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Part 50: CH49: Beach Filler Episode

CH49: Beach Filler Episode

So one of the things you can find via the world map and hitting L1 over the right spot is the Beach Resort, which is this game's equivalent to the hot springs.

Skit: The Beach Brigade
Watch this skit. Watch it.

: Hey, do you know what that is, Hubert?
: Are these models based off of units from Strahta's military?
: Based?
No, no. This has nothing to do with the military. They are merely action figures popular among children.
: Really? Do you like 'em?
: Ridiculous! ...Come on, let's go.
: ......
Tonight we feast on dead seafood! Pow pow!

: What are you doing?
: Oh, uh, S-Sophie!
: What's a beach brigade?
: It's...a branch of the Strahta military? They're specially trained maintain peace in...waterfront regions...
: Oh.

They're pretty cute

This is (IIRC) the first point in the game where you can obtain a non-dlc costume.

Video! This is non-voiced but I gave it a video anyway.

: I guess they're not here yet.
: By the way, about those glasses...

: So where's Asbel? I thought he went on ahead of us.
: No, he said he'd catch up. But the girls are late.
: Thanks for waiting!


: So, um, how do we look?
Hee hee! I'm a little embarrassed, actually...
: Considering your usual state of dress, I don't think you have much to be embarrassed about.
: Hey! Don't be a jerk! And there's nothing wrong with the way I usually dress!
: Glug, glug! Gluga luga luga!
: How's that, Pascal? You want to know why I'm wearing this strange outfit?
I think that's a question better put to you.
I told her not to wear that absurd getup...
: But never mind that. Doesn't Sophie look cute?!
: Meow, Hubert. Meow, Captain.
: Hey, that is pretty cute. ...You're a cat, right?
: I'm a sexy cat.
: SOPHIE! Where on earth did you learn that?!
: Why would you teach her such a thing, Cheria?
: I did no such thing!
: Oops! I meant to say kitty cat.
: Yes, well do try to watch your choice of phrases in the future, all right?
: Aye, Captain!
: (I bet I know where she heard that word...)
: (Oh, I can make a guess as well...)
: Yeah, well, anyway... Where's Asbel?
: He said he'd be a little late, but...
Captain? What are you planning?
: All right, it's time for a little pick-up competition.
: WHAT?! Oh, we do not have time for?
: Are you ready, Cheria?
: M-Me?
: You lack sex appeal. At this rate, you'll never catch Asbel's eye.
: Listen, mister! I am not, nor have I ever been, interested in-
: Fortunately, we have time before he shows up. Work on your sex appeal, Cheria. After all, I'm sure you want to show him your good side.
: Oh, all right. ...Let's just get this over with.
: Glug glug!
: I don't understand any of this...
: Um...meow?

: You all can participate in this mad exercise if you wish. I, for one, refuse to be involved.
: Great, one less fish in the pond. All right, Cheria, you're up. Good luck.
: ...That's it? Good luck? Aren't you going to instruct me in the finer points of flirting or something?
: How would I know anything about that?
: Good luck, Cheria.
: Glug, glug!
: You can do it, Cheria!
: Not you too, Sophie... FIIINE! I'll do it! This is the dumbest... Stupid little... Ugh!

Man: Yeah? You need something?
: Um...yes! Yes, I... Uh... I need to...
OK, looking at the script it seems there are multiple ways this conversation can go. I've lopped off the ones that didn't show up in a quote tag, since I didn't want to guess who says what (although it's probably not hard).


Yeah, look. I don't want to be rude,'re kind of creeping me out.
Fail. ...Now try again.
Please, no. Please don't make me.
I think I hear Asbel coming...
Okay! Fine! I'll do it!
Um...hey. Are I mean... Do you want to... talk about stuff?
Man: Whoa! Are you hitting on me?! This is AWESOME! I've never been hit on by a chick before! Does this mean we're going steady? No, wait! This means we're engaged, right? I've NEVER been engaged before!
: It means no such thing! ...Um, also, I thought you were someone else. Good day!

