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Part 65: CH61: Family - Part 2

Skit: Left Behind

: What is it, Asbel?
: There's something I have to do back at Barona Castle. I need to file a report to Dalen.
: You're going alone?
: Don't worry. I won't run off by myself.
: Good.
: Now that you mention it, I left something behind at Barona Castle too.
: Yeah?
: Then you have to go back for it, right?
: Yes, perhaps I should! I wouldn't mind making a quick stop there.
: Then it's settled! Let's get going!
: Let's go.
: (In truth, what I left behind is too heavy to carry. What I left behind...are memories...)

: Pascal wanted to see Fermat while they were in Zhavert. They got a bigger surprise than they expected.

: Oh, heya, Sagan! I know I'm all behind the times and stuff, but big congrats on the wedding! But why is Fermat asleep? She not feeling well?
: Well, actually... We're going to have a baby.
: Oh, how wonderful!
: Ungh...
: Is she hurt?
: Lately, Fermat has found it difficult to eat. I tried to convince her that she must, for the sake of the child if nothing else. And yet...
: It's unusual to hear of a woman losing her appetite this far into a pregnancy.
: Lately she seems to be having trouble even getting out of bed...
: Come on, Sagan! You're gonna be a daddy soon! That means you gotta step up your game.
: Honestly, this all just happened so fast. We only decided to marry after we found out about the pregnancy.

: Are you hurting?
: N-No. I'm...okay. I just...worry that... I'm not fit to be a mother.
: If you give birth, doesn't that make you a mother?
: It takes more than that. I have to protect the baby, and make sure to raise it right.
: So what about a father? Do you have to give birth to be a father?
: Huh?!
: Is that why you're upset?
: Sagan...
: It doesn't that way, Sophie. Men don't give birth.
: Sagan becomes a father when Fermat gives birth.
: Oh.
Fermat? Will you let me see the baby?
: You've never seen a baby before?
: Not really.
: How interesting...
: I'm sorry. You'll have to excuse Sophie. She says strange things sometimes.
: No, it's all right. In fact, I feel much less worried than I did a few minutes ago.
: R-Really?
: I'm sorry, Sagan. I think I've been taking you for granted. I've been so worried about motherhood, I never considered that you might be equally concerned.
: It's me who should apologize. You're the one carrying the lion's share of the burden. From now on, we'll face our problems together for the sake of our child.
: Yes.
You'll have plenty to eat now, little one. I promise.
: Who are you talking to?
: To my baby. Would you like to try?
: ...Hello.
It didn't answer. I don't think it likes me.
: Of course it does! It was quite a response, actually!
Here, put your hand on my stomach.

: See? That's how it communicates. In fact, right now, I think it's hungry.
: I can get food. What does it want?
: Maybe some chocolate? The kind from the Amarcian enclave.
: The stuff from the fountain?
: Okay. Let's go to the fountain. Come on!
: Hey, wait a sec. That's your favorite food!
: Hee hee!
: Well, as long as you're feeling better...
: I guess we're off to the Amarcian enclave.
: Sorry for the trouble. Take care.

: Fermat, we brought you some chocolate.
: Oh, thank you! It smells divine.
: Wh-What's wrong, Fermat?
: I...I think it's time!
: Ohmigosh, WHAAAAT?!
: Ungh! ...Urrrgh!
: Wh-What do we do?!
: Like, help and stuff! Call a doctor! Call a veterinarian! Call someooooone!
: I don't think there's time.
: Oh, this is bad!
: Everyone, stay calm. If you keep yelling the baby won't come out.
: Sophie's her own way. Just keep your heads on straight and we'll all be fine.
If it comes to it, I'll deliver the baby.
: What?! Cheria, can you do that?
: Well, I saw several births while working in the relief organization. And besides, it's not like you're going to do it.
: I can help.
: Thanks, Sophie.
: Okay! Hold on! Wait! We need like hot water and stuff, right?!
: R-Right! Can you boil some?
: You got it!
: Right! And I'll go try and find a doctor!
: What can I do?
: Let me think... Sheets! Clean sheets! As many as you can find!
: Um, soooo, if you need me, I'll just be...outside.

: That's right, mister, You aren't going anywhere.
: Ungh... S-Sagan...

: Hold on, Fermat. I'm right here.
: It'll be all right.
: You'll be great, Cheria. I believe in you.
: Thanks, Sophie.
: Ungh... Gyaaaaa!
: Push, Fermat! You're almost there!
: Come on out, baby! You can do it!
: It's a girl! Oh, this is just wonderful.
: Welcome to the world, little one.
: Fermat? Can I touch the baby?
: Of course.

