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Part 55: CH53: Sidequests and Sdragons, Third Edition

CH53: Sidequests and Sdragons, Third Edition

: Three Valkines, three dragons.

I really do NOT want to do the "thirty minute hoedown" here.

Instead, I'm going to drop the difficulty and let the AI fight it out for me. Because

On Chaos, he has 999,999hp, because this game seems to have a cap there.

Unlike the other dragons, he has regular red fire.

It also has the most annoying breath pulse weapon.

LOOK AT THAT. It is super-super wide.

The dragon is copying Malik's spells now.

I guess that's a LITTLE more appropriate as a fire spell than a water one.

Better look at photon burst.

The AI has a tendency to not spread out properly that gets it nailed a few times.

AAAAnd now I kinda have to step in.

If he'd aimed for Sophie there I'd have been back where I started.

After that it was smooth sailing to the end.

: Upon my creation, I was born of this land to serve as its protector.
: You're doing a great job.
: Did you say creation? Do you also then know how this land was formed?
: At first, the world was but a single color. Then Forbrannir began to gather fire eleth. As a result, this land became a place of snow.
: So the valkines cryas is responsible for Fendel's winter weather?
: So...things will get warmer here now that the valkines has stopped functioning?
: Incorrect.
: What?
: Only when all three valkines functioned did this become a land capable of supporting and sustaining life. Valkines cryas are essential to this world. They gather eleth from its core and so preserve the land. Heat. Light. Cold. Dark. If the valkines cryas are lost, then all will fall with them.
: ...What do you mean?
: Are you following this, Pascal?
: He's saying that without eleth, our world will lose its ability to create and sustain life.
: So Forbrannir was both hurting and saving Fendel at the same time...
: If the valkines cryas do not function, the land will revert to a single color. My task is to guard the valkines. ...Not to protect life. If this land is unwanted, it shall be discarded. I give you the freedom to choose. Do you seek a living world? Or do you seek death?
: There is no choice for us. We will overcome any and all challenges this world holds.
: Your determination is admirable. Here, take this with you.
Do not forget that determination, humans. For determination alone can save you now...
So now we have all 3 Cryases from the dragons, but no place to do anything with them on the entire planet (or the other planet). Weird.

Skit: Just Between us Gals

: Me too-Er, I mean...
: Shouldn't we get something to eat soon? We're all hungry!
: I'm not hungry, but I'll make something if you want.
: Is Cheria upset about something?
: I don't think so.
: Are you sure? 'Cause she hasn't really been eating much.
: She said it's been a tight fit lately.
: Huh?
: It's girl talk. Don't worry about it.
: ...What?
: Her waistline! ...Dude, don't you get it? She's totally chubbing out!
: Shut up! I am NOT chubbing out!
: Chubbyyyy chubbyyyy! Take it, Sophie!
: Chubbyyyy...chubbyyy... Hmm?
: In case you were wondering, Nova attacks don't really hurt Sophie at all, but hurt Pascal normally.

: Pascal and Sophie wanted to keep their promise to the Humanoid.

: What is it?
: Hey, Sophie. Is this the lab where you were made?
: As I remember it, yes. They made lots of other humanoids here, too.
: Hold on. You're not planning to make a new humanoid, are you?!
: Maaaaybe. And maybe not!
Hey, lemme see that memory core, would you?
: Okay...
: Now if I mix this with a few choice materials, we can totally bring her back to life!
: You said you couldn't fix her once she had ceased activity...?
: Yeah, I say a lot of stuff. I wasn't really thinking about the core. All her memories should still be in here.
: Please do it, Pascal.
: This'll be totally easy! I just have to copy those blueprints from the records room. Sweet! Now let's get the materials and get to work!

