the air...

...urns into a bunch of light beams...

...blasts through the guy...

And then gives them a megastomp.

: The cocoon got Emeraude thinking.

: Just look at the abundance of life that exists here!
(Lambda has evolved beyond my wildest dreams...
If I could somehow manipulate all of this creative energy... I might be able to restore life to Fodra...
In that case...!)
It seems that Lambda's preparations are nearly complete.
: Then we must hurry.

Hubert's showing off his new Mystic Arte as well.

Skit: Under Observation

: Of course.
: My imagination may be running away with me, but something doesn't feel right about...that one.
: I concur. You and I need to make sure to keep a close eye on our "friend."
But it may be difficult when we're constantly fending off all these monsters.
: It may not be safe to start asking questions here on the spot. Let's keep watching and see how things develop.
: Agreed. My brother and the others suspect nothing, and I see no reason to trouble them.
: They're focused on rescuing King Richard right now. We'll let them concentrate on that.

Skit: In Its Clutches

: Could this be Lambda's doing?
: Almost certainly. Such terrible power... The cocoon must have absorbed everything on the island in the process of its formation.
: We can't let this continue. We need to find a way to stop this.
: You are right to worry. If Lambda reaches the planet's core, that will be the end of everything.
: So we should really start movin'!
: Please, Richard... Stay safe until we arrive!

Ok so the puzzles here are using the red and blue switches to expand/contract red and blue organic.... things.

Skit: Touchy Subject

: It isn't "like" it's alive. It IS alive! The stimulus generated from touching these cells can cause the ones over there to expand or contract.
: Huh. You sure know a lot about this stuff, Pascal.
: I only know from watching my big sister's research. I don't know much about biology myself.
But if we touch all this stuff, things could get interesting. So let's get to poking!

Skit: No Matter What!

: Our enemy is almost upon us. Is everyone ready to proceed?
: Save King Richard, Asbel.
: Yes, sir!
: Wait a minute, Asbel! Before we proceed, I need to tell you something.
: What is it?
: I...I will save Richard! No matter what!
: You got it, Sophie. I'm counting on you.

Skit: One for the Road

: Oh, aren't you cute! ...Now how about a touch? It's been so long!

: You still wanted to touch Sophie? After all this time?
: Pascal, I'll do everything I can to stop him.
: Huh?
: Cheria, I will eradicate Lambda. I promise.
: Right! With all of us working together, Lambda doesn't stand a chance!
: ...Yes!

The central chamber is pretty vast, with the remains of the island's structures visible under it.

: Everyone was present for the showdown.

: Look.
: Is it Lambda?

: Wh-What happened to you?
: Tell me... Why have you come to this place?
: Why? What is this? Are you Richard, or not?
: Don't be fooled by what you see! That creature is Lambda!
: I'm impressed you were able to make it this far. However...

: Asbel, look out!

: Asbel had gotten a lot better at dodging those things.
: Richard, stop! Please. Listen!

: I don't think even Asbel expected Richard to listen.

Dude's got some new tricks, including a crazy overhead spin attack using his fanged wings.

It's quite possible to dodge though.

Sometimes I fuck up though

Invigoration is Sophie's only AOE heal, it's not that powerful but it adds a stat buff too.

Soul Brigade is one of Cheria's "extra" A-Artes, it's triggered by holding the x button down during a 4-cc A-Arte, so you need a lot of CC.

It causes knives to spin around her...

...and strike.

Richard's merged form has a new Mystic Arte.

Surprisingly it didn't kill anyone, despite being a tough fight on Chaos.

I forgot to get his HP at full but it's over 264218 based on my previous run at him.

Oh and he grabs you and tosses you in the air now. Later on this attack becomes a bit more involved.

He also does this. It won't hurt you if you're in front of him, but if you quickstep without thinking it will (or if you're placed badly like everyone except Sophie is).

Things look pretty bad here.

Except I'm pretty dodgy.

Shade Imperial is back, although I don't think it's an instant-kill anymore.

Here's the longer form of the air-toss attack.

Oh and the dual-blast thing freezes people, which basically means his next hit will auto-kill them.

God I love Arcane Bottles.

Oh, here's a thing you can do if you're playing a spellcaster. By holding down the o button, you can "hold" a spell. Holding it gives you a blue charge, then holding for a while gives you a red charge. Some spells have bonuses on red charges, but mostly I'm doing it to provide healing at the right time.

Now, now is the right time.

Oh, and he does this, this is new.

That last hit is just the Nova barrier going up again, nobody gives a shit about it though. We blow straight through.

Also boom another perfectly timed heal.

Oh hey this again. Not impressed.

It would really suck to lose at this point again.

But I won't, because guess what's combo-enabled now sucka!

MY kill!

All these titles grant either increased party Eleth Gauge growth or decreased enemy Eleth Gauge growth. They're there for a reason. The reason is that I hate having bosses get Eleth Break.

I swear the designers are mocking me with that loot drop.