: Fail. That man simply leapt to the wrong conclusion of his own accord. You must earn affection yourself. Remember, your true opponent is Asbel...and you know how he is.
: *Siiigh...*
: Maybe you should try working on your feminine wiles.
: Feminine wiles, eh...
: Glug, glug?
: Okay, I can do this...
: Um, Cheria? I think you should... Um...
: Don't worry, Sophie. I got it.
(Oh my gosh. If I need to be getting dating advice from Sophie, I may just lose it...)
: Hmm... Asbel should be showing up any time now. Okay, Cheria, this is your last chance. Throw caution to the wind!
: O-Okay!
(I can do this. ...I can do this! I'll show Asbel just how bold and sexy I can be!)
Come on, Cheria! Pull it together! Strut like you've never strut before!

: Atta girl, Cheria! I knew she could do it.
: Gluga luga!
: Talk about stepping up your game!
: So that's what sexy is...

Cheria gains the "Alluring Temptress" title here, which will be important later.

: The mistakes of youth are but a foundation for the wisdom of age.
: I'm gonna take your riddles and cram them right up your-
: Hey, wait, hold on! I mean, all's well that ends well, right?
And what were you even doing there, Asbel?!
: What'd I do? I was just trying to find you guys!
: If you hadn't been late... Aaargh! This is all your fault! UN-BELIEVABLE!

As you leave...

: We are?
: Oh, that's right. Didn't the receptionist tell us we could keep the swimsuits?
: Didn't you all bring yours?
: I forgot.
: Me too.
: Huh. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one.
: Well, since we've come this far, why don't we go back to the changing rooms and get them?
Receptionist: Excuse me, but do you have your swimsuits?
: We forgot them in the changing rooms, so we're going back now.
Receptionist: Yes, well, about that. You see, I just found this...
: A card?
: It's got something written on it.
: Let me see...
???: Whassup, loserz! I just stole your suitz! And then I scattered 'em all over Strahta! Hah! Servez ya right for goin' on a lovey-dovey group date in the poolz! Tortoise! Tortoise!
: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
: It sounds like a Turtlez wrote it...
Turtlez: Don't lookz at me! I don't knowz nothin'.
: ...I liked that bathing suit.
: Even if we find the thief, that won't get us our suits back.
: I guess we'll just have to search all over Strahta then, yeah?
: All right. We'll keep our eyes peeled for possible areas of interest.

One suit is in a random object, one you have to pay a guy for, and the rest you have to fight special encounters for. I'll only cover the interesting ones.

Oh, and that.

Yes, the Dark Turtlez hid one on a monster inside the Rockgagong.

Skit: The Troll Still Burns

: I suppose there are some who have voiced that opinion.
: In the old days, Hubert was more bookish. Actually, he was pretty much a homebody.
: Interesting. Where did you train? Your gear certainly isn't standard-issue weaponry.
: I am self-taught. I studied printed materials and replicated what I read.
: That's incredible. I'd love to see these materials of yours.
: I'm afraid not. Those materials are now a classified military secret.
: You know, Hubert, I was thinking back...
: Yes?
: That weapon you use is the same one as the hero from our old Troll Caliber comics back home. Is that where you learned the style?
Everything is really similar.
: Uh huh.
: "Military secrets" indeed...
: Asbel...

Skit: Midnight Ramblers

: No, not really, because you always use healing artes to tend to my wounds.
: Hmm. I'm not talking about wounds, Sophie. Exhaustion is something else. Don't you ever want to just...collapse?
: Hmm... Yes.
: Wait, isn't she a robot? Robots don't normally get tired.
: Well, she can still run low on energy and need to convert stores into a more ready form.
: Well, that's exhaustion. And when that happens, doesn't it help to rest?
: I'm okay. The Captain and I always have a long talk to help me fall asleep.
: Captain Malik, I don't mind if a little chatter comes up before bed, but what are you two always talking about? It's nothing...weird, right?
: That's up to the dice. Painful stories, memorable lessons... The numbers we roll determine the topic.
: And then you just...ramble on?
: Sophie can really shoot the breeze.
: Shoot the breeze?!