Crystals are used to upgrade weapons into different, usually more powerful (but often specialized in a particular area) weapons. I don't use them much because I haven't had to give a shit. They're one of three things that you can dualize with weapons, the others being shards and a more complicated thing, both of which later in the update.
: Are you sure, Pascal? Not even the ancient Amarcians were able to do this...
: If anyone can pull it off, it's Pascal. Let's just stand back and see what happens.
: Okay...
: Finished!
: It looks like everything went well.
: Yeah, pretty much. Oh, and Sophie will be all happy to hear that it's just what she wanted.
: What she...wanted?
: She said she wanted to be like you, yeah?
: Wait. Are you saying you made a self-aware humanoid?!
: ...Where is she?
: Yes, Pascal. Where is she?
: Feast your eyes on the prize! Here we gooooo!

Any idea what the Japanese on the collar says?
: That's... It's... I mean, it certainly resembles Sophie, but... I can't help but think something's off...
: TA-DAAAAA! Well, come on! Whaddya think? Huh? Huh?
Doesn't she look just like Sophie?!
: Um, yes? Yes, she...certainly does.
: (Is this really okay...?)
: ...Code 765... Signal... All clear... Hello, Sophie. It's been a while!

: Thank you so much, Pascal.
: Thanks, Pascal!
: I am the greatest scientist EVEEEER!
: (...Sometimes, Pascal truly scares me...)
If you talk to Mecha-Sophie, she mentions coming to aid Pascal if she calls for her. We get the title "Brainiac" which gives us the Arte "Fangirl Dream" that I'll show you later.

: Let's plant these cat pine seeds.

There's one last part of the Seed quest. Now when we come back we'll have a cat follow us everywhere in Lhant.

Here's an example of how crystal dualizing works. Fame and Faith is a weapon for Richard, but it's also an inn request item.

And now we're dualizing it with a shard. Shards don't change what the weapon is, but they can give it stat bonuses, change the quality (which can have its own effects and bonuses), and add effects (which are usually but not always stat bonuses). This is REALLY COMPLICATED. That's a 31 printed page guide Anyway the reason we're doing this is that the inn request wants the weapon to have a specific quality.

Anyway, after you dualize the weapon, it is untempered. After a certain number of battles (Lhant Hill hint hint) you temper it, which allows it to be dualized with another tempered weapon.

When you do so, it removes the highest effect from each (ok not always but fuck it, read that guide if you care) and creates a gem with those effects, which goes in the charm/gem slot.

Right now Hubert wears a Paralysis charm, which protects against the status but has no other bonuses. You can have hybrid charms, such as Paralysis-Poison, but they only work 84% of the time or something. Anyway this isn't the ideal gem by any means.

Remember that girl we helped a while back by finding her gemcrafter's tools? Well she can polish gems. It's sort of what you'd expect - you pay money to upgrade your gems. The downside is that the time to do it is measured in REAL TIME.

Anyway, there's another reason to upgrade your weapons besides just getting gems and making them stronger. You also raise their value each time you dualize them (in theory, it's once again complicated; read the guide if you care).

Anyway I eventually sell them, getting Asbel's "Master Craftsman" title. In Japan this was called "Supreme Weapon Human National Treasure" which sounds much cooler. I then proceed to blow the money on increasing my stamp collection. GO ME

: After the shopping spree, they went to the Coliseum to psyche themselves up for fighting Lambda.
We're starting from floor six, since I beat floor five last time I was hear. Each segment of five floors is an individual battle. As you recall, we're doing these fights alone and with only the following items: 3 Grape Gels (70% heal), 3 Syrup Bottles (prevent but do not remove debuffs), and an Hourglass (Time Stop).

Emcee: Wait. Did I just say you could run? It seems that was a liiiiiiie! Win or go home! Kill or be killed! You either walk out on your feet or crawl out on your knees! Now, prepare for the next wave! Are you ready? GOOOOOOOO!

Here's a trick of Hubert's I almost never used before.

By holding the x button during a 3CC A-arte, you get Vital Flare, which hits once AND heals you for 20% max hp. Not bad!

