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Part 60: CH57: Logistics

CH57: Logistics

So after you finish the game once an "Extras" menus shows up.

Kind of an odd title image, a Sopheria

: Nothing much had happened for six months, other than gradually rebuilding everything. Not the sort of thing to dwell on in this type of story.

Sophie gets a new outfit for the Future Arc. I'm pretty sure Asbel bought it for her.
: It's already been a year since my father died.

: I think just about everyone in Lhant brought some here.
There's still much for me to learn as a lord, but I'll do my best.
Just as my father did.
Rest in peace, Dad.
: Are you sad, Asbel?
: No, I'm actually all right.
All people die. Maybe tomorrow, maybe years from now, but it happens to everyone.
And I understand that now.
: All people must die eventually...
: But still, I can't help having regrets. I wish we would have talked more.
I wish he could see what Hubert and I have become.
So I guess I'm sad about that.

: That's when we met for the first time.
: What will you do...
...When everyone else is dead?
: Huh?!
: Sophie?

: Did you just see...

Is it just me, or is the background better-looking? This is the part that's PS3 only so it'd make sense if it was, but Tales games are a lot so who knows.
: I've never heard of anyone dreaming while they're still wide awake.
Sounds like you were out late last night.
Come on, let's go back. You probably just need a nap or something.

Skit: Six Months Later...

: It's been a busy few months.
: Yeah, it's been rough. Especially with all of those meetings about returning the Lhant domain back to Windor.
: Asbel, is your hand okay?
: Huh? Oh yeah, it's fine, thanks. Don't worry about it. It just got a little cramped up from all the paperwork, that's all.
: Well, it's been fun. I've learned all kinds of interesting things from helping you. It's a nice change from all the fighting.
: Thanks, Sophie.
: Wow... Half a year...
I wonder if, after all this time, I've become a worthy lord like my dad was...
BTW if you look in the background, you can see Sophie's wearing the Anise costume again. The new duds are forced on her for the cutscene. Also, at this point you'd get the title "Toast of the Town" which awards those.

: OK I guess I should give you a few of the highlights of the past six months.

Skit: Half-Hearted Proposals

: At least I can tell her later that I looked through them.
: Let's see... "Anise Tatlin, 13 years old." She's just a kid!

: But that's funny. She kinda reminds me of Cheria when she was that age.
: Hmm...
: What about this one?
"Nanaly Fletcher, 19 years old. Nurturing and responsible. Enjoys caring for orphaned children."
Hey, that sounds like something Cheria would do.

: Ugh.
: I don't know. This doesn't feel right for some reason.
: Just grab Cheria and kiss her.

Skit: Cry Harder

: Yeah, you could say that. I have to get up to speed so I can be a proper lord and support everyone.
: People in the village keep talking about how you try all the time, and they hope everything's okay.
: What, cry all the time? I know I have a ways to go, but... Wow, they must really think I'm in over my head.
: You can't win if you don't try, and everyone knows how hard-
: *Exits*
: Um, Asbel?

: He also learned a secret about his father. OK not so much "secret" as "thing he never bothered to ask".

: That is no mere reference book.
It is a flower journal Lord Aston gave to Lady Kerri.
: He gave Mom a flower journal...?
: Master Asbel, are you aware of who tended to this manor's garden?
: I assumed we had a gardener. Or that you did it.
: Both wrong, sir. It was all done by Lord Aston himself.
: You're kidding.
: This actually reminds me of an old story.
It happened about 20 years ago...

: Welcome to Lhant, Lady Kerri. You must be exhausted after such a long journey.
: Yeah she thought the butler was the lord because the lord was gardening.
: Oh no, I'm fine, thank you.
(Oh my, I didn't think he'd be this much older than me...)
: Dinner is ready, Lady Kerri. Shall I accompany you to the dining room?
: Y-Yes, if you please...
(I don't really mind the country, but... There are so many insects, and... Can I really spend my life in a place like this?)
: Is something amiss?
: N-No! I apologize for keeping you waiting.

: I miss Barona already. I shouldn't have to do this just because I'm the youngest...
My sisters were married to nobles from Barona and Gralesyde...
...I want to go home.

: I'm not sure... She's hardly even eating. At this rate...

: How dare you deceive me like that!
: I'm sure I have no idea what you're referring to.
: Don't play dumb with me, Jeeves!
You're not Lord Aston. That guy over THERE is Lord Aston!
: H-How ridiculous!
: It's all right, Frederic. You can stop now. ...I'm sorry for making you do this.
: *Ahem* Are you going to apologize to me or what?
: Apologize? To you? Why should I?
: Wha...?!
Because you deceived me, that's why!
: ...I want nothing to do with a woman like you.

