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Part 53: CH52: Advanced Sidequests and Sdragons 2nd Edition

CH52: Advanced Sidequests and Sdragons 2nd Edition

Skit: Target Practice

: Sometimes. But I have the same power as Asbel and the others running through me.
: So does that mean you could, like, break a cup from far away?
: Yes. I could do that.
: Then why not give Cheria's back a little poke? But be gentle of course!
: Okay. ...Hngh.
: ...Huh? My bra just...! But I only bought it a few days ago!
: Not cool.
: Bullseye!
: Having fun?
: Yeah!
: Hmm.

Skit: A Desolate World

: No one thought to ask. We were busy with other things when Emeraude was with us.
: Yeah, all the books that I ever found only mentioned the places around here.
: When we came to this world, I was updated with the most recent map and population data. And according to them, there is nothing else.
: Wait, seriously? So there're no other people or towns anywhere?
: Right.
: Boy, we sure got lucky, huh?
: How so?
: Well, if there were other folks kickin' around, we might have had to think twice about taking out Emeraude.
: Haha, sometimes it's totally impossible trying to follow your logic, Pascal.
: ...Oh?

: What do you mean?
: Hmm? Oh, nothing. It's just...nice.
: Men have a thing for power tools.
: Really? Why is that?
: Well, it' know. It's just something I heard a long time ago.
: Did you hear it from a woman?
: ...What makes you think that?
: Hey! What was with the long pause there?
: Cheria's ears perk up at these kinds of topics.
: Come on! All girls get excited by romance! You just seem like a real ladies man, Captain, so I figured...
: Heh. I might have a reputation, but I'm still a bachelor.
: Hmm... That gives me an idea. Come with me!

: What's the problem? It's not like anyone else can wear them?
And besides, he looks good. The ladies are gonna go crazy for him now!
: I don't think he ever said he was having lady trouble to begin with...
: I don't know if all this was necessary, but I have to admit, I look good. Damn good, in fact. Thank you, Cheria.
: You're welcome!♪
: Psh! Of course the ladies will be all over you if you talk like that...

Another costume I rather like.

: Did it bloom?
Item Vendor: It sure did! It's in a flower pot inside the house. Why don't you go take a look?
: Okay.
Item Vendor: It was a melon seed, just like I thought.
: Melon? You mean...the obscenely expensive fruit, melon?!
Item Vendor: The very same. And I'd like to give you the first one.
: Thank you!
Item Vendor: I'll give you the one the little lady is looking at now, with the vine still attached. It's quite valuable.
: No, you should keep it! I'm not sure we have the time or the talent to grow it on our own.
: Besides, everyone would be thrilled if you were to grow and sell melons.
: I agree.
Item Vendor: ...Very well. They'll still be a bit pricey, but I'll sell them at cost so all can benefit.
By the way, your friend's been in there for a while. Let me go check on her.
I think this segment with the "expensive" bit is referencing melons being given as gifts in Japan. Apparently they normal cost is about $20-$40 and some "luxury" melons can reach the $15k range
: How was it?
: It was cute, just like I knew my baby would be. At least, it felt like my baby, anyway.
: Wow, that beautiful, huh?
: I don't know about beautiful. But it definitely looked strong!
: Ha ha. Then it must be Sophie's baby!
Anyway now we have a supply of Melons to make Melon Gels with. If you recall, they boost your max hp (until the battle ends or you die) and heal you a bit.

