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Part 63: CH60: Talk It Out

CH60: Talk It Out

Skit: A Night at the Inn

: Something wrong?
: No, I just spaced out for a second.
: If you're feeling tired, we should rest somewhere.
: That's not a bad idea. Maybe we should stay at the inn tonight.
: Hey, everyone! I just got us a reservation at the inn!
; A considerate gesture from Asbel?
: He must have been worried about Cheria.
: What's wrong with Cheria?
: The heat has gotten to her and she's a bit exhausted.
: What?! Cheria, are you okay?
: Yeah, I'm fine. But why did you get a reservation?
: Because, tomorrow is the annual Lake Grale Festival. I thought we could take a day and check it out.
: *Siiiiigh*
: Well, that's fine. We wanted a room anyway.
: Yes. Let's go rest at the inn.
: And let's thank my brother for being so incredibly attentive.
: Come on! It all worked out in the end, right? ...You're welcome? ...Hey, wait up!

: There was a good reason for Cheria to need a nap.

: (But I can't ask to rest.)

It's a little hard to show in a single screenshot but she drops to her knees there.

Gralesyde Soldier: Hello?! Please, are you with the relief organization?

: Yes, I am.

: Of course! I'll come right away.

: ...Hmm. It's a little early in the morning to be running off.
: Asbel?
: Hey, there you are!
: I'm sorry. I had to go help more of the wounded.
: Oh, well I guess that... Geez, Cheria, you don't look well at all.

: Are you all right?
: I'm fine, it's... I'm just a little tired is all.
: You're burning up!
: I'm fine. Really.
: You're not fine, Cheria! You have to rest.

: Just...keep holding my hand.

: Why are you apologizing? When we were kids, you always stayed with me when I was sick.
: Yeah, because you used to cry and tell me I couldn't leave.
: ...I did that?
: Um, so why were you looking for me earlier, anyway?
: Oh, don't worry about it. It wasn't important.
: I see…
It's weird to be sick again. It's been a long time. Back then, I just wanted to be healthy so I could keep up with you.
: I guess Sophie helped your wish come true, huh?
: Yes, she did.
: And once that happened, you raced past me and never looked back.
: That's not true! I was always with you, Asbel! And now I see that you were always with me.
: Um...I suppose? You're acting kind of weird today, Cheria. This isn't like you.
: Maybe it's the fever talking.
: ...Go to sleep, okay?
: I'll get stronger, you know? And then we can run at the same pace.
We can do anything if we stay together, Asbel. We can even bring peace to Ephinea.
: I know we can, Cheria. Sleep well.
: I will. ...Thanks, Asbel.
: For once I think they'll be ok.
: Yeah it was just a cold, nothing worth mentioning illness-wise.
: ...
: Oh, you meant something else.

Anyway, for that scene we get the title "Blurter of Truths" for Cheria, which gives us... something I can't use yet.

Skit: Jewels in the Sand

: As it should be. No matter how often I come here, I can't help but gasp at its splendor. It's like a jewel box has been upended on the sand.
: A jewel box? ...Anyway, Barona is nothing to sneeze at either!
: Ah, indeed. The ancient castles and historic neighborhoods are as pieces of a shimmering jewel box that conveys our rich history.
: ...Another jewel box?
: Zavhert may be lacking in traditional beauty, but neither city can match its sheer majesty.
: Perhaps it is so.
Zavhert is built from hard labor and workmanlike skill, a veritable jewel box boasting the artistry and craftsmanship of her designers.
: Enough with the "jewel box"!
: ...Asbel?
: Ah...did I say that out loud...?

Skit: Catching up with the Oswells

: There was a lot going on back then. But this time, I'll make sure to visit your family and introduce myself!
...As your brother.
: You don't need to do that.
: Sure I do! Is everyone doing well?
: Oh, the same as always, I suppose. My father is a bit meeker from all his political struggles, and Raymond is off traveling the world.
: Oh! So is Raymond doing the same sorts of things that you are?
: I wouldn't say that, but... He's actually... Well, he's following Cheria.
: Following Cheria?! What do you mean?!
: Well, I suppose it's a little more complicated than that. ...Probably.
: He raises money to support Cheria's relief organization.
And sometimes he visits their operation sites as an "inspector".
: I can't believe that! He's a... He's a...
He's a great guy to care so much!
: Asbel, you don't... ...I'm just going to let this go.

