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Part 48: CH47: We Need to Have a Long Talk

CH47: We Need to Have a Long Talk

: The team made it out of there ok, but the adrenaline was dying down and it was time to talk.

: Everyone okay?
: I think so.

: Are you all right, Sophie?!
: I have to...destroy Lambda...!
: Sophie, no!
: Let me go!
I have to destroy Lambda! I must!
: Sophie!
Don't you see what you're trying to do?
If you destroy Lambda, you'll also destroy yourself. You'll die, Sophie!
: ...That's my purpose.
: You exist only to destroy Lambda? You exist just to die?!
: D-Don't say that, Sophie. It's... It's just too sad.
: ...Sad?
: Are you saying it doesn't make you sad to have your life decided for you like that? It's okay to live your own life, you know.
: ...Sad. I don't really know what that feels like.
I'm not human. I was born only to carry out this mission. It's my purpose to die by destroying Lambda.
: No. ...NO! That's the most ridiculous damn thing I've ever heard!
Why did you have to remember something like that?! Why couldn't it have just stayed forgotten?!
: As long as Lambda exists, our world will never be safe. Sophie was our best hope to stop him, but now... Now I don't know what should be done.
: There has to be a way to destroy him. Something that won't kill you, too.
: Yeah, come on! There's just gotta be something else!
: I am the only one who can destroy him.
: Well maybe we just haven't tried hard enough!
: You don't understand. None of you can destroy him. This is the only way.
: You're the one who doesn't understand!
You think sacrificing yourself will solve everything? Well, it won't! It won't solve a thing!
I wish I could make you see that... But you're so eager to be a martyr that you've stopped listening to your friends!
: I...I'm doing what must be done. So please don't interfere.
: ...Interfere?! Damn you, Sophie!
: Asbel!
: I...
Listen to me. We are not giving up.
No matter what happens!
: Let's return to Lhant for the time being. New surroundings will clear our heads and help us plan the next move.
: That's a good idea.
: Y'okay! Let's get moving.

In happier news, we now have an airship. R3 to summon it on any town or overworld, then select from a menu or try to find a place manually.

: They arrived at Lhant without incident.

: Bailey! You're alive!
: We've been fighting off the monsters with the help of Miss Fourier.
: Asbel, is there a place in your manor where we can plan our next move?
: Of course. Let's use the study.

Skit: Mutual Destruction

: It sure looked that way.
: But who would allow something so horrible to happen to themself?
: Lambda must be manipulating Richard. That has to be it.
: That's why it's necessary for me to eradicate Lambda.
: We'll do it without your mutual-destruction!
: But Asbel, we'll never be able to save Richard!
: All right, that's enough you two.

: Asbel, I need to speak with Sophie for a moment.
Do you mind getting started without us?
: No, that's fine.
: Thanks. We'll be right back.
Come on, Sophie.

: You're happy?
: I'm happy you didn't die.
If you had sacrificed yourself, we wouldn't be able to talk like this.
Just thinking about it makes me sad.
: Is dying sad?
: Well...yeah. I mean, once someone dies, they're gone. You can't talk to them or tell them stupid jokes or... or do anything. I mean, what if we all died and you never saw us again? Think about it.
: I...don't want to think about it... It makes my chest heavy. It makes me...hurt.
: That's sadness. See, you do know what it means.
: If you all died, I would be sad.
: Well, that's how we feel every time you try to sacrifice yourself.
: Even Asbel?
: Oh, especially Asbel. I think he's more concerned than any of us. That's why he was so angry at you.
: Being sad made him angry?
: Well, remember when you vanished seven years ago? He acted the same way then. I tried to talk to him, but it only made things worse.
And so I just waited around and cried a lot. ...And blamed Asbel, I suppose. But now I realize he was hurting just like me, and getting mad was all he could do. Men are...bad at feelings. Sometimes getting angry is all they really know.
: So he was angry...because he was sad? That's strange.
: Honestly, you're not much good at expressing feelings either.
: I'm not? ...Huh.

: I'll go see what's up.

Skit: The Value of a Life

: Hey, what happened? Did you find them?
: ...Right. I have to find Cheria and Sophie.
: Hold it together, kid.
: Where'd they go again? The garden?
: You know, I probably wouldn't have hesitated to exchange my life for saving the world from Lambda.
: Good thing you weren't there.
: Yeah, the kid-Lambda thing makes me thing something is up.

: They were talking about feelings.