: Refuse me? HA! I'm going to refuse him! I'm going back to Barona, and that's the end of it!
: Lord Aston, are you sure you won't reconsider?
: Right now, I'm the only one who can protect His Highness.
: I have a bad feeling, sir. The Fendelian army will not hesitate to attack!
: That's exactly why I need to protect him, Frederic. Because-
Oh. You're still here?

: Fendel's army is invading in numbers... But that makes no sense. How did they cross the mountains...?
: If you remember that tunnel the party went through, that was dug to allow this invasion.
: Lady Kerri, please. You must help me stop him. My master's very life is in danger!
: Well, isn't that a shame...
I figured you'd like nothing more than being a martyr for the king.
: ...Take care of the flower bed while I'm gone.
: I will do no such thing! I'll be returning to the capital as soon as I can.

: Learn to love the flowers.
: ...Learn to love the flowers? Are you mad?! Sir Frederic, if you'll excuse me...
: Please, wait! It's dangerous to leave now!
Fendelian soldiers could appear on the highroad at any moment!
: This is madness!
This is Lhant!

: It's been three days now. How much longer will you keep me prisoner in this town?!
: Please, my lady. Have patience until Lord Aston returns.

: This book...
What is it?
: That is Lord Aston's flower journal.
: This is a journal? It's as detailed as an encyclopedia! Hmm... He did say something about taking care of flowers, didn't he?
Maybe this journal is the reason...

: ...They withered up.
: Perhaps it's because of this rainy weather we've been having.
: How can I help them?
: ...Shield them from the rain, perhaps? I'm sorry, madam, but I have little experience in such matters.
: Very well. Bring me an umbrella.

: That's okay. I'll show him. I'll record how I saved these flowers in that journal of his.
: In that case, Lady Kerri, I shall be on my way.
: No, Frederic. I need you to stay here and watch them with me.
: Very good, madam...
: So basically both of Asbel's parents were kind of messed up in the head.

: Lord Aston! Oh, it does my heart glad to see you again.
: Sorry to worry you, Frederic. Did anything happen while I was away?
: Well, as it turns out...
: Oh, good. This would have been a waste of time if you'd been killed.
: You're still here?
: Could you come this way, please?

: Thirty days is a long time to leave someone alone. ...Anyway, this is how I passed the days.

: See? Every missing part of the book is now complete. I kept my word, even though I barely remember giving it in the first place.
So now I want to ask you something. Before you left, you told me to love the flowers.
Why did you ask me to do that? What did you mean by it?!
: ...
: Your gift for conversation is truly without peer, Lord Aston. Now speak! Was this all just a ruse to drive me away?
: If you can love flowers, you can love people.
: What does that mean?
: If you can't even protect a flower, you'll never protect the people you care about.
: Is that how you protect your people and the king?
: Those who cannot love life are unable to protect anyone. I thought that applied to you as well, but it seems I have misjudged you.
: Yes, well, you can start the apologies by learning my name. It's Kerri, by the way.
: Right. Kerri.
...It's a beautiful name.

End Double Flashback.

: So that's when he gave the flower journal to Mom?
: Correct.
: If you can love flowers, you can protect people, huh? I wonder if I can do that.
: Both your parents loved flowers deeply, Lord Asbel. I'm sure you will be no different.

: Asbel tried to visit his brother, but there was a slight problem.

: Why not? Was there an accident?
Sailor: We're in the middle of a labor strike!
Sailor: Thanks to improved international relations, our passenger load has more than doubled. But our wages haven't changed!
Sailor: This cannot stand! Men are starting to collapse from sheer exhaustion. I'm afraid you'll have to reach your destination some other way.
Sailor: I know it's inconvenient, but our lives and our jobs are at stake! Sorry, pal...
: All right, all right. I get it...
I'm glad relations have improved between the three countries... But it's a shame they're bringing up all these new problems...
Sailor: We'd love to see you again once management sees the light.
: Yeah, okay.
Technically this scene takes place in Strahta, but I relocated it for narrative purposes.

: Turtlez Transports weren't running either.