: They also took a stop in Velanik...
: Time flies. You're a man now in all but name.
: You promised to buy me your favorite cocktail when I'm older.
: Did I now? It's been a long time since I've really enjoyed a stiff drink.
I used to drink to forget my troubles, but now it just brings them back.
: (If I'd only been honest with myself about my feelings... She might still be alive...)
: Um, Captain?
: ...Huh? Oh, sorry. My heart gets a little weak when I drink. Time for some air.

: W-Wait. You're...
: You are Malik Caesar, correct? Special Attache to the Chancellor?
Let me get straight to the point. My name is Yulicia, and we need your help.
: But I don't... What is this? What kind of help?
: I cannot say more here. If you are willing to listen, come to the location indicated on this paper.
Also, I have a message for you:
If you refuse us, the lilac petals will fall a second time.
: What is that supposed to mean?
: No idea. I was simply asked to relay the message.
: This sounds like revolutionary business. My days of bringing about change through force have passed me by.
Find someone else.
: Very well, I'll pass your answer on.
: Captain, did you know that woman?
: She looks like...a woman who died a long time ago.
Zavhert Plaza, is it?
("If you refuse, the lilac petals will fall a second time...")
: Well that's pretty obvious.

Skit: Crisis of Leadership

: The whole country has grown a bit richer thanks to Pascal's hot-water distribution system.
: It doesn't appear the water has arrived here yet.
: Right. They're scheduled to begin installing the pipes at this location soon.
: It pains me to say this in your presence, Malik, but I fear Chancellor Eigen's government may not hold for much longer.
The invasions of Lhant, the experiments on Forbrannir…
His dictatorial ways and short-term political calculations have pushed this country into a corner.
It's holding on for now, but I truly worry for the future of Fendel. I find it difficult to foresee what's up ahead.
: I have taken responsibility to see this development plan through, no matter what happens to the government.
: I assure you, my associates and I will turn things around in Fendel.
: For anyone but you, Captain Malik, I'd have my doubts. But you've already done fantastic work with the hot water system.
: Your Highness is most kind.
: Um, you guys haven't forgotten about Pascal by any chance, have you?
: Ah...
: I think we just did.

: They showed up in Zhavert Plaza.
: Lilacs hold the meaning of "memories of youth."
The lilac petals will fall a second... Wait! So that's what it means!
: Captain?
: She's in danger! We have to find her!
Man: He's here! Chancellor Eigen is here!

: Damn!

: Captain!

: Why did you...
: What is the meaning of this, Malik?
What? She's...
: This woman is Yulicia, one of the few revolutionaries still active in this country.
: How can you people associate with this man? He's a government dog!
: That's a lie! He isn't like that.
: Peace, Asbel. I understand why she would see me that way.
The people of this nation finally have hope back in their lives. But the common good means nothing to those who seek power. You are no different than the government you claim to oppose. If this continues, the people of Fendel will eventually lose their hope.
: We fight to free the people from the boot heel of government oppression!
: Your comrades were ready to let you die to achieve a goal. If the revolution won't take care of its own, how will it possibly look out for the people?
: You understand nothing!
: You remind me of Chancellor Eigen's late daughter.
: What?
: I loved her. ...Once. Your friends thought that if you approached me, I would agree to help them.
But when that failed, they thrust a suicide mission upon you.
: It doesn't matter... I'm just as dead now as if I'd finished it. Come, Eigen! Execute me, and see how a true patriot faces death!
: ...Very well. If that is your wish.
For tonight, we will hold you in custody.
: You'll...what?
: Tomorrow morning you will board a ship. Once it is at sea, you will be informed of your destination.
: I see. So it's to be exile then?
: Do you find this acceptable, Chancellor?
: Do as you wish. Just take her from my sight. When I see her face, I can't help but... think of my daughter...
: *Sniff...* *W-Waaaah!*
: I am old, Malik. And I'm getting older. It seems I spend all my time thinking on better days.
: Then we must do all we can to ensure this is a new age for the people.
You love this country, Chancellor. When the people see that, they will rise to defend her.
I promise you.
: Indeed... From now on, I shall work with the people to see that they want for nothing.