???: Can I help you?
: Pardon me, but do your parents perchance hail from Barona?
Justin: ...Yes. How did you know that?
: We found a picture of you there.
: Have you seen your parents recently?
Justin: ...No. I went back once to see them, but another family was living in the house.
: And you've been here ever since and stuff. Don't suppose you know where they are now, eh?
Justin: Even if I did, I've no desire to see them.
: Why not?
Justin: Because they abandoned me.
: I'm sure they had a good reason to?
Justin: Look, I don't need the sympathy of strangers.
: If I can ask, why haven't you tried to see them?
Justin: Because...
: ...Because of pride. You miss them at first, but in time that pain turns to anger. Soon, you feel as if you can never forgive them.
: Hubert...
Justin: I'm sorry, do you always walk up to strangers and try to analyze them? ...Because it's starting to tick me off.
: I hardly think?
: Wait. Please. ...Please don't fight.
Justin: ...Hmph.
: That was unlike you, Hubert.
: As far as I know... Your father put up a request in Sable Izolle. He wanted someone to find you.
I turned in the picture before this, but there was no scene there.
Justin: My father is in Sable Izolle?
: You hate him. You want to get back at him. You want to ask him why he did it.
Justin: Um, can you just answer the question?
: But that only lasts as long as he's still around. Once he's gone, you'll finally understand how meaningless it all was.
Justin: Okay, what the hell are you talking about?!
: I'll tell you what I'm talking about!
I'm telling you to go to Sable Izolle!
: Hubert?
: And I'll keep telling you until you get it through your thick skull! Go see your father! Go today! Because once he's gone, it will be too damn late...!
Justin: ...Whoa.
: I...I'm sorry. That was out of line.
: Oh, I don't know. I've seen worse.
: I think he got your point at least.
: That's for sure!
: Oh, by all means. Rub it in.
: Tee hee!
: No points for guessing who he's really mad at.

Justin: Still, I was able to talk with my father a little bit. It was awkward, but...I'm glad I did. I wouldn't have gone if it hadn't been for you, I want you to have this.
Nothing special, just a Carbon Rod (which is a request item for a no-plot request somewhere and also vendors for a fair chunk; you can make them fairly easily).

: There was a playwright at the inn in Velanik, trying to lift the spirits of the people.

: What seems to be the problem? Do you need help?
: Perhaps, fair miss. For you see, I am a playwright! The villagers here bear a countenance most dour, and so I thought to stage a play in the hopes of raising good cheer.
: That sounds wonderful!
: But alas! My words do fail me! For when I strike pen to paper, I find the muse of wit has fled. The disappointment of the villagers will be most palpable, and I cannot bear to face them thus.
: Oh, that's awful! Asbel, we have to help him. What should he write about?!
: I...don't really know what he's talking about. Sorry.
: Perhaps you could write about the love between two brothers?
: Hubert, I never expected to hear something like that from you.
: What about the bond between a master and pupil?
: Hee hee! Oh, I'm sorry, Captain. You just sound so serious right now!
: Alas, my friends, that will not do. I must have a subject to which all can relate-from the noblest king to the most squalid groundling!
: I thought my idea was pretty good...
: Think back upon the halcyon days of your childhood, fair miss. Was there aught which brought you comfort?
: Um...well... I used to pretend I was a princess?
: A princess...? Gadzooks! You have the right of it! But curse the day! I have no sources from which I might draw inspiration.
: Um...I suppose we could help you collect some.
: A fairer bargain has never been struck, my good lad! I shall inform the innkeeper of my needs at once!

Skit: Fire in the Hole

: Hey, Captain! You should use your cryas artes to make a fire for 'em!
: You want me to build a fire...? Well, I guess that would work. But surely you can make fire yourself, Pascal.
: Aw, you don't want me. I'm so powerful, I'd end up setting the whole place ablaze!
: So you're saying that my cryas artes are better suited for this sort of thing?!
: Um, Captain?
: Your powers are just more subdued, Captain. No need to be ashamed!
: I can take you on any day of the week, Pascal.
Why don't we have a little competition to see who can make the smallest fire?
: The smallest? Well, there's no way I can beat you at that, Captain, but all right.
: I will begin. ...Hwa!
: Hee hee! That's totally tiny! ...Okay, my turn. Giiiyo!
: Hwa.
: Gyarg.
: Not bad. ...Fu.
: Whaaaat? You didn't make any flames at all!
: Ah, but I did. You just can't match the precise control I have over my artes.
: Oh yeah? Watch this! ...Ha.
: The Captain really does have a lot of skill...
: ...No comment.