: No. You're not bad at feelings. You just have a hard time telling people what you really think.
You know, you probably spent too much time with Asbel. He's always been the same way.
It'll be all right, you just have to talk to him.
That way you can find out why he feels the way he does. Do you know what I mean?

: Asbel! I um...
Hey! Sophie needs to talk to you right now, if you don't mind.
: Oh, she does?
: Go on.

: So tell me, what's going on?
: Cheria... She said that I had to talk to you.
: She did?
Ah Cheria, I swear...
: Asbel?
Do you think that we are the same?
: Is that what Cheria said?
Yeah, I guess we're kind of the same.
We both make up our minds and refuse to listen to anyone.
You think you're the only one who can destroy Lambda, and I'm determined to pull it off anyway.
And without you having to die.
Hold on. I'm not finished yet.
You have so much life left, Sophie. You have so many things to see and learn.
And that's why you can't run around trying to sacrifice yourself all the time.
You know? I mean that makes sense, right? I'm sure there are all kinds of things you'd like to see and do.
: There are some things...that I would like to see.
I want to see the sopherias become a blossomgale.
: Oh, that's right.
I remember. We talked about that when you planted them.
You see? There's still so much in this world that you need to experience for yourself.
So that's why you can't die yet.
All of these things are waiting for you.
We're just getting started. Your life, and ours.
: Thank goodness.
I thought you were angry at me.
: Oh, um... Well I um...
: Cheria said that you get angry when you're sad.
: Oh... Well yeah, I guess that I do.
: I'm glad that you weren't really angry.
I want you to always be happy.
Now and forever.
: I guess I could use a lecture, too.
Okay, come on. We should get back before they send out a search party for us.
So, let's go. Alright?
: Okay.

: Let's start by establishing what we know.
: Soooo, what's going on with Lambda now?
: We should assume that Lambda is already at the Lastalia. The path is open, and his powers have grown. He has no reason to wait.
: Then this is our last chance to stop him. If he manages to fuse with the core...
: Well, I think we know where we stand.
Next question: Do we possess the strength to defeat Lambda?
Without sacrificing Sophie, of course.
: This whole time I thought we were fighting Richard. So it's possible we didn't go all-out when we fought him before, ya know?
But I think I have an idea about that. Remember how Lambda split off from Richard and hopped into Emeraude?
Well, maybe we can make him do it again.
: And then rescue Richard while they're separated?
: I think it might be possible.
: Regardless, we must prepare ourselves for the worst-case scenario.
: Hmm...
(No. I won't let it come to that... I won't!)
: Everyone?
There's something we must do before we leave. Going to the Lastalia will be like entering Lambda himself. If we aren't prepared, there's a chance his mind will overwhelm us. So we all need to go to the meadow. ...Together.
: The meadow? You mean the place we first met?
: If Sophie thinks it will help, then we should go.
: Okay. Let's take this meeting to the meadow.

Skit: In Bloom

: All three types of eleth gather there.
: There are really places like that?
: Wait, is something like that unusual?
: Because of the valkines, some areas tend to just overflow with eleth and stuff.
: Huh. It all makes sense now. I guess that's why the flowers bloom there year-round.
: Yes, exactly. When I first fought Lambda ages ago, I decided to sleep there in order to regenerate the eleth I lost in the battle.
: And then Asbel and I came along and woke you up seven years ago, correct?
: No. I awoke because Lambda had become active again.
: Ha! Nice try, Hubert.
: ......

: They assembled at the meadow.

: First I'm going to absorb the eleth here. And then I'll share it with you. This will let us combat the effects of Lambda's mind.
Let's begin.

: Wow... It's totally warm...
: It's like standing in sunlight...
: Yes.
: Sophie...
: Okay. We should be ready now.
: Sophie has given us the power we need to face Lambda in our final showdown. If we use it wisely, there will be no need for Sophie to be sacrificed.
: Yeah! I'll be all like, pow! And then Lambda will be all like, noooo!
: We're all in this together, Sophie. So just promise that you won't do anything foolish.

: All right.
Let's do it.

: OK, refresh me on why this wasn't done sooner?
: It's the first time that Sophie has both known about Lambda and had access to the meadow.
: Also, what exactly is their plan here? Things like Lambda are horribly hard to kill.
: It was something along the lines of:
1. Beat Richard out of Lambda.
2. Beat up Lambda until he goes dormant, the way he did after fighting Sophie 1000 years ago.
3. Spend 1000 years thinking up step 4.

Skit: What Did I Do Now?!