Skit: Reforming Zhavert
This is probably the second-best skit in the game.

: Perhaps, but...there's still such a heavy curtain of doom and gloom over this city.
: Those are strong words, Your Majesty. So if I may ask, how would you go about lifting that curtain?
: First and foremost, I would change the soldier's uniforms. My heart sinks to look upon such grim livery.
: Hey, what if we got rid of the hats? If the citizens can see a soldier's face, they might seem more approachable.
: Rejected! A hat is a soldier's pride.
: Perhaps we should have different colors for each regiment's uniform. Such a variety of hues would make a cheerful impression.
: My eyes bleed at the thought!
: Um... What if maybe you added a cute lacy frill to the cuffs of the coats? And maybe some designer logos.
: Yes, that might work.
: Your Majesty?!
: And perhaps a sparkling white coat of paint for Fendel Tower? I'm certain that would raise spirits.
: With a giant mech popping out!
: Ha ha! Yes, that would be wonderful.
: You can't be serious!
: ...Or am I?

: Eventually they made it to the Amarcian Enclave.

: It's Poisson.
: Hello, everyone! We've been expecting you.
: Where are Sophie and Pascal?
: They're off visiting the Fendel Glacier Ruins.
: We come all this way and she isn't here? That is so like her...
: What are they doing at the ruins?
: Fendel has soldiers stationed there, but they've suddenly gone quiet. We fear that monsters may have forced their way inside.
: So Pascal and Sophie went there to see if they could help.
: Then we'd better follow them.

Skit: A Simple Courtesy

: This is your first time visiting?
: Yes. What a strange city. It's in the middle of a snowy mountain, but it isn't cold at all.
And such advanced infrastructure! Amarcian technology never ceases to amaze.
: If only our country had access to their knowledge.
: I think it should be available for the entire world to share.
: I must propose that to Chancellor Eigen at our next leadership summit.
: Putting that aside, have you properly introduced yourself to your future friends and family?
: My future family...? What do you mean?
: Pascal's friends and family, of course. This would be a good opportunity to go and say hello to them, don't you think?
: Wha-?!
: Pascal's friends? I already took care of that.
: What?! Who told you to...?! Wh-Why would you...?!
: ...Was that wrong? Pascal's always helping us out, so I told her friends how much we appreciate her...
: that's what you meant... For a moment there, I thought you'd done me a favor... *Sigh*
: Wait, how did I become the bad guy?

: We should hurry.

We pick up a few new weapons, I'll be sure to show them off in fights as appropriate. These are kind of hard to see though.

This one isn't very good so I may not use it.

Richard gets a weapon upgrade!

Skit: Half-Cocked

: C'mon, are you still talking about that, Hubert? They had more urgent business to deal with than wait for us.
: Well, of course, I know that! And it's all the more reason for her to wait, since she knew we'd be arriving soon!
: So in other words, you wanted to come swooping in and save Pascal.
: No. I think Hubert just wanted to be by her side, circumstances be damned.
: Wrong, wrong, wrong! I'm just trying to understand why she goes off half-cocked at the slightest provocation!
: How can someone so smart behave like such a fool?
: He's worried about her.
: He is, isn't he?
: What is up with those two?

: Typically, things were going pretty badly.

: Ha! Kiya!

: What is with this thing?!

: Hya!

: Asbel's timing was great. Really great.

: It's strong.

: You sure know how to cause trouble.
: You saved my life! Totally awesome!

: No amount of apocalypses could make Pascal stop being Pascal.

: Huh?
: These monsters won't go down easily.
: Asbel!

: ...!

: It was weird for Sophie to not be the one using the mysterious power to save the day. Also the Lambda thing.
: Yeah! That was so great!
: That was...Lambda's power.

: Naturally there were a bunch more of those.