: Now I can begin my script for true!
: Good luck! We can't wait to see it.
: It is not work to be approached with a light hand, but I trust you shall handle it admirably!
: Handle...what?
; Why, the performance of course!
: Um... I'm sorry, but I don't think I understand.
; You shall be my actors! You will don the cap and caper beneath the proscenium arch!
: W-Wait a second! We don't know the first thing about acting!
: Actually, I used to be in an improv troupe.
; No one asked you!
: Fear not, my friends. The light of talent shines upon you all. And you, fair miss, shall have the starring role!
: ...I get to be a princess?
Guys? We are so doing this!
: I had costumes woven from strips of old burlap and the dreams of children, so make haste and put them on!
:'t written anything yet.
: No matter! The muse of words shall flow through me like lightning! Oh, and you men will need to change outside.

: Wow... It's the princess dress I've always dreamed of! And I bet the princess gets a handsome prince...
: Yeah, whatever! Where's my costume?
: And mine?

: How very splendid for you.
: ...I can't believe I have to wear this ridiculous outfit.
: Captain? That's nothing compared to mine.

: They were eventually corralled into putting on the play. I think they even managed to rehearse - once.

: Oh, what a lovely sky, and lovely trees, and lovely forest creatures! The only thing more lovely is my happiness! Come to me, my friends! Tee hee! Tee hee hee hee.
: Holy shit.
: Princess Cheri White was beloved by all for her kind heart and loveliness.
But meanwhile, back at the castle...

Middle-Aged Man: Geez, he's terrible!
: (Why do I have to be the stupid queen? ...My legs feel naked. And these expository lines are absurd! No one talks like this!)
Middle-Aged Man: Hey, that queen kinda looks like the lieutenant from Strahta's military.
: (Oh, crap! If they find out who I am, I'll never be able to show my face in Strahta again! No one can know of this fiasco!
...Very well, then. If they want an evil queen, then an evil queen they shall have!)
: Holy falsetto!
: Bwaaa ha ha ha! Mirror, mirror, on the wall! Who's the fairest out of everybody?!
...What?! It's ME?! Oh, do go on!
Middle-Aged Man: Hmm, I must be wrong. The lieutenant wouldn't be caught dead doing something like this...

: Ahem! Listen to me, mirror! I must confirm that I am the most beautiful woman in all the land.
: Bzzt! Wrong! The new winner of the world's most beautiful girl contest is Princess Cheri White! Yaaay!
Princess Cheri White, you say? Blast! There must be some mistake!
: Dude, I don't make mistakes. I'm a mirror!
: That loathsome, insolent, wretch of a child! How I hate her!
But wait... If I were to kill her with this poison Apple Gel...
: The queen sent the poisoned Apple Gel to Princess Cheri White... Who was at the time living in the forest with some gnomes.

: Goodbye, Mr. Gnome! Good luck!
: I'll be back in a jiffy, Princess.
: Oh! It is a present! I wish I knew who had sent me such a lovely present!
Oh! It is an Apple Gel! I shall eat it right away!
: ...Urk! Oh no! I have been poisoned! At this rate, I shall surely die!

: I did it! I did it! Once again, the most beautiful woman in the world is ME!
: Yay, you!
: B-Boo hoo! P-P-Princess Cheri White Waaaaaaaaah!
Why?! Why did you have to die?!
: Just then, a prince who was passing by appears in an amazing coincidence.

: I say, Mr. Gnome. Who is this lovely young woman?
: Th-This is...Princess Cheri White... Someone sent her a poisoned Apple Gel. She ate it and then she died.
That's terrible. Let me awaken her with my kiss.
: you like! Boo hoo hoo!

: Now, Princess Cheri White! Awaken to my kiss!
Middle-Aged Man: Encore! Encore!
: Huh?

: It was a miracle! And then she and the prince may or may not have lived happily ever after. But what of the evil queen that sent the poison Apple Gel? She soon heard of Princess Cheri White's miraculous recovery. She then smashed her glasses, and ripped her skirt, and pulled a curtain from the wall.