: Why are you talking like that? I mean it's cute but it's freaking me out a little.
: It's how Hubert talks. I thought if I did the same thing, you'd be more likely to answer.
: Huh.
: Cheria, if you're in love with Asbel, why don't you just tell him?
: WAAAAAAAHHH!!! ...Wh-Where did you hear that?!
: The Captain just told me yesterday.
: I heard a sceam! What's going on?!
: This doesn't involve you, Asbel! Get out of here!
: Why? What did I do now?!
: She loves him but...she's angry. Is that what she meant about people being angry because they're sad? ...Feelings are difficult.
: I know what you're thinking, Cheria. The more human-like she becomes, the more difficult her behavior can be to handle.
: No! That...that's not what I was thinking at all!

: Sleep if you can, and make whatever preparations you require. Understood?
: Yes, Captain.
: Yes, sir.
: Understood!
: You got it!
: Yes!

OK if I was boring and/or going for a speed run I'd just hit the bed there, but it's time for the traditional talking-to-our-party-at-night.

: Asbel went to check on his friends.

: Bailey! What are you doing up?
: Are you really leaving tomorrow?
: Yes, and don't try to stop me. It won't work.
: Um...yes. Well, actually, I was thinking... See, when all this is over, I was wondering if...
: Yes? What is it?
: Um... Well, it's just...

: Raymond?
: I'm sorry, what's going on here?
: Miss Cheria, please hear me. I am mortified by the horrible things I did to you!
: Oh, well, that's all in the past, and I-
: Your forgiveness shames me!
Ever since you healed me, I have waited for the day when I could repay you.
I beg of you: When this is over, come back to Strahta with me!
I shall build you a home worthy of a princess, and we will live in joy for the rest of our days!
You will be a prisoner no more, my love. Instead, I shall be enslaved by you!

: Come, Bailey! See if your words can sound half as sweet!
: See if what?! Now, wait, just...look.
Cheria, I came to ask if you would be the leader of our relief organization! Of course, I would try to help however I could so... Um... Will you consider it?
: I'm sorry.
But I've had a lot of time to think recently, and I've learned what I truly want from my life.
And unfortunately, that means I have to turn you both down. I'm sorry.
: I suppose it would be rude to ask what it is that you truly want?
: I'm sorry.
: Come on, Raymond. Let's go.
You embark on a great quest tomorrow, Cheria. You should get some rest.
: Thank you, Bailey.

: H-Hey! How long have you been standing there?!
: You're enslaving poor Raymond now?
: Hey, stop that!
: Heh heh... Sorry.
So, hey. Mind if I ask what you truly want? Whatever it is, I'd like to help.
: Asbel...
What about you? What are you going to do when this is over?
: I want to help Lhant get back to normal.
And I suppose I'll need to help Sophie.
She's had nothing but painful memories her whole life.
And now her home is gone on top of it. So I was thinking maybe she could just live here in Lhant.
Then maybe I could... I don't know. Give her some happy memories?
: You said something like that before, right? About how you'd either help her get home, or be with her for the rest of your life?
: ...Huh. Yeah, I guess I did say that.
But that was a long time ago, and I've learned it's not something I can do on my own. That's why-
: Look, I... I was thinking about continuing the relief work I was doing before. I want to travel the world and help those less fortunate than I.
: I see. You really are an angel, Cheria.
: Stop it...
: All these selfless acts are going to make me look bad. You know that, right?
: Just take care of Sophie. Otherwise, I can't be held responsible for what happens.
: I will. I promise.
: So... I need to get some sleep. See you tomorrow.

: Yep.
Captain Malik. I don't want Sophie or Richard to die. I want to save them both. Is that asking for too much?
: It's important to feel compassion for others if you wish to save them. That is a lesson I learned too late. It's why I couldn't save Kurt. I don't want you to face that same regret.
: Captain.
: Never lose hope, Asbel. We can do this. ...We will do this. Let's just make sure everyone comes back safely.
: Yes, sir.

: Just tinkering around with an idea. I thought it might come in handy tomorrow. Can you get that screwdriver for me, Poisson?
: You have to fight tomorrow, Pascal. You should get some rest.
: Yeah, probably. But it's more important that I go into battle without any regrets. So if I gotta stay up all night, then I'll just... Oh, crud. Now I need a wrench.
: I can finish that for you.
: Fourier?
: Fourier!
: Oh, goodness!
: Ohmigosh, I have been SO WORRIED about you!