So you've got your whole party to pick from. I went with these, mostly because I like having two ressers, Richard needs more time in the party, and Asbel is our only accel-haver for the moment.

These guys have a lot less HP than the dragons, but are more annoying and you have four of them.

Accel Mode heals you for a small amount in addition to its other effects.

With 3 or more dudes on you at once it's a little hard to get the timing on dodging/blocking right, so I get flung around some. We'd killed the fourth, but I hadn't even noticed, so I spent some time looking for it.

Asbel has a new MA portrait.

: That's the last of them.
: I'm disappointed to find them here as well.
: Have you guys fought those things before?
: We faced similar monsters in Windor. If it wasn't for Lambda's power, we'd almost certainly have perished.
: So Lambda's awake now?
: Yeah. It appears that way.
: Well, he seems useful enough, so I guess it's okay.
I mean, he worked really well against those guys.
: We're trying to learn why the monsters have grown so aggressive recently.
Is there anything you can tell us?
: No, I'm not really a biologist or whatever. You should talk to Fourier.
: Where is she now?
: Well, she usually locks herself in her lab, but right now I think she's at the Amarcian enclave. We should head back there. I wanna talk to you guys about some stuff anyway.
: ...What is Lambda doing to Asbel?

: Sophie? Are you...okay?
: It's not going to be like last time. I promise we won't have to fight. Don't worry, Sophie.

SKit: Friends Again

: Asbel will be all right, Sophie. I know it.
: Richard...
: Things are different. It won't be like when I merged with Lambda.
Asbel has what it takes to confront Lambda directly without facing any repercussions.
His will is strong enough to keep things in check. That's why I know he'll be okay.
: I wanted you to know as much.
: Thank you, Richard. And I wanted to say I'm sorry.
: For what?
: For what happened six months ago. I thought I should apologize.
: No! I am the one who needs to apologize! It was all my fault, and I'm sorry.
: So are we back to being friends?
: Yes.
: Then I'll be your friend too!
: You too?
: Sophie, this man is dangerous. Let's move away from him.
: Wait, the Captain is dangerous?
: Oh, yes. He's a wolf.
: Ha ha! I see Your Majesty still has a biting sense of humor!

: The Amarcian Enclave wasn't very far by air.

: Ohmigosh, Fourier!♪ I haven't seen you in forever!
: Just when I thought it was safe to relax... It looks like you brought the whole gang with you.
: Listen, Fourier, we need your help.
: Oh?

: When monsters change, it's usually due to a mutation triggered by their environment.
: Sorry, but...could you explain?
: All creatures have the ability to adapt to changing conditions. It's what allows the species to thrive. For example, if animals from a warm climate are transported to a colder one, many of them will perish. However, the strong ones will adapt and evolve in order to survive.
: So is that what's happening here?
: Yes, I would assume the monsters are evolving to better meet the threat posed by humans.
: So you think we're helping to make the monsters stronger?
: That's what I just said, isn't it? ...Of course, it's just a hypothesis.
: Hmm... But doesn't it usually take forever for things to evolve?
: Normally, yes. Evolution is a slow process that takes several generations to unfold. But we have numerous examples of sudden mutations in monsters, especially those that live near the valkines. In other words, outside interference greatly increases the odds of rapid mutation.
I would theorize that an unknown being is affecting them-perhaps something similar to Lambda or a Lastalia. Do you think Lambda himself might be responsible?
: Absolutely not.
: You seem quite sure...

: Huh, Lambda looks more brightly colored than before.
: It's not that.
I made a decision to exist together with you, so of course I'm going to trust you.
: Did you
: You lent me your power because you were trying to help. Isn't that right?
: Even if true, I would do so only because you are my host vessel.
Though I exist inside you, do not be so arrogant as to think you can control me.
: I'm not trying to control you.
You helped us back there. You saved our lives.
I haven't thanked you yet. So...thanks.
: This is nonsense.
: So tsundere, Lambda-san.
: Huh?
: Sorry, it's a Mizuho thing.