: So this is a baby...
: It's okay, little one. This girl is your friend.
Sagan? I want to name our new child Sophia.
: Sophia... It's a good name. Let's call her that.
: Sophia... It's a name born from my name.
: In a sense, you're the mother of our daughter's name.
: I'm a...mother?
: Hello, Sophia. I'm Sophie. I'm the mother of your name.
Somehow, the miracle of life gives Sophie an Accel Mystic Arte by way of the "Godmother" title.

Skit: A Lord's Work

: It's all thanks to you and your hard work, Asbel.
: No. This is the result of all the years of labor my father put in.
Now I see what a lordship means. Work done today might not take shape for another 10 or 20 years.
: Yeah.
: It definitely makes me wonder what I should be doing now to help everyone down the road.
: Hey, Asbel.
I know it's not really my business, but the item shop proprietor complained of being low on stock because he can't get his wholesale permit renewed.
: What? But I thought I already signed all of this month's paperwork!
: Asbel, the soldiers are on my case for not receiving their salaries this month. I've told them it's not my responsibility, but...
: Wait, seriously?
: Asbel, Grandpa told me to tell you that paperwork is piling up in your study and you need to do something about it.
: Man... Have I really been away from my duties for that long?
: C'mon, you'd better get back to your office!
: Yeah... I guess I'll...head to the office.
: Stay strong, Asbel.

: No matter how many world-eating horrors show up, paperwork always has to be done.

: Hmm? Oh, yeah. More or less.
: What's wrong, Asbel? You sound down.
: Until now, my whole life has been about bringing peace to Lhant.
And thanks to everyone's help, that goal looks to be within our grasp.
: I admit, I had my share of concerns. But we really seem to have turned a corner. So why do you find this troubling?
: I'm a fighter, Hubert. I used steel and strength to get to where we are now. And now that there's peace, I...I don't know what to do.
: What the life of a lord lacks in glory, it makes up for in mundane tasks. Perhaps you should devote yourself thusly.
: Hello. Can I come in? I have a question.
: What is it?
: I want to plant more seeds, but the garden's flowerbed is full. So I was wondering... Where can I make a new flowerbed?
: Hmm, I'm not sure. I suppose we could dig up the garden and start over?
: Is this urgent, Sophie? Why don't you just plant the seeds next year?
: Next year? But won't they wither?
: Seeds don't wither. If you store them right, they'll produce flowers no matter how much time has passed.
: Oh? Even after a hundred years?
: Sure! I've even heard of ancient lotus fruits sprouting flowers.
: That's amazing.
: I know. And besides, if you plant seeds all over, it's going to be hard to take care of them all. That's why you should just focus on the flowers you care about most.
: I see.
: Always protect the flowers blooming in front of you before all else. Got it?
: Got it.
: Those are some wise words coming from you.
: Oh, I don't know...
Hey, wait a second. That's it!
: What's it?
: I don't need to sow any new seeds... I can just watch over the ones right here!
: Sounds like you have your answer, Brother.
: Asbel planted seeds too?
: In a way, yeah.
: I see. I hope they turn into pretty flowers.
: Heh. Thanks, Sophie.
(Dad... I will try each day to watch over the things in front of me. I'm still young, and a poor excuse for a lord... But with your help, I know everything will be all right.)

: Asbel also had a job to do in Barona.

: Okay.
: Seriously, don't wander off or you might get lost.
: I'm fine. Richard's here.
: All right, all right.
: Asbel worries about you a lot, doesn't he?
: He likes to keep me safe.
But sometimes I want to be alone.
: I can see that.
Hey... Maybe you'd like to come visit my secret hideout?
: A hideout?
: Indeed.
: But...I'm supposed to wait for Asbel...
: I'll leave a message with the guard so Asbel knows we left for awhile.

: When I was young, I was always surrounded by people.
Sometimes I wanted a place where I could just be alone.
: So you built a secret fort?
: Right. I was going through some tough times, and when things got to be too much, I'd come down here.
: What did you do?
: Sometimes I'd wrap myself in a blanket and eat apples until I wanted to pop. Sometimes I'd read silly adventure stories. It calmed me, somehow. Gave me the strength to make it through another day.
: So where's the fort?
: Someone must have cleared it out.
: Can I make a new one?
: Of course.
: All done!
: Its great, Sophie. Really great.

: You know Asbel will always be around as long as you're in Lhant. But if he ever starts to drive you a little crazy, you can just come here.
: Can I wrap myself in a blanket and read flower books and eat crablettes?
: Sure, if you want.
And once you feel better, you can go back to Asbel. I know he can be a little much, but it's just because he cares for you. Don't forget that.
: But if this is my fort, what happens to yours?
: I'm an adult now, so I can't run away from things like I used to.
This hideout is yours now.
: Okay. But you can come back, too.
: Hmm?
: You can come here! Then we can read books and eat snacks together.
: That sounds nice.
Thanks, Sophie.
: There you are! What are you guys doing down here?