: You totally saved us back when we were in the shuttle! And you looked so cool, too! You were all like, pshew pshew!
: Naturally. Who do you take me for?
: True, true. You are my big sister. If something happened to you, I...I don't know what I'd do.
: Pascal... Well, I guess someone has to keep an eye on you. ...Make sure you take baths and the like.
: Hey! I take two baths a week now, whether I need 'em or not!
: Two baths...a week?
(How can someone be so brilliant in the lab and so clueless everywhere else...?)
Poisson and I will finish up here. You go get some sleep. ...And take a bath!
: But-
: No buts! Do you know how late it is?
: Eeep!
: Take a bath and get some sleep or I'll dump a bucket of water on your head and strap you to the bed!
: Y'okay, Sis!
: Sleep well, Pascal.
All right, then. Let's get to work. We'll show the world what Amarcians are capable of.
: Yes, ma'am!
: We'll take care of everything. You two just worry about waking up on time.
: Aw, thanks guys.
I better get to bed. Don't stay up too late, Asbel!
: I won't.

: Can't sleep, Hubert?

: But as you're here, there's something we should talk about.
When this is over, I'm going to ask the president of Strahta to withdraw his forces from Lhant.
If he agrees, you will become the lord of Lhant in both name and deed. I trust you find this acceptable?
: Hubert, you would do that?
: I've thought long and hard about who should be entrusted with Lhant, but in the end, you're the only real choice. However, at the moment, this idea ends with me. I do not know how the president will react.
: I understand. But I'm still grateful. Thank you.
: The next time I visit Lhant, I'll come as family.
: After all, people will rest easier if someone is looking over your shoulder. You have no idea how much trouble it is having you as an older brother.
: Hah, I can only guess.
: Enough. I should rest.
: Sleep well, Hubert.
I wonder if everyone else is asleep...

: Is it wrong for a son to visit his mother?
: N-No! Not at all! ...I'm very pleased to see you. Would you like some tea? Frederic has just brought back the most wonderful blend.
: Tea would be wonderful.
: Good! I'll go prepare some right away.
: Thank you... mother.

: It's late, Sophie. What are you doing up?
: When will the sopherias become a blossomgale?
: I don't know. We might have to ask my mother. She used to love tending the garden.
Although I don't think she's been here since Dad died. She says there's no one left to enjoy the flowers. I never knew my father liked flowers at all.
: Can I ask something?
Are you sad that your father died?
: It's...complicated. I've been avoiding thinking about it. His death meant that we never got the chance to understand each other. I'm sure we'd have been able to if he was still around.
So...yeah. You could say I'm sad about that. I guess I'm better at solving other people's problems than dealing with my own.
Anyway, once everything's over, we'll come back here. Maybe then we'll be able to see the blossomgale.
: When we come back...
: Yeah. So we have to make sure we survive. Right?
: I want to see the blossomgale with you.
I mean it.
: I know. I'd like that too.
It's really late. You should get some sleep.
: What about you?
: I'll sleep soon. I promise. Good night, Sophie.
: Okay. Good night.
: We're all coming back.
All of us. Including Sophie and Richard.
Is it really so crazy to hope?

: Sorry. I didn't realize everyone else was here.
: You slept okay?
: We should get going.
: Look.

: They've come to see us off.

: And don't worry about us. We'll be fine!
: We shall humbly wait your return.
: Good luck, everyone. We'll be praying for your safety.
: Do what you must and then get back here. And don't you dare die on me!
: Travel well, young masters.
: Thanks, everyone.
All right. We're off to the Lastalia!

Skit: Point of No Return

: Then let's take the shuttle to the World's Eye and find them!
: You're probably tired of hearing this, but we must risk all, including our lives, in the upcoming battle. I hope you are truly prepared.
: The fate of Ephinea rests in our hands. It's kind of terrifying to think about.
: But you don't have your scared face, Cheria.
: That's because I'll be facing it with all of you.
: All right, I think we're all finished with preparations. Now let's do this!
: Yeah!
: Naturally at this point you went and did random things not directly related to the Lastalia.
: How... how did you know?
: Experience. It's a particular form of madness that always sets in at this point. Sometimes even closer to the big enemy.
: You know I never did understand why we suddenly veered off track there.
: Eh it happens, and as far as I know never got a world destroyed so you just roll with it.
: Wait! Hold on!
: Oh, come on, Hubert!
: The Oswell family vault is located somewhere in the Strahtan desert.
It is possible that its contents might prove useful in the upcoming battle.
: Where exactly is it?
: I don't know its exact location. But if we use the shuttle to make a meticulous search, we might well stumble upon it.
: All right. And if anyone has any other places they want to check, we'd better do it now!