While this is going on, Sophie rambles on about stuff. It's kind of hard to hear, so here's a transcription.
: Consumed with rage, the Queen smashed the magic mirror into pieces. As rumors that the only magic mirror in the world had been lost spread among the townspeople, the forest gnomes, of which there were seven by the way, entered into a long labor dispute with the nobility over the rights to mythril mines. In fact, the nobles that owned the mines were relatives of the Queen, and as the labor dispute grew more intense, the nobles gradually lost power. Eventually people forgot that the nobles ever existed, and their names disappeared from the annals of history for all time.
: Y-Yes...
(Oh my gosh, he's so close! ...I think I'm embarrassed.)
: So...uh... I guess we have to stay like this until they stop clapping, huh? Um, Cheria? Your face looks kind
: It's nothing!
What's gotten into you?
: ...?

: ...Hmm?

: Did something happen with Asbel and Cheria?
: I think they're still a bit dazed from that kiss.
: How absurd! Only a child would swoon over a fake stage kiss!
: Indeed.
At any rate, our performance is finished. We should return to the task at hand.
: One moment please, Sir Captain!
: Yes?
: Your performance was truly a revelation! I was taken to my knees by the force of your spirit!
: ...You were?
: In honor of this, I bestow upon you the title of Best Supporting Actor!
: Well, I suppose I am a little old for the lead. But, thanks. I'll take it.
This was pretty cool, but there's one thing wrong here. We dont' get any costumes from this!

Skit: They're So Method

: I thought it would be rude to show the audience a poor performance.
: Got that pro mentality, huh?
: Hmm, I wonder. If others see it as such, then perhaps I do.
: Asbel. Cheria. What's wrong?
: What do you mean?
: You both seem strange.
: No, we just got a little wrapped up in our performance. That's all.
: Yeah, that's it.
: They say real actors have trouble leaving a role after a performance. You two must be extremely talented!
: Yeah, that must be it.
: H-Heh...
: Heh.

: We seem to have drifted from the normal route.
Sailor: Huh? You mean you...didn't know? I'd keep that information to yourself if I were you.
: What do you mean?
Sailor: We're sailing out to meet another ship. One that the government doesn't...know about.
: Wait a second. You're smugglers?!
Sailor: Uh, well...yeah. I guess you could say that. ...Oh, look! We're here!

: Well, this is an odd sight.
: But this is wrong, isn't it? Shouldn't we do something?
: Governments don't always work with only the people's best interests in mind. I recommend we keep our noses out of it.
Sailor: M-Monsters! They're attacking from the sky!
: Oh right, I remember that they ordered sea travel stopped due to monster attacks. With the cocoon popped, there should be less of them for the moment but still problematic.
: Asbel!
: Everyone, get back! We'll take care of this! Take cover inside the ship!
: Here they come!

16 seconds total.
: Phew... It looks like everyone's okay.
Sailor: You saved us! Oh, thank you!
When I think about what might have happened, it scares me to death! Here. Please take this as thanks.
Barmaster: Malik? Is that you?
: Well, I'll be damned. It's the bartender from Tactics!
: Good to see you again.
Barmaster: Hey there! ...Asbel, wasn't it? What a surprise to see you here.
: Who's this?
: He runs a pub in Barona. ...But wait. What are you doing here, anyway?
Barmaster: I've had some trouble stocking liquor as of late. So I booked passage on this ship when it left for Strahta.
: What about the pub?
Barmaster: She's doing just fine. Though I'd love to have you behind the bar for a spell, if you've got the time.
: I'm afraid I'll have to take a rain check.
Barmaster: Well, if you ever need a job, you know where to find me. We'd be happy to have you.
Sailor: Hang on, everyone. We're heading back to Zavhert.

Skit: Two Birds

: Hey-o!
: Gya! C'mon, Pascal!
: That funny-hat guy you were just talking to is the Chancellor of Fendel, yeah?
: Yes. And he was kind enough to offer a few words to me.
: Hey, Captain, isn't that big ol' boomerang thing hard to use?
: It's worth it to make my foes fear my opening move.
: You looked happy about that conversation, Captain!
: It means a lot to a man who once abandoned his country. Especially since our
: So it's like an intimidation tactic?
: Wouldn't you be intimidated by a foe whose attacks you couldn't anticipate?
: A "personal run-in"? What happened?! Tell me, I want to hear the story!
: Where do you even get a weapon like that?
: It's a trade secret. ...That's my answer to both of you.
: (He disarmed them both with one swing! Clever indeed, Captain. ...I'd better note this in my journal.)