Skit: Evenly Matched

: Good question. I don't see her anywhere.
: ......
: There you are!
: ......
: Oh, that's right. It's too hot for her to speak.
: Hot?
: Don't worry. If you get up real close, you can just barely make out what she's saying.
: Huh? She isn't saying anything. ...What's wrong, Pascal?
: Crap sandwich, I was playing the silent game and totally winning!
: Oh! I-I'm sorry. ...Um, who were you playing against?
: ME, of course! Challenging yourself is the ultimate way to give yourself a mental workout!
: ......
: ......
: Oh, I see. NOW you guys decide to play. Well, forget it!
: (She's so bizarre.)
: (This woman is beyond me...)

So on the way to the ruins in the Uncharted Sandstretch, we encounter these, who have the item for some inn request.

: It's another example of how much the world is changing.
: Come on! We can wipe the floor with these guys!
: Keep your guard up, Pascal. And remember that pride goeth before a fall.
: Yeah? Well, my boot goeth before their butts!

Pascal is right, these guys won't last a whole 30 seconds.
: See? Easy-peasy!
: Pascal!
: Muh?

: ...Tch! I told you not to let down your guard! This is why I have to keep an eye on you all the time!

: You got it!
: Asbel! Captain!
: Don't worry!
: We've got this!

And again.
: Phew...
: I think that's it. Nice job spotting them, Hubert.
: Well, someone around here needs to be attentive.
: Thanks, Little Bro! You totally saved my bacon out there!
: I suppose it's too much to hope that you learned something from this. But do try to be careful from here on out, all right?
: What the hey?
Gya! There's somethin' over there and stuff! Wh-What is it?!
: Damn. We're in no shape to battle more monsters...
: Get over here, Little Bro! You gotta see all this stuff! And check this AWESOME OUTFIT! Ohmigosh, I gotta try this on immediately! Ta-daaaaa! So? Whatcha think, Little Bro?!
This is all off-screen, we can't see the outfit yet, but it's the costume she gets from "Free Spirit".
: We weren't done talking, you know!
: ...You know something? Those two might actually be a good fit for each other.
: ...Might? Pfft!
: ...?

Dungeon Video! Anyway now we have the Amarcian Key from Fodra and can open the door here.

Skit: A Show of Gratitude

: Yeah, they look like more Amarcian ruins. In fact, now that I think about it...
: You know something?
: Remember the heat ray cannon back in Fendel? Well, this guy is its counterpart.
: So this one was helping us the whole time, and we never knew.

: Huh? What does Namoo mean?
: Okay! We're good!

There's Pascal's swimsuit.

Not challenging. I'll wear the swimsuits in a future update if you want.

Skit: That Old Familiar Feeling

: It seems this place conforms to the same design principles as those ruins in Fendel.
: Where we activated devices to open doors, right?
: Yeppers! So as long as we remember that, getting through here should be a piece of cake!

So we've got some slightly more advanced versions of the puzzles we saw before.

Including this one, which is actually difficult.

Also fuck these guys. That shot kills Cheria from full health.

The "boss" here is disappointing in comparison.

There seems to be a missing 0 there.


Skit: Cool Composure

: Pah! They were creatures of little consequence.
: Good grief, Hubert. That was a really tough fight for all of us. Can't you just be happy about a victory for once?
: For Hubert, shutting up and being happy is a taller order than the combat itself.
: You wound me, sir. I simply value maintaining an iron will and a cool composure above all else.
: Except when you're sweatin' the little stuff.
: How dare you! ...Um, Pascal? Why are you slumped over like that? Is something wrong?
: Mmm...
: Oh no, I hope she's okay. Maybe that fight was too much for her. Hey, Pascal, can you get up?
: *Snore*
: How can she sleep after a fight like that?
: Ha! Looks like it's Pascal who's maintaining a cool composure!
: That's not composure, that's just...quirk.

