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Part 56: CH54: He Had a Bad Upbringing, Your Honor

CH54: He Had a Bad Upbringing, Your Honor

: The next wall of Lambda's memories awaited them in the depths.

: Aaaaah!
: Lambda!

: You must have been scared, you poor thing.
But don't worry. I'll protect you no matter what happens.
Please trust me. Please give me just one more chance. Please.

: Emeraude, it's you!

: Well, no matter. I'll just...have to take things into my own hands.

: This is truly annoying. Very well then, if that's how you want it to be...

: Those two humanoids there. But Emeraude, no... You didn't!
: Oh, but I did. I even used your research. That's how I was able to create them. They're beautiful, don't you think?
Now then...
: Lambda! Run for the shuttle. Go!
: Seize them, hurry! Do not let them escape! Kill them if they resist!

: Gyaaaah!

: Ungh...
I'm so sorry. I'm afraid this is as far as I can go...
Lambda... Use this shuttle and fly to Ephinea. When you get there find its Lastalia...
Live on...Lambda...
: *Sniff, sniff...*

: Nnnhh...

Skit: Glimpses of the Past, Part II

: He must have been one of Lambda's true friends. ...Maybe his only one.
: Perhaps.
: (Lambda... What happened to you after Cornell went away?)

Skit: Hypothetically Speaking

: Don't tell me you've begun to sympathize with Lambda...
: Don't be ridi-
: No, actually, you're right.
: And how will it help to sympathize with an enemy?
: I know, I just... I understand where Lambda's coming from.
: Why?
: When I was suffering, I had Sophie and you and everyone else to lean on; I didn't have to face it alone. But Lambda…
: Then let me ask you this: If you didn't have friends to help you, what would you have done? Resented humanity? Destroyed the world?
: I don't know. Probably, I guess.
: Asbel.
: But...
: Don't joke around! Now answer the question!
: To be honest, I can't say for sure that I wouldn't have done those things.
: Fine, I understand. But if that were to happen, believe me, I'd come over and lecture you, anyway. So it's really a moot point.
: If I was alone-
: Even still!

Give it a Spin

: If I'm correct, when you rotate this pedestal, the giant spheres on this floor change position in a similar way.
: I see. So the positions of the small spheres on the pedestal are connected to the larger spheres?
: It looks that way. If you were to draw a line out from the small spheres and look in that direction...
: Oh! You can see the large spheres.
: Now we just have to figure out how to use this to our advantage.
: Yes!


The devices rotate the orbs around.

You also have to match crystals to pedestals. This section seemed a lot longer the first time I did it because I did it without a guide.

Oh and there are more of these guys. They're not really fun enough for six fights, and IIRC none of the weapons are as good as Asbel's legendary sword.

These platforms are impassable (the segments on the ground are holes) until you fix the corresponding crystals.


This area is shorter, you've got a similar setup but it's all only two layers deep.

Skit: Getting Closer

: We must be close...
: Let's be sure we're on the same page. Our objective is not to fight King Richard- it's to eradicate Lambda.
: It means hurting him, but if we can weaken Richard, I think we can drag Lambda out of him.
: Sophie, I'm sure you know this, but-
: You are a formidable force even without your mutual-destruction function. There is no need to consider that option.
: Yes, I understand.
: Then we're ready! Let's go everyone! The Lastalia is just ahead!

Skit: Used Tools

: The people of Fodra used humanoids as tools to be thrown away. How sad.
: Thank you for your hard work, everyone.
: Huh?
: These humanoids fulfilled their duty; their mission. It's not sad.
: You're not thinking of the mutual destruction thing again...?!
: No I'm not. ...Besides, I... I want to be with all of you.
: I know. We all feel the same way, Sophie.
: Yes, all of us.
: I concur.
: As do I.
; Me too!
: Hee!

: It was time to push ahead once again

Miniboss time!

These guys would be a total walkover except for one thing.

Not this, although Shade Imperial still hurts.

Out come the evil seedpods. Not it either.

Here it is. The add spawns. These guys are hard to hit with Pascal's A-Artes and she doesn't have any that are natively Nova.

The adds can stack up pretty well so be careful.

Once the adds are gone it's e-z.

: After that was another memory wall.

Militia: What the hell is this thing?!
: (Please...)
Militia: Everyone, stand strong We can't let it near the village!
: (You don't understand!)

Militia: What, who are you?
(You again.)
: Target acquired. Initiating attack.
: (Why? Why...won't you leave me alone? Do you hate me...that much?)

: Ungh...
Asbel? ...Sophie? Everyone...
What...happened? Who...did this to you?

: I knew Cedric would...poison me... But I didn't would soon...
I don't... I don't want to die...

: Wh-What the...?!
: Live on.
: What?
: Live...on!

Skit: Glimpses of the Past, Part III

: Sophie, when did that initial battle with Lambda happen? Do you remember?
: It happened when I first came to this world.
: And then it appeared with us and Richard in the secret passage seven years ago.
: So that monster who attacked us back when we were still kids. That was Lambda?
: It looked like he was just trying to stay alive.
: Maybe all he wants is to live.
: Lambda is close. I feel his presence growing stronger.
: It's time.
: Right. Let's find him and finish this once and for all.
: (Lambda was used and betrayed, and his life was threatened)
: You're only pretending to like me so you can use me later. It's always the same. People are only nice to me when they want something for themselves.
And when I become king someday, those same people will come for me as well.
: Yes... My uncle tried to poison my father. And as I expected, he did the same to me.
He will curse the day he tried to take my life!
... I will make him pay.
: (So that's why Richard and Lambda came together...!)
(Both of them suffered more than anyone should. And they both want revenge. I can't blame Richard. Not after all he's been through...)
(I remember when I lost Sophie. ...When my father died. ...When I was banished from Lhant.)
(What if Lambda had been there with me? What would have happened...?)
(If I wasn't lucky enough to have friends that helped me...)
(What would have happened...?)


Little backtracking to fight these chumps.

This is Pascal's version of the weapon they drop, and it has less min CC than her best purchasable weapon. What the hell. See what I mean by these weapons being lame for the effort you put in?

Quick shot of Sophie and Hubert's joke weapons.

Last one of these.

Anyway we're forced to fight this Giant Enemy Moth on the way to Lambda.

You can attack any of these weak spots for massive damage, but mostly Nova.

This seems to be the Lambda monsters' favorite spell.

I'm pretty sure Richard made these rather than Lambda.

Their whirlwinds are kinda moderate compared to all the other stuff we fought.

After you kill the first one...

The remaining one is just a dps sponge.

Skit: What We Fight For

: The Lastalia is that big blue sphere.
: Yes I know, now get on with what they were saying.
: He wasn't exactly holding back when we fought in the cocoon, but this time he'll be fighting for his life.
: As will we, Brother. And therefore, we shall not lose.
: Exactly. We will not lose. I've spent my life trying to get stronger in order to protect my friends. Today, I fight with that power.
: I fight to ensure the promise I made to Kurt.
: I fight to protect Asbel and Richard. And everyone.
: Our reasons for fighting can be different, as long as it brings us all together.
: Yes. Find the thing you hold in your heart and never let it go!
: Let's do this!
: All right! Stay focused everyone. Our final battle begins now!

The game gives you a warp back to the surface if you need it but we're not going to. That'd be really silly. YOU HEAR THAT, TEAM SYMPHONIA?