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Part 47: CH46: Shut Up About Friendship Already - Part 2

Update 47: Shut Up About Friendship Already, Part 2

: They'd won.

: Is that Lambda's true form?

: It's time.
I must destroy him. It duty.

: Sophie, wait!
: Goodbye...everyone.
I must destroy Lambda. And myself!
: The only way to truly destroy Lambda would be for a large quantity of opposing eleth to mutually annihilate with him.
: No wait!

: Aaah!

: Emeraude!?
: Unfortunately, or perhaps fortuantely for Sophie, both Malik and Hubert had been too exhausted from participating in the battle to watch Emeraude.
: That is enough! Protos Heis.
: Why are you doing this?
: I cannot permit your mutual-destruction function to be used on Lambda.
: Mutual?
: So for Sophie to destroy Lambda, she has to blow herself up?
: Sophie. No...
: Ungh...

: Yeah that wasn't going to work.

: Why?... Why are you doing this?
I'm to annihilate Lambda by sacrificing my very own life. You're the one who gave me that functionality!
: Is what she said true, Emeraude?
: Yes, it is true.
Protos Heis was designed to destroy both Lambda and itself.
: No...
: But that is no longer necessary...
Lambda now has evolved into something far too precious to destroy!
Hee hee hee hee...

: Holy cow! Did she actually just absorb Lambda?!

: With my vast knowledge, and Lambda's life-creating abilities, we will bring new hope to Fodra!
: You know, it's possible that this could have been for the best. It could have ended with everyone coming out of this ok. Sophie, her friends, Emeraude, Fodra, Ephinea, even Lambda and Richard.
: The new life forms that we birth will be vastly superior to any that exist in all of creation!
I suppose that I should thank you for the small part you played in helping me realize my grand objective.

: Unfortunately Emeraude had, shall we say, an Empathy Disorder? I mean she's like the worst person I've ever met.
: Wait, so this whole time you were just using us to get Lambda's power and the eleth from our valkines?
: Your powers of deduction are truly worthy of the Amarcian name.
: It's worth pointing out that that's not strictly true, since Emeraude only came up with the idea while inside the cocoon. But right now Emeraude thinks that it is true, since it benefits her ego to think so. Douche.
: Language.
: As a citizen of Fodra, it is my given right to use these eleth any way that I see fit.
Ephinea is a satellite. And as such it should serve our people.
Someday, our people will tell stories of your planet. Of how you sacrificed all to save Fodra.
And I...I will be the beautiful heroine of this tale!
I will become the goddess who shapes and spins the story, yet I shall also BE the story!
Lambda, Ephinea, Fodra... All shall bend at the knee to my divine will!
Hee hee hee... Aaaah ha ha ha! And you are the nameless bit players!
: No, Emeraude. Because we will stop you.
: If you prefer to exit on the stage here then witness my mercy!

So yeah, back-to-back bossfights. At least they open the menu for a bit between the end of the dialog and the fight so you can heal up. Incidentally without the whole "retry" thing this would be such a pain, since Richard is no slouch himself.

Emeraude is more of a glass cannon spellcaster than Richard is.

This is Emeraude's most basic attack... can get a bit annoying since it's sometimes hard to notice. Emeraude also gives you less time to get out of the void zone than most WoW bosses would.

Also, while moving she generates a magical attack circle at her feet that damages you ever half-second or something. I didn't notice it as much this game, ranged attack supremacy.

So I accdientally went into the fight with Cheria's level 3 Mystic Arte enabled. Whoopsie. I'll give it a writeup when we're supposed to have it I guess.

So yeah the camera angle is conspiring against me here.

She launches balls of black icky stuff at you. They don't stop when they hit you so watch out if someone in front of you got nailed.

And of course she's a spellcaster. Everyone hates this spell.

Killing Field will FUCK YOU UP.

In addition to doing damage to everyone who isn't blocking, it pulls them towards the center. Keep in mind that blocking protects you from both effects.

This provides her the opportunity to nail you while you're bunched up.

Basically I had out Arcane Bottles all the time. It's important to not let your enemies get multiple Eleth Breaks in a row, since each one will be longer than the previous one It works the same way for you, but the enemy seems to build Eleth so much faster.

Yeah same deal for Malik's third Mystic Arte.

Of course now things get REALLY interesting.

This is one of the two spells that was fucking up my first attempt on this. It hits really hard and inflicts Arteseal, which is bad because you don't really have a normal attack, so you're boned.

Oh and it also hits hard too.

She now fires out groups of multiple balls. You can get CC for dodging them multiple times in one go if you're quick/good.

Hourglasses don't work as well here as you'd expect, since they don't stop time long enough for me to get a Nurse off. Maybe if I had a casting speed title on, but all the ones I have are already mastered.

Now this is REALLY bad.

Except Arcane Bottle has fixed it!

Ok I was wrong earlier, this is "REALLY bad".

Oh and she has a Mystic Arte because why not.

Ok yeah bad.

Still bad.

Apparently you can dodge Killing Field somehow.

Playing whack-a-mole with Emeraude got pretty old, then I remembered I had 22 of these.

I'm popping a bottle despite the gauge being mostly full because Emeraude is really stupidly dangerous at low HP.

We're almost there, but this is where I lost last time.

That's the other spell that caused me to lose last time, it's hard to dodge and will oneshot anyone at half health.

Yet another arcane bottle.

Whirlwind has a huge area.

And apparently a glowy center.

Fuck you and

: All that effort, and still they hadn't really beaten her yet.

: Emeraude...

: There's not a scratch on her! But how?
: Even without Lambda's powers, Emeraude was a more formidable opponent than even she knew. It would be impossible for them to win in their current state. All that effort had merely staggered her.
: Could it be that this is yet another gift from the power of Lambda?

: Such wonderful power!
Rejoice, Lambda. For I shall take you home again. I shall take you Fodra.
Yes! We shall create a new world worthy of a goddess!
: You are nothing but a fool.
: Fortunately for literally everyone else, Emeraude being the worst person had made her the one enemy she couldn't afford.
: That voice!
: You could never control my power!
: What?!

: Impossible! This cannot be!
: What's happening to her?!
: He's rejecting her.

: It's so... So horrible...
: Look! Something's still there.

: It's the boy we saw in the lab.
: Lambda...

: Aaaaaarrgggh!

: Let us go to our place of peace.
: Richard, no, don't!

It's kind of weird that they give a dramatic reveal to the form we just fought a bit ago.
: What happened to you?

: He's opening the path to the Lastalia!

: Richard, stop!

: Lambdaaaa!
: Sophie, wait! What are you doing?
: Don't stop me.
I have to destroy him!
: Lambda!
: Sophie, please!

: We can't stay here any longer!
: What should we do?!
: If we stay here, we're finished.
We have to escape now!

: At least it didn't land on anyone, although it came pretty close.

: Hurry! Everyone onboard!

: Stop! Give it up, Sophie!