Emcee: Is this a dream?! I don't believe what I just saw! The challenger survives yet again!
Folks, the battle rages on! Does our challenger have anything left? Doesn't matter! I'm not listening! The greatest battles are fought without mercy! Here comes the next round! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

The greatest danger of most of these fights is getting dogpiled by a whole bunch of enemies. If they surround you, you're in a world of hurt.

This guy hits hard but once you figure out what he's going to do he's just not gonna land enough hits.

Emcee: Holy moly, man, woman, and child, did that ever put 'em in the aisles! The challenger survives to fight another day!
I hope there's something left in the tank, because.... We've! Still! Got! More! To! ... Gooooooooooooooo!

The hard part here is that these guys have a fast-casting melee-range spell, and they float to make themselves hard to hit well.

Wolves are weak but fast and there's a lot of them.

The tourney got split into parts due to a limit Apple put on Quicktime X's upload to youtube feature.
Emcee: The challenger wins the pennant! The challenger wins the pennant! Of course, we don't have a pennant, but survival is good enough!
We're starting to see some light at the end of this tunnel! But is it salvation? Or is it a traaaaaaaain? Go big or go home! Stand up or slink off! Get rich or die tryin'! What'll it be? Let's get this party started so we can find out! And now! Here! We! Gooooooooooooooo!

Fuck. Slimes. These will immobilize you, which with Hubert is bad with a capital BAD.

Fuck these Artesealing bastards too.

Now they've gotten smart and are throwing minibosses at us in pairs. The important thing here is to hit both of them with your attacks, and kill the ranged one first.

However they're not the real boss of this segment, this guy is.

This guy is super annoying. Mostly because of this

He takes out a teacup and saucer and sips his tea.

Sometimes he spits his tea out as a breath weapon, that's not too bad.

Or he could do this instead.

Yeah that's a motherfucking homing, unblockable projectile.

It's still hitting me 20 feet up. Also note what he's fucking doing, the fucker. So if you get unlucky it's possible he could stunlock you like this, although I've never had it happen very long.

Emcee: They won! They won! The challenger won! If we had a band, it would be on the field right now!
But now... Oh, now... Are you ready for this?? When you see this battle coming, you'd best step aside. A lot of warriors didn't...and a lot of warriors died! But now, a new challenger brings hope back to the peak! Will they be hailed as a hero? Or fall to the dustbin of history?! It's time for the final battle! Get ready! Get set! Goooooooooooooo!

I was wrong about what needs to get fucked. It's bats.

This is where I got beat a few times due to getting dogpiled and stunlocked to death.

These guys, though, are just too much to chew through on Chaos at this level.

So I turned it down to Evil. Turns out that they were the last fight, so I figure getting to them on Chaos is good enough.

Emcee: Do you believe in miracles? Yes! The challenger has become the victor! What lofty goal will our new champion set their eyes upon next?!

: At that point the moving fight ring reached the very top of the tower.

: Looks like this is the last floor.

: You know of us?
: You fought on this island before. I sensed your power even then.
: We are honored to be known by one of the guardians.
: It seems you've traveled the length and breadth of this world.
: How could you know such a thing?
: I watched you from here.
: No way! You can't follow us around from the top of a tower!
: I grew up in the mountains. My eyesight is excellent.
I seek information that you may be able to provide me with...
: What information?
: I'm...searching for something.
: That's awfully vague. I don't suppose you'd tell us what it is?
: Don't tell me this is the reason you became a guardian in the first place?
: Correct. And I cannot give up until I find what I seek.
: It must be relative. Or a lover. ...Or an old friend that's like a sister to you! That must be it!
: If we win, will you tell us what it is you seek?
: Hubert, wait!
: This will ensure that he gives all to the fight.
: And that's a good thing?
: We came here to test our strength. To battle against a hesitant guardian would defeat the purpose.
: Hmm... I suppose you're right.
: And if I win? ...You will tell me everything you know.
: Deal.
: Prepare yourselves!

So this was a fucking mistake to fight on Chaos at this time.