I went the "wrong" way in the dungeon and did the hard puzzle before its tutorial. This is mostly due to the guide mentioning a possible bug.

Skit: Patching the Cracks

: Maybe Pascal could modify it for-
: Not gonna happen.
: Is it too difficult?
: No, it's just booooring! The tech on this baby is ancient; there's nothing to gain from messing with it.
: But, we need you to fix it.
: I said no! Hrmph!
: She actually sounded angry.
: She did, didn't she? That's rare.
: The three of us don't have anything to worry about. I think she's just angry at Hubert.
: Why is she only angry at me?! ...Fine, I guess I'll go apologize. Pascal? Hold on for a moment! ...Pascal?
: You're kinda enjoying this, aren't you, Captain?
: Don't be ridiculous. I'm merely concerned about maintaining harmony within the party.
: And, why do I have such a difficult time believing that?

Rounding out our "areas to find on the world map" is the Oswell vaults mentioned two updates ago.

: Are you sure this is the place, Hubert?
: I am.
: ...Isn't this a little big for a treasury?
: Wait a minute. I thought you said you didn't know about this place, Hubert?
: I thought I didn't, but after coming here, I began to recall memories of it from my childhood.
: With Oswell?
: Yes. As I recall, he brought both Raymond and myself here. In hindsight, he was probably planning something even then...
: Well, yeah. Isn't that obvious?
: What do you mean?
: Quiet! ...What was that?
: Damn...
: What is it, Hubert?
: I'm a fool. I can't believe I forgot...
: You're about to say something really bad, aren't you?
: This treasury is protected by a guardian monster.
: It's getting closer!
: Here it comes!

This is pretty much his entire HP taken off in one combo. He died in under 13 seconds.
: Talk about your lame guardians! ...Now come on, let's go loot some treasure!
: I wonder if the treasury itself has some kind of historic value?
: Hmm, I bet it does.
: Perhaps, but history is history. We need to focus on the here and now.
: You think so? I think history is an important part of this structure's value...
: Well, why don't we go see what's inside?
: Asbel, wait.
Before we fought that monster, you said it was obvious why Oswell brought me here. What did you mean?
: Don't you get it?
: If I got it, I wouldn't be asking you to explain it.
: He brought you here because he had high hopes for you.
: My adoptive father is a schemer and a liar. He always has been.
: Hey, you're the one who just said that history is history.
: This is NOT the same thing.
: Sure it is. Look, even if Oswell is evil to the core, it's still a fact that he treated you well. And that's ultimately what made you the man you are today.
: Ha! You speak as if you were there.
: It's not tough, Hubert. I mean, if he didn't trust you, he wouldn't have chosen you over Raymond.
: *Sigh* Perhaps it would be better if he hadn't. The idea that I was shaped by that man is...difficult.
: Hah! Yeah, well, I think you turned out all right in the end. Now, come on. Let's go.
: Hmm...?

Not sure what this is. Oswell comforting Hubert?

: *Sigh* I'm as naive as Asbel if this is all it takes for me to think fondly of that man...

Lotta good stuff here.

Including this.

Skit: Ill-Gotten Gains

: It's okay to just take stuff out of here?
: Even if they're your family, this doesn't feel right.
: I wouldn't worry about it. Who knows how they even got their hands on this stuff in the first place?
: Stolen?
: Then I'd feel even worse about using it!
: I've no clue whether or not they acquired these items legitimately. But...
: ...But?
: If we use them to defeat Lambda, I don't see how anyone could consider their acquisition to be immoral.
: So you're looking out for your family after all.
: That could be it. ...Or perhaps I'm just trying to justify it to myself. ...Or maybe I just enjoy the sound of my own voice.