: Hee hee! It's a secret!
: A what?!
: It's only healthy for everybody to have a few secrets.
: I guess?
: Come on. Let's go.
: H-Hey! Wait! What's going on?
: Haha, don't worry about it.
Despite being a Sophie scene, this gives Asbel the "Hopebringer" title which gives him his Accel Mystic Arte.

: That's all they did before they left... that makes sense, anyway. There was an emergency at the Sable Izoule tower...

: Hello, Malik. Hello, everyone. Your timing is impeccable.
: Good to see you again, Major Victoria.
: Hello Asbel. Or should I say, Lord Asbel? You haven't changed a bit.
Your Highness, you shouldn't be here. It's too dangerous.
: Dangerous? This room hardly seems dangerous to me.
: One of the machines here is emitting abnormal amounts of heat. A researcher just told me the cause, but we remain unable to stop it.
Incidentally there's an alarm klaxon playing right now.
Researcher: It seems a mistake was made while we were handling the machine...
: And you ended up breaking it. ...Right?
: It's true. I can feel it getting warmer and warmer in here.
: This Archive of Wisdom was in bad shape to begin with, so maybe the circuits shorted out!
: The closer we get to the machine, the warmer it gets. Are you okay, Asbel?
: Y-Yeah, I think so. But it's definitely starting to get to me...
: This is madness. We have to stop the machine before this place turns into a sauna.
: It should shut down if you touch the top- and bottom-right panels and the middle of the left edge simultaneously... : B-But...this heat is totally too much for someone from Fendel to endure...
: All right. Malik, as your former colleague, I would ask your aid.
: I was planning to help anyway.

: C-Captain?!
: Wh-What's going on here?!
: It's a bathing suit. Don't worry.
: It's a bathing suit. Fear not.
: Here we go!

Dat shot framing
: Is there a possibility of this kind of thing happening again?
: Oh yeah. It's busted now, so if you fiddle around with it, it's likely to overheat all over again.
: The president will want to know about this.
: You're part of Strahta's military, right? Perhaps you would be willing to inform him of what happened here.
: I would request this as well. Many lives could be in danger unless we act.
: Yes, of course. I'll have a subordinate take care of it.
: By the way, Victoria, what were you doing here?
: I came to Strahta on a diplomatic security mission, and was making inspections on my way back.
: ...While wearing a bathing suit?
: Asbel, you are forbidden to speak further on this matter. Understood?
: U-Understood...
: Yowza! You Knight Academy instructors are scary.

: Well, the heat has died down, so perhaps you can see fit to putting your clothes back on.
That goes for you too!
: Sheesh! Strahtan military officers can be pretty scary, too.
Also we get 30,000 gald for... I don't know.

: Honestly I understand this one even less. Despite being, well, me, and immortal and stuff, well...
: I know the feeling.

: Is something wrong, Miss Turtlez? Do you feel sick?
Turtlez: That's not it... I'm aboutz to give birthz... Oooggghhh...
: Whaaa?!
: Give birth to what?
: A baby, Sophie! She's going to have a Turtlez baby!
: Whoa! This is like, a really big deal!
: What do you mean?
: The ecology of Turtlez has always been shrouded in mystery. This could totally be the find of the century!
Turtlez: Come on out, baby! You can do it!'...z....!

: That was amazing, Miss Turtlez!
: Congratulations! ...Wait, huh?
: Lemme see... Muh?

That shell is also PULSING light/dark.
Turtlez: Phew! Thankz! I'm glad it's all overz.
: You did it! Now you're a mother Turtlez!
Turtlez: Yez, I'm a parent now. But I'm gonna leavez thiz baby here for the time bein'. I'll comez get him once he's ready to move.
: Won't he be attacked if he's left here alone?
Turtlez: Nah, he'll be finez. That's why I gavez birth on a peaceful beach, yeah?
: Interesting... I suppose if anyplace is safe, it's this one... Probably...
: Now we just have to make sure the baby isn't bullied, right?
: Um, Sophie? I think this shell-thing is still just...
Turtlez: I'm sure the baby'd be more than happy if you just checked in on him once in a whilez.
: Okay.
Turtlez: All right, I better getz goin'. Gotta makez the most of the rest of my maternity leave!
: How are you, Turtlez Baby? Are you doing well? You are? That's good. We should probably give you a name. ...Hmm? Oh, you already have one? Oh! "Turtlez Tot," huh? I see, I see.
: Aw, man... I thought we were gonna learn all about the ecology of Turtlez... Instead, the mystery's just deepened...