: Muh?
Spy: Huh. There's a lot more of you than I thought.
: Oh yeah?
Spy: Well, whatever. Here's the sketch.
It'll show you right where to plant the bomb in the tower.
: Wait, a bomb? What are you talking about?
Spy: The bomb! The big bomb that's going to... H-Hey! You're not part of our group!
: This guy is terrible.
: Hold it right there.
Spy: Get outta my way! ...Wait a second. You're Malik Caesar!
: Captain, you know this creep?
: No, but I can see how he'd know me.
: Why's that?
Spy: Malik Caesar is a legend! He's one of the original founders of our movement!
: Is that true?!
: Yes, it is. Kurt and I founded it together.
Spy: So why are you interfering with our plans?! First Kurt betrays us, and now you too?!
: I don't expect you to understand.
Spy: Then get out of my way!
: Hold on a sec, Captain!
: What?
: Look, Captain Malik's just trying to help Fendel.
: ...Pascal?
Spy: What would some Amarcian know about Fendel's woes?!
: Maybe I don't know about your woes or whatever, but I DO know that if you keep this up, you're gonna hurt a lot of people.
Spy: We know all about the valkines. That's why we're trying to overthrow the current government.
: Yeah, well...maybe you could just hold off on blowing stuff up for a little bit. ...Like, please?
Spy: Hmm... Just what are you up to? You almost sound like you're willing to...let me go.
: That sounds fine to me. Whaddya say, Captain?
: ...All right. Go on, get out of here.
: Are we sure about this?
: If Pascal says it's okay, it's okay.
: Uh oh. That's a lot of responsibility.
: We're all just trying to help this country in our own ways. Pascal's no different.
: Yeah, I gotta watch out for my sister and all.
: It's not just that. You're in the same boat as us, after all.
: Hmm?
We get the "Patriot of Fendel" title for Pascal.

Skit: Inspiring Ire

: What makes you say that, Cheria?
: I mean, everyone else is so strong. I can't fight nearly as well. All I can do is provide healing, you know? So-
: The hell is wrong with you, little girl? You're dishing out gigantic lightning spells.
: Hey, that's an extremely important skill! Cheria, I need you.
: Asbel!
: Just like I need Sophie, Hubert, the Captain, and even Pascal.
Everyone has different talents and roles, and we're all stronger for it.
: Stop. Just...stop.
: But it always used to cheer me up when the Captain gave that speech.
: Forgive me, Cheria.
: Huh? What was that?

: Huh. You're right.
: I bet there's a lot of geeks working in a place like this!
: Geeks?
: For sure! I had a friend like that. He was all into some show called the so-and-so Rangers.
: ......
: What is it?
: Hmm? Did I say something?
: Hey! We totally have enough people here to form one of those ranger brigades!
Okay, Little Bro, you'll be Blue.
: Shouldn't I be Red?
: ...Huh?
: You think? I'm pretty sure Asbel should be Red. And Cheria's Pink, of course. Sophie can be White, the Captain can be Black...
: So that makes me Blue just by process of elimination?!
: Hmm? What exactly is back there?
: Shall we take a look?
: I guess? But I've got a bad feeling about this...
: C'mon! Go go Rangers!

: (This is Hubert... moving out!)

: Asbel, how about whoever lands the finishing blow gets to be Red?
: What the heck are you talking about?!
: I won't hold back!

: So who finished it?!
: All right, all right, sorry to bring this up right after a battle and stuff, but I've got an idea!
: What now?
: Don't you think I'm more of a commander type than one of the colors?
: ...Wh-What are we talking about now?
: I disagree. Pascal, position-wise you're Yellow, but your character behavior is clearly Green.
: I give up...

