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Part 70: CH65: Many Skits, Handle It! - Part 2

There is is a third Skit Video now.
Skit: Cheria's Secret

: The mountains must funnel the sea air into this location.
: But Lhant is right by the sea too, and it never gets humid like this there...
: That's 'cause the cold-water currents around Lhant stabilize the atmospheric pressure and keep the rain away.
: Ah... So that's what keeps Lhant and Barona so much dryer than it is out here.

: Ah?!
: What was that?
: Dude, weird! That's how Cheria looks when she wakes up in the morning!
: Hey, what happened? I heard someone scream!
: The excessive moisture made Cheria's hair go all-
: Pascal! Don't tell him that!
: Cheria, are you okay?!
: NO! Stay back! Don't look at me!

Skit: The Mask of Baron Strikes Back

: Pascal, what's wrong? Why are you crying?
: Pascal crying? Have heaven and earth been torn asunder?
: N-No... I'm chopping onions...
*Sob, s-sob!*
: Now? How could you possibly feel a need to chop onions in a place like this?
: Why do you cry when you chop onions?
: When you chop an onion, it cries iddy bitty onion tears because it's all hurt. So then I feel bad and start crying too.
: Onions can feel pain?
: In times of pain, turn to me!
: Who's that?
: Who?! It's King Richard.
: I am the Mask of Barona! Use these goggles and this clothespin when you chop onions!
: Mrff... It's hard to breathe...

: I'm honored to... I mean... Ahem! I am the Mask of Barona! When trouble calls, just call me! I bid you...good day!
: Bye bye!
: It's pretty obvious, isn't it?
: You look so different now, Pascal. You look just like Hubert.
: I guess?

: Riiiiiiiight.
: Riiiiiiiight.

Skit: The Mystery of Uzmek the Gigantoid

: Like Uzmek the Gigantoid.
: Uzmek... I read those books when I was a child, too. But this, this is much larger than Uzmek!
: So you know of Uzmek? I should have expected no less from an esteemed general of Strahta!
: Please, stop. It's not that big of a deal.
: Uzmek was around 20 meters in length, right?
: Yes...
: They seem to be enjoying themselves.
: They have no idea what we went through in here. It's all fun and games to them.
: Hey, can we get out of here already?
: Not quite yet...
: Your Highness!
: Forgive us, Cheria. We're at a critical juncture right now.
: Anyway, I saw a depiction of the Uzmek's internal cavity and it had about this much space.
: That wasn't official canon. They were just playing it up.
: What could Richard and Hubert find so fascinating in here?