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Part 62: CH59: Awakening

CH59: Awakening

Skit: The Atmosphere Between Them

: ...This?
: Yes. We'd probably need to ask Pascal to find out the particulars.
: Could a malfunction in this machine be to blame for the recent increase in monster attacks?
: The valkines itself is still functioning properly, so I doubt this is related.
: I hope everything's okay back home.
: I'm sure Dalen and the others are doing a fine job.
Or do you lack faith in your own companions, Cheria?
: No! I didn't say that!
: Everyone's waiting for our return. We cannot afford to disappoint them.
: Right...
: Trouble in the henhouse, Asbel. The atmosphere was practically sizzling between those two!
: Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, must be those fire artes heating up the place, haha.
: That was a stretch...

Skit: Growing Old

: However, we don't even know where that is.
: Perhaps we should temporarily withdraw and study the matter further.
: But we've come so far! A decisive attack still seems better.
: Hmm.
: Yes? What is it, Captain?
: When I see the ones I trained debate their options so wisely, I can't help but suddenly feel like growing old isn't such a bad thing.
: Uh huh.
: People hate growing older. Nobody wants to get closer to death.
But when you see a bunch of slack-jawed kids transform into worthy adults, it really keeps your hope alive!
: I see...
: Perhaps the Captain could offer some less melodramatic advice.
: *Sigh* It would seem you're all still a bit too green for me to retire just yet...
: Growing old isn't so bad, huh. But, what happens in Sophie's case?

: They reached the heart of the nest.

: More monsters!
: There's something different about these.
They're certainly not using Lambda's distinctive color scheme.
: Keep your guard up!

So you're fighting against 3 of these things...

They hit pretty hard, have a tendency to all gang up on you, and also arteseal.

After a while it fades out though.

; These guys are tough!
: At this rate, we won't last very much longer.


Do you have a plan?
I was thinking about retreating.
I don't think that's an option.
So strong...
We need to find an escape route.
There seem to be other possibilities for what they say here in the game script. I don't know if it varies based on who's in the party.

: You have awakened me.
: Huh?
That voice...
: Entrust yourself to my power.
: Lambda!
: Hesitate, and your friends will die.

: Asbel?
: He just stopped it!
: Now!

So we get a new mechanic! We've got to be Asbel to use it for the moment, since Lambda's on him.

You remember those yellow gauge things I told you to ignore? Well now you pay attention to them.

ACCEL MODE JUST KICKED IN YO! Once the meter is above half, you can press it for a character-specific boost. Asbel's is Spiral Surge, which gives him a purple flying ball of Lambda energy that knocks enemies around. It also allows him to stagger downed enemies and knock enemies into the air.

Oh, and here's one of Richard's new Artes, shooting stars. It's kind of hard to take a picture of, but each of those beams is an attack or so.

One benefit to the bosses ganging up on someone is that we can hit all of them at once with MAs.

Each one you drop makes it exponentially easier.

Richard also gets Holy Lance, which is kind of weird but eh I'm not complaining.

Eventually we win because these guys suck. I could have easily done that without Accel.

: Asbel, what just happened?
: It was Lambda's power.
: Lambda?
: At least we were able to kill some of the monsters.
: Yeah, that should cut down on the number of attacks.

: Glowing, hmm.
: I wish Pascal had come. I'm sure she could figure out something.
: Perhaps, but there's nothing we can do about it now. Let's move out.

Skit: The Most Dangerous Game

: Yeah, I'm fine, Cheria. Really.
: Is he saying anything?
: No, he's dormant again.
: Really?
: Yes.
: There is one thing I should warn you about from my time with Lambda.
: What is it?
: Listen, and listen well.
No matter what happens, no matter how much Lambda pleads... You must not...
: Must not what?
: Play I Spy.
: I Spy?
: What, you mean the kids' game? Lambda actually plays that?
: Haha, I got you! But knowing you, Asbel, I wouldn't be surprised if you two actually got that close.
: Thanks, Richard. I'll ask Lambda for a game next time.
: No you won't!

Oh, and we get a new sword for Asbel. It is made of lasers. Including the crossguard.
It has an I-believe unique bonus of accel mode duration.

: They were able to leave the ruins without further incident.

: What's that?

: Hold on. I'll get it.
It's from Pascal all right.
: Likely some pathetic excuse about why she missed the boat.
: ...She says Sophie is with her.
: Asbel, what's going on?
: Well, the truth is...
: So she dreads the day we all pass away and she's left behind.
: That's so sad.
: Was there anything else Pascal mentioned?
: Yes. She also asked us to come to the Amarcian enclave. She didn't give any specifics, but she wants to tell us something about Fodra.
: Is that right?
: Well, it's good timing if nothing else. We need to talk about the monsters anyway.
: I suppose we should head straight for the enclave.

Hubert says something to the guy and he runs off, but there's no VA or text.
: Uh, Hubert? Are you sure you should be ignoring the president like that?
: Er, yes. I'm sure it's fine. My subordinate can make the report as clearly as I.
: It looks like someone is eager to see Pascal again...
: Wh-What?! I'll thank you to keep such ungentlemanly suggestions to yourself.
: Are you turning down the president's daughter because of Pascal?!
: Wait, what's going on?
: Nothing's going on!
Come on, let's go. Hurry up!

Skit: One More Communicator

: Ah, Hubert. I get all fluttery when you fix upon me with those puppy-dog eyes.
: I assure you that I was not looking at you, Captain!
: Ah, of course. Then it must be my communicator. If you'd also like to have one of these, I'm sure Pascal can whip something up.
: Huh?
: Let's send her a message right now!
: No! Captain, wait! Please stop!
: What? Don't you want one?
: The mere thought of having to receive that woman's gibberish-filled reports makes me tremble in fear!
: "Makes him tremble in fear." Got it. Message sent.
: Wh-Why did you do that?!
: Just kidding.
: Captain!

Skit: Sentimental Journey

: Yeah, especially at your age!
: Was that necessary?
: I mean, you don't have a girlfriend?
: No.
: What a waste! Any girl would be thrilled to have someone like you!
: Oh? So, Cheria, will you go out with me?
: Huh? Captain! You can't be... Not Cheria!
: I...I'm sorry. I have to go!
: The women who claim you're a catch are always the ones who throw you back...
: Captain Malik, I can't believe-
: Relax, it was just a joke. Now go chase after her.
: Y-Yes, sir!
: Thanks to those two, I can't help but remember...
Even now I taste the lilac liqueur we drank when we were both stationed at the same Velanik hotel. How I'd love just one more drink...

Sorry this update is so short, I thought the combat would take more screens but nope it went down like a total chump.