He's an ice-themed swordsman, so his Mystic Arte is, well, ...

Unfortunately we had some bad timing here, and...

No res=fight over.

Welp I couldn't get here on Chaos, no reason to expect I could win it (other than the whole "party" thing). Might should have tried Evil first but fuck it.

He's not as tough, but he's still dangerous.

He's got a few moves that resemble Asbel's. This one reminds me of Phantom Slash a bit.

Close one! I hate missing out on XP.

Err, SP. I hate missing out on SP.

: And now you must keep your word. What are you searching for?
: ...A sword.
: Oh...
: You sound disappointed.
: I'm just a bit of a romantic is all. Don't mind me!
: It is the strongest sword I can wield. My entire will is bent upon finding it. But, for various reasons, I am unable to leave this place and search it out.
: Well, maybe we could look for you.
: You that?
: We would, yes. There's still a lot of the world we want to see, after all.
: how people live together.
: Um...yeah, I suppose.
: Living together... Yes, I like the sound of that.
: If we find something, we will bring it here straightaway.
: Check this island's requests for further details. And...thank you.
: We make no guarantees, but we will try our best.
: I am in your debt.

We actually have that sword, it's the one we got from finishing the Dark Wings sidequest. I'll turn it in to him at the Inn.
Anyway, Veigue there is from Tales of Rebirth, where he's the main protagonist.

Skit: Cry Babies

: Not enough? Really? Are you still berserking out?
: You're darn tootin'! I could have kept going for hours!
: Pascal's a girl, Captain. Girls don't go "berserking out".
: But it wasn't enough! I need more! MORE! Waaagh! Whaaaaaagh! Waaaaaaagh!
: Okay, enough! Just calm down and I'll cook you a banana pie.
: Yay!
: Wahh! Wahh! Wahh!
: Don't copy her, Sophie. If you're hungry, just say so.
: ...Uwaahh! Uwaahh!
: Pascal's infecting everyone.
: Aooo-ga! Aoooo-ga!
: Grr!
: What? Everyone else was doing it.
: *Siiiigh...*
: (Oh, dear.)

The dudes on floor 20 dropped a map we turn in.

: Nicely done. I knew I could rely on you. Now it's only a matter of time before the hostages are freed.
: Um, Mr. President?
: Yes?
: Have you considered the possibility that someone behind the scenes has been pulling the strings?
: Good point. If so, then we just have to-
: At ease, Asbel.
: What? How come?
: ......
: Hubert's concerns extend beyond simply identifying whether or not such a person might exist.
: Don't worry, Hubert. Oswell is not behind this.
: Ahhh...
: Sir, did you know that my father was... That he was...
: I've heard talk, yes. But I can assure you that he had nothing to do with this particular incident.
: I...I see. Thank you, Mr. President. Please forgive me for speaking out of turn.
: Forgiveness denied.
: ...What?
: Unless! ...You do me a favor.
: A favor, sir?
: You may bring it over now.
I want you to take this.
: W-Wait. Is that...
: I want you to use this when you fight. Consider it a...penance of sorts.
: I...see...
: This is an order from your president himself. Dissent will not be tolerated! *Snick*
We get Hubert's joke weapon item, but I don't have the proper weapon to dualize with it.

In the Fendel Mountain Pass...

: What's wrong?
Scoop: The Overseer told me to come out here and investigate this area for minerals. Buuut...there's a problem.
: What kinda problem?
Scoop: Huh? Is that...?
Pascal! I thought that was you.
: Does the Overseer's request have something to do with the valkines?
Scoop: Yeah. She wants me to investigate the effects of the valkines being depleted of eleth.
: So things really are that bad?
Scoop: What do you mean?
: You were looking at the wall and saying things were really bad...
Scoop: Oh, that? Yeah, I was talking about something else. See, the rock bed here is a lot tougher than I thought. All I brought with me is this dumb old spade, and it's not strong enough to get good samples.
: Whew... I thought it was a real problem for a second.
Scoop: It's a real problem to me! ...Look, what I really need is a drill. I don't suppose you have one?
: A drill? Not handy, no... But I think Fourier's got a bunch of 'em in her room!
Scoop: Oh! Could you bring me one? Pretty please?! Right now I'm just spinning my wheels here! In fact, here. Go ahead and take my spade. Consider it a down payment on the drill.