They're doing a funny welcome dance here.w
Turtlez Bozz: On behalf of all Turtlez, I'd like to apologize for the interruption of the Turtlez Transports...
: Did something happen?
Turtlez Bozz: We've been operatin' in the redz for a whilez now. We just can't justify the expensez at the moment...
: Really? You're losing money?
Turtlez Bozz: Businezz has boomed in the last six monthz what 'cause of new travel betweenz the three nationz. But we gotz to feed our tortoisez, ya know? And that meat ain't free! We went and spent all our galdz on feed, and now we're operatin' at a lozz...
: I see. I guess that makes sense...
Turtlez Tot: The more transportz we get, the more gald we lose! So nowz only top applicantz can pazz the Turtlez Entrance Exam.
I'm a Turtlez-in-Trainin', so there's nothin' I can do! They won't even let me pazz the test!
Turtlez Bozz: That's because your gradez are terrible...

: Um, well, good luck...
Turtlez Bozz: We'd love to find uz some replacement feed, but we've been so busy we ain't had time.
: Do the tortoises only eat meat?
Turtlez Bozz: What am I, a veterinarianz? Believe me, I'd love to feed 'em new foodz and seez how they takez it.
Turtlez Tot: But there's no point unlezz the new feed can be produced in mass quantitiez!
: In that case, you should look into some kind of specialty product. I bet we could get a lot of apples from Windor...
I _think_ this refers to the Japanese system of "regional specialties" that the government has tried to emphasize. This was mentioned as being a bit of a joke in the Japan megathread in D&D.
Turtlez Bozz: Well then, you getz your handz on some of them applez and you bring 'em here. We'd be most appreciative, yeah?
: All right. If we find any apples, we'll be sure to bring them here.
Turtlez Tot: Please, youz gotta help uz! Good luck, friendz!

Turtlez Bozz: Hey, you brought uz applez! Thankz a bunch! I'll give 'em to the tortoisez right now!
They likez 'em! Whewz! Ain't that a load off my mindz!
Turtlez Tot: They're so sweet! But if Windor haz a bad apple harvest, we'll be outta feedz again, yeah? That's why we shouldz try Strahta's specialty next!
: I think Strahta's specialty is...bananas, right?
Turtlez Bozz: I'm sorry to troublez ya, but could youz bring uz some bananaz next? We'd be real gratefulz...!
: All right. If we find any bananas, we'll bring them here.

Turtlez Bozz: Hey, you brought uz bananaz! Thankz a bunch! I'll give 'em to the tortoisez right now!
They likez 'em! Whewz! Ain't that a load off my mindz!
Turtlez Tot: But that ain't enough! The tortoisez eat entire bunchez in one gulp! So...
: Let me guess. You want to try Fendel's specialty, right?
Turtlez Bozz: I'm sorry to askz, but just think of it az helpin' out your favorite land-based transportation animalz!
: Now, what was Fendel's special fruit...?

Turtlez Bozz: Thankz for bringin' uz Fendel's specialty! Youz iz the best! I'll give 'em to the tortoisez right now!
They likez 'em! Whewz! Ain't that a load off my mindz!
Turtlez Tot: No kiddin'! Eatin' fruitz from all over the worldz is a lot of work!
Turtlez Bozz: Hey! Were you stealin' from the fruitz jar?!
Turtlez Tot: Uh oh...
Turtlez Bozz: I'll dealz with you later! ...As for youz guyz, thankz so much for the helpz!
: So do you think you can start running Turtlez Transports again?
Turtlez-Bozz: You betz. We're currently double-checkin' all our routez from each country. Once that's all finished, we'll resume operationz.
: That's great. Turtlez Transports are important to everyone's livelihoods.
Turtlez Bozz: We'll do our best to meet your needz! Meanwhile, please continue to support your local T-Martz and Turtlez Transportz!

: Ok that's all for flashbacking.

: Returning to Lhant, Sophie's gloom wasn't helped by the flowers.

Except for the Sopherias.
: It can't be helped, Sophie. Their time was just up.
: Can't be helped...
: Don't worry. You took great care of them, and they left lots of seeds. They'll bloom again next year.
: Asbel, I was wondering...
: There you are, Asbel! You're not getting away from me today.
: Hello, Mom.
(Ugh. Not this again...)
: You're nearly 20 years old. It's time for you to start thinking about marriage.
: Look, I keep telling you: It's too soon.
: Oh, nonsense! Isn't that nonsense, Frederic?
: Lady Kerri is most correct, Master Asbel.
: You must find a wife to bear you a child, so that the family name might live on.
: I know! I know all that.
: If you really knew, I wouldn't be forced to keep reminding you, would I? And yet you seem to find one excuse after another.
: Look, it's just-
: You already have multiple offers to choose from!
Why not find a girl you like and at least meet with her?
: Master Asbel!
: What is it?
: Those monsters are attacking the eastern highroad! Please, come quickly!
: Right. We're on our way!