This makes Pascal's joke weapon

Barmaster: Listen, I need to go pick up some stock. You mind tending the bar for a few minutes?
Thanks! It's almost closing time, so it shouldn't be too busy.

Man: Hmm... Surprise me.
: You got it.

: It signifies hope for the future.
Man: Hope for the future... My family business hasn't been doing so well lately. I've been pretty bummed. I guess it's obvious, huh?
: Just a coincidence. Hope I didn't offend you.
Man: Nah. In fact, now I feel like trying harder than ever.
: Great. Well, then? Hm?
Woman: Wait! Please!

Woman: I-I'm sorry! Please don't be angry.
Young Man: I'm...tired. I just want out.
Woman: No! Please don't say that!
Young Man: ......
Woman: Come on, it was just a stupid argument.
Young Man: ...It's not just today. Being with a high-born woman like you only serves to remind me of my own miserable station...
Woman: Th-Then I'll run away from home!
Young Man: Heh, you don't get it, do you? That's just the kind of thing I don't need to hear!
: Drink?
Woman: Leave me alone.

: It's on the house.
Woman: I don't need your sympathy.
: All right, then. I'll drink it.
Woman: Wait. ...What is it called?
: "Mabo Curry Toddy." It signifies hope for the future.
Woman: Hope...
*Sniff...* *Sniff...* *Sob...* Ohhhhhhhhhhh...
:He's not worth your time.
Just put him aside and let this toddy warm your heart.

*Sigh* It happened again, eh?
Thanks for your help last night. You know you're always welcome.
: You all done, Captain?
: Yeah.

: You don't need me anymore. Besides, if you need another Mabo Curry Toddy, you can just ask the owner here.
Woman: Hee hee! You're such a flirt...
: Do you know her, Captain?
: I'll tell you later.
...About lots of things.

Time to finish up Shot Cube!

Dilettante: Wow, clearing all those puzzles by yourself is pretty amazing, Pascal! I knew you were special. That's all the challenges I could think of, but if you want to try them again, just let me know.

Skit: Puzzle Master

: Hardly felt like work at all! The rest of you should have given it a try, too!
: I'm not good at this at all. But Hubert's not bad!
: You called?
: I was just telling Pascal how good you are with puzzles.
: Really?
: They are indeed a specialty of mine. Shall I give you a demonstration with a game of Shot Cube?
: I already cleared the whole thing!
: Well, perhaps there's a similar puzzle elsewhere in town?
: I don't think so.
: Maybe in someone's home?
: Nope!
: Well...then what about a children's toy?!
: Bzzzt!
: sHaha, he's always been a bit over-competitive.

: There was a suspicious energy signature in the ruins of the cocoon that they took a look at.

: Huh? Who said that?
: It's coming from over there.

: I think it's some kind of data storage device.
: Hold on. It's not finished...

: As a result, she can no longer...
I am responsible for what happened to her...
: Director, could you take a look at the new specs for version 6.0?
: ......
: Director?
: Y-Yes, of course.
A humanoid designed to stabilize particles, eh? If it could heal itself, it'd be capable of completely autonomous behavior. It wouldn't need to rely on humans. This idea seems sound. We'd better- Whoops!

: It would have been unacceptable... I didn't dare respond to her feelings.

: Perhaps because I never had any children of my own.
: Are you sure about this, Director?
: Emeraude...
I'm sorry, but I'm very busy right now.
: Very well...

: I didn't want to believe it. I chose instead to believe in the Cornell who had taken responsibility for me.
Which left only one possible reason for this behavior. ...Research Subject A.
We won't be needing him anymore.

: Final adjustments are complete. Your target is Research Subject A. When the time comes... you'll know what to do.

: Most of that was lost on me.
: Can you fix it, Pascal?
: I dunno. It's pretty old.
: What should we do?
: About fixing it?
: No, with the device.
: Well, for now I guess we should take it.
: Okay. We can give it back once we find its owner.

This has gotten REALLY LONG so I'll split it here. That means that there will be an update on Friday as well as Saturday or Sunday. The skits that were in the video but not this update will be in there.