: I don't know if Lambda influenced the mutations. But I didn't sense his power in those monsters.
: If that's the case, then I think the problem might be up there...
: In Fodra?
: I wanted to talk to you because Fodra's been acting kinda wonky.
I didn't even notice until Poisson and the Overseer brought it up.
But ever since, me and all the other Amarcians have been studying it. About two months ago, we found eleth gushing from a point on the surface.
: Therefore, Fodra's supposedly non-functional core is showing signs of activity?
If Fodra's core is in fact the source of all life, then... Yes. It's conceivable that the core might be promoting evolution in the monsters.
: Uh, isn't the core of Fodra the Lastalia? Which was moved to Ephinea?
: Is my sister the best or what?!
Okay guys, I gotta take the shuttle and zip off to Fodra.
: Do you really think you'll learn something new up there?
: Well I'm sure not learning anything standing around here!
: In that case, we'll go with you.
: Oh, hey, wait. Is Strahta's valkines still okay?
Cause, you know, all these crazy monsters are appearing near valkines.
: At the very least, the president deserves to know. But that means a side-trip to Strahta.
: I'll go.
...But I'm not looking forward to it.
: Something wrong, Hubert?
: N-No. It's nothing.
: How about we go with you? It'll be a lot easier than going alone.
: All right. ...But please try not to cause any trouble.
We get Pascal's "Big Sister Type" title here, which gives her Accel.

Skit: A Guilty Conscience

: Who me? N-Nothing's wrong! Leave me alone!
: Geez, fine! Sorry! No need to be so cold, gosh.
: You are being mean to Pascal, Hubert.
: No I'm... Wait, am I? But...that's how I've always acted.
: You never look her in the eyes.
: Hmm? Sophie. You are very perceptive.
It's just... Looking at her like that is...difficult. It's hard for me to explain.
I don't think I can meet her gaze at this particular moment.
: Do you have a guilty conscience?
: Huh?! You've been talking to the Captain, haven't you!
: When a man has a guilty conscience, he can't look a woman in the eye...right?
: Hmm... Perhaps not.
: Not that I feel particularly guilty about anything, mind you!
: I hate to admit it, but sometimes even I don't understand what's wrong with me.

: On the way out...

: You all right?
If you have something to say, you shouldn't keep it inside.
: Pascal? I...I want to be human.
: But, you're already plenty human.
Your body's just a little different is all.
: No, it's more than that. I'm not like you at all.
Asbel... Cheria... Hubert...
Richard... Pascal... Captain Malik... You're all going to die someday...
But not me.
If I were a human, you couldn't leave me behind when you died.
Help me, Asbel. How do I become human?
: Well...
: I see... It's impossible, isn't it?
I'm not even capable of tears.
No matter how sad I get, I can't even cry like you.
I just... I just want to be the same as you.

: I wish I'd been born human with you as my family.

: Asbel, I...I'm not sure it's a good idea to bring her with us.
: It's okay. I'll stay behind here with Sophie.
I just don't think she should travel until she's feeling a little better.
: I'll stay here too!
I'm totally good at cheering people up.
: And you, Asbel?

: It might help to come along and clear your head for a bit.
: All right. I'll go to Strahta.
: Well, it looks like it's just the men this time.
: Cheria? Take care of Sophie, okay?
Malik gets the "Leader of Men title", so he can now Accel too. Nice of the game to give us Pascal's Accel title and then take her before we can use her.

Skit: Untrusted Sources

: The one Pascal made? Yes, there was talk about filling it in, but it's not blocking the road or anything, so we left it.
: Since we're talking about Pascal, I've been wondering about something: Are Pascal, Poisson, and Fourier all sisters?
: Apparently Amarcians get married and have children at much younger ages than we do. They say it's healthier, biologically speaking.
I hear that some parents and children are so close in age that they often claim to be siblings when dealing with the outside world.
: What he's trying to say is that Fourier is Pascal's mother, and Poisson is Pascal's daughter.
: Wait, what? Her DAUGHTER?!
: It would be shocking! ...If it were true.
: Huh?
: I'd imagine that Pascal and Fourier are sisters just as it appears, and Poisson is unrelated, since she's in line to be the next Overseer.
: I'll just ask Pascal next time I see her...