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Part 58: CH55: Final Fight

CH55: Final Fight

So before I did this fight I finished off Magic Carta

There are two strategies for getting a perfect on Hard. The first is to have exactly 30 cards, memorize all of them, and then play until you win. The second requires a DVR.

First, you pause here and take a screenshot or something so you know where everything is.

Next, as soon as a card is called you hit pause and check out this list.

Then you use your screenshot to figure out where to go and hit it. For getting a perfect score on Normal you get Sophie's patty costume, and for getting a perfect score on Hard you get Cheria's Rita costume.
: Woo hoo! A winner is, like, me!
Carter: Yes, you did a great job. I think I have the perfect title for you...
We get the "Carta Shark" title for Pascal but it has no costume so meh.

Skit: A Winning Combination (The skit is part of the video above)

: You did a great job mimicking those characters!
: Yeah, you did too.... I think?
: To be honest with you, I was kinda surprised to see you get so excited about a game.
: I know, right? ...Ohmigosh, you and me are totally seeing eye-to-eye today!
: Because we usually don't? Heh heh! I wasn't aware you felt that way...
: And somehow, you proved to be a winning combination.
Anyway, back to the main event.

: They had reached the end of their journey.

That's actually Pascal talking there, you can just see her mouth open there.

: Richard was speaking with two voices. His own and Lambda's.
: Don't do this, Richard! Don't you understand what Lambda is trying to do!?
: Yes, of course. Lambda's will is also my will. Lambda's hopes are my hopes.
Soon we will become the very world itself. And then our ideals will become reality!
This miserable little world has been most unkind to us indeed. But now we can remake it.
: What kind of place is your ideal world? And what price will you pay to attain it?
: Once we join forces with the world, we shall eliminate the source of all selfishness and pain.
And that source is...humanity.
Humans are sad, unthinking creatures who fight and kill to appease their endless desires.
The very existence of humanity is the worst crime of all. Wouldn't you agree?
: Eliminate pain by destroying humanity? But what happens after that?
What do you plan on doing once you're all alone?!
You're wrong, Richard. This is not the way to eliminate pain.
You helped me recover when I was banished from my home, and... I was so happy to have a friend like you.
Richard. Don't do this. You have kindness, and that's enough to bring peace to this world.
: That's enough!
: His energy is incredible. Is this the force of the eleth?
: Do you understand how powerful we have become? Or would you like me to attempt to explain it to you?
My dear Asbel. Unfortunately, it is impossible for you to stop us now.
Because the inevitable truth is you are about to die by our hand!

: His attempts to talk Richard out of it weren't going to work.

This fight is kind of lame since it's exactly the same as the previous fight, just with more HP.

Why thank you!

We can build some fairly high combos on him.

Mystic Arte's exactly the same, just with a more distorted voice.

About 400k HP.

Ok that's sort of new, but Emeraude did it first.

I have a book equipped that lengthens Eleth Bursts.

That's actually not a very good Eleth Burst.

Ok Richard hasn't done that before but it's just one of Malik's spells.

Not pictured: challenge.

: I don't believe it. Impossible... How could we have lost? This can't be...
: Lambda, please! You've got to listen to me. You must let Richard go!
: Richard and Lambda have been fused for too long now. It may be they can no longer be separated.
: I don't believe it!

: Asbel... I knew somehow you would stop me...
I just... I didn't want to trust anyone... I didn't want to be betrayed again...

: I thought I wanted to kill everyone... But then I...
I just wanted someone to... To help me. To understand me.
Pathetic, isn't it? As we fought I still wanted you to save me.
: I never wanted to fight you. I wouldn't abandon you, no matter what!
You are my friend!
: So...even after all of can still call me your friend?
Thank you, Asbel. I wish I could have seen it sooner. I wish everything would have turned out differently.
But it's too late now. It's all far too late. Nothing more can be done now.
My feelings...are mixed with Lambda's feelings...
And now I can no longer tell them apart...
I can't stop myself. I fear I'm going to kill you all.
But please... Before Lambda recovers, you have to kill me first.
: Richard! Don't give up!
: (That will not happen.)
: Wait a minute. Was that...Lambda?

: Hurry, Asbel. I'll try to hold him off. But I told you, you must kill me!

: Richard!
: Yeah he shouldn't have expected Asbel to go through with it.
: Nooo! No. Lambda, it all ends right here.
I won't allow us to...repeat these mistakes!
: (Are you prepared to end along with me?)
(Will you truly forfeit your right to exist?)
(Impossible... Why would you ever sacrifice yourself for those who have made us suffer!)
(If you desire death so much, then go to him yourself.)

: Richard!

: What're you doing?!
: Asbel!

: Lambda!

: He has rejected Richard's body and fused with the eleth from the valkines.

: If we defeat it, then it will all be over.
: (It will all be over?)
(If you destroy me, what will you fight next?)
(Without a clear opponent, will you invent one for yourself?)
(Humans are constantly slaughtering each other in the name of their own existence.)
(You kill innocent people in your petty wars, then claim they were evil to begin with.)
(You're nothing but children driven by your own sense of entitlement.)
(And now you will pay for these crimes with your lives!)

: It was the final showdown.
OK so Lambda automatically opens the menu for you to fix things up and you should do it because he's a bit tough.

This thing has drained 2/3 of our eleth in one short fight.

OK so one thing I didn't notice before I uploaded the videos is that Lambda has a special entrance animation, but only the first time you fight him.

So what I did was set off Arcane Bottles fucking constantly, in order to try to burn through him ASAP. This isn't even the highest damage total or combo I got over my attempts. For reference he has about 600k hp.

This attack sends up a line of spikes and inflicts random status ailments.

This takes about a second or so for him to cast, so no chance you're interrupting it.

Fucking petrify. Maybe it's his design or me being bad, but I can't seem to anticipate his attacks the way I could, say, the dragons.

Oh btw if you were planning to use an All Divide here, he can heal.

There are supposed to be special quotes for using Mystic Artes here, but I never heard them even once.

That's a Shade Imperial stacked up on top of the Death Bringer. Fuck you.


The worst part of the fight is his Mystic Arte.

This is about where most of my attempts ended. It hits an absolutely huge area.

Run 4. By this point I was kind of mad.

Can't use a Mystic Arte in a fucking time stop, you fucker.

Some games won't let you do this to the final boss, but those games are made by cowards.

STILL no special dialog.

Surprisingly I made it out of this situation with Elixers and Hourglasses.

Also, fuck this grab attack.

The last hit is up to 6k.

Like that.

Oh, and he also has his own version of Malik's Culling Flare, which sucks because it's hard to dodge, as well as being capable of taking you from full to dead.

At really low health he starts dropping boulders all over.

There's also this machine-gun of eleth, similar to one of Pascal's A-Artes.

Right here I thought I was boned...

...since he annihilates Malik...

But nope.

Red Light you fat eleth-sucking fuck.

God I hated this fight. It was basically nothing but "oops your character insta-died". I guess it was also hateful in a good way, since it's nice to have a final boss that's actually threatening. I just wish I could predict his attacks and dodge properly. Still not sure if it's a fault with the game or me.

Yeah we earned the fuck out of that SP. Notice how short the fight was. I was pulling out pretty much all the stops here.