: Here you go.
Scoop: Aw, thanks a million. Sorry to make you go through all that trouble.
: You're telling me. It's not like we're sittin' around eating bon-bons all day!
Scoop: Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean-
: No, it's fine.
: It is?
: It's true we have some pressing things we need to get done. But there are limits to what all we can do, you know?
: ...Yeah, I guess.
: If we keep helping where we can, good things should come our way, and that'll make life easier for us.
: You mean like with Sophie and Richard or whatever?
: Yeah, I think so. I realize I'm not saying it very well,'s like something my mom used to say: Some things can't be rushed; so in those times, you just have to know your limits and do what you can.
: Your mom sounds like one smart cookie! Where's she now?
: She died when I was little.
: Awkward.
Scoop: ...Try not to rush things. All right. From now on, I'm gonna just take my time and do the best I can! And's time to work!
: I'm totally inspired now, too! Let's go find something to do or whatever!
: Yes, let's go help as many people as we can!

So unless I missed one somewhere, the very last sidequest we've got to do is to get some Rockgagong fur. Shut the fuck up about carta. Let's do this. When you play the Rockgagong flute, you have the option to go inside it or to fight it.

There's a confirmation option here. Because it will fuck you up.

I think this may be the biggest thing you actually fight in any Tales game.


Dude is really reasonable for someone who looks so much like Joseph Stalin.

Researcher: You sure this is right? It looks kinda...funky.
: Huh? Is this your way of being grateful?
: I'll have you know, we risked our lives for that fur.
Researcher: It must have been a pretty tough nut to crack, huh?
; Tough's not the word for it.
Researcher: Yeah, I guess it's just grown too damn big for its own good.
: Grown too big?
Researcher: Yeah, kinda like you.
: Nobody asked about me!
Researcher: The Rockgagong is special. It's been super-strong since the day it was born. For the last two hundred years, it's ruled alone at the top of the food chain.
: Are you worried about it damaging the local ecosystem?
Researcher: The people of Strahta say it's a kind, gentle creature, and they're not wrong. But I fear that the years have finally begun to damage its mind. The beast will only grow more aggressive unless someone gives it a good thrashing.
: A man of Fendel might be pleased about such a development, especially if it led to trouble for Strahta.
Researcher: Yeah, yeah, I'm sure that SOME people would think like that. But I'm not some people. I'm me.
: You still don't make any sense. And yet...I think I'm starting to believe you. Perhaps you'd care to join us the next time we face the Rockgagong? We could certainly use your knowledge.
Researcher: Naw, I gotta pass. My eyes are real bad, see, and I need some new glasses. But good luck! Besides, I don't want to get caught in the middle of two monsters fighting.
: Who are you calling a monster?
Researcher: Look, I'm just saying. You're pretty big...

Needless to say we're going to wait a bit to beat the Rockgagong.

Anyway, there's one more thing we can do at the Arena: The Master Class.
It's exactly the same as the normal arena, except you must do it all in one go and you must use a different character for each floor.

Couple spells from Pascal we haven't seen.

Celestial Eight has the biggest area of any of Pascal's Artes, sorta.

Trinity Bit puts 3 bits around Pascal that explode when they collide with an enemy.

Fangirl Dream summons Mecha-Sophie to shoot the enemy full of missiles and lasers.

Now whenever we get to the top (even in normal mode IIRC)... have to fight him mano-a-mano Needless to say I'm not doing that just yet.

: After their victories in the Coliseum, Asbel and friends were ready to hit Lambda hard.