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Part 72: CH67: Go Team Lambda

CH67: Go Team Lambda

: There wasn't any further ground to give up for the Little Queens.

: It's so much bigger than Ephinea's.
: Look! They're all here.

: We were indeed all there.

: Child of Fodra...
...Come to me.
Take my hand and we will live in peace...
I will...
...All of us will...
...Become one with you.

: Sophie...?
: Asbel gave me the name. And I will treasure it forever.
: You aid humans, Child of Fodra.

: Fodra would deal with this as one.

Nice costume there Also, why does the planet have a belly button?

: The planets work tirelessly to keep all of the life upon them in balance. It's their natural order of protection.
: What's she doing?!
: We were exposing them to the Memories of Fodra, as Lambda had warned them. They could not understand them, and soon their minds would collapse.
: I can hear her. It's like she's speaking...
: ...Inside my mind!
: Humans are not content with harmony. Instead you treat the world like a child's toy and abuse it as you see fit.
: My head is splitting apart!
: We're gonna be okay!
: No we're not! Owe-eee!
: You have committed countless sins.
And your lives are the coin by which sins are repaid.

: Lambda.
: Even I cannot hold her off for very long.
: Don't worry. Just leave the rest to us, okay?
: I'm sure that we can reach an understanding with Fodra.
We'll show her the power of a dream.
If we can trust Lambda...
Then we can convince trust us!
: By punching the shit out of her.
: Isn't that how it normally works?
: Well yes, but that doesn't mean it's not weird when you stop and think about it.

: Merged into the incarnate will of Fodra, we believed ourselves invincible.
This fight is so goddamn long it has two parts. Part Two, there will be a second link to part two later on.

The flower she's sitting on actually has gameplay significance, its presence or absence denotes which "form" she's in.

With the flower up, your melee can't quite reach her. Cheria, Malik, and Pascal can still hit with their A-Artes, but really you should be using B-Artes.

In this form she fires spreads of darts from her hand, which inflict paralysis. This has two patterns, narrow and wide.

I don't think I've showed Pascal's Accel Mystic Arte in screenshots, and today's as good as any other day.

One thing I've never really paid attention to before is that Mecha-Asbel drops a bolt on the ground when his attack run commences.

The missing bolt is probably why he explodes.

Weird bit of continuity between the MA and the battle state there, Pascal falls flat from the sky.

Her next attack is a three-phase attack with the hovering bits.

She can also plant them in the ground to use them as lightning bolts.

And now she switches phases.

Her flower has folded up into a lance and we can melee her properly now. The problem is she can do the same.

Her weaknesses are now totally different. Machine weakness? Really? That normally goes on robots.

Here she lights her lance on fire...

...and has it spin around like a boomerang.

Another attack sends out a row of lightning bolts.

Her unblockable attack...

...throws the lance forward like a tornado...

...and then it drills into you.

There's also a similar move but it's overhead and doesn't have the red "!".

A better shot of the lightning move.

In retrospect I need to make a shortcut for this.

And modechange again. I'm not 100% sure if these are time or HP based.

I like the little twirl she does as she remounts the flower.

I managed to get quite a ways without Arcane Bottles.

On the whole I'd rather have Paralysis instead. Freeze sucks.

: It was at that point that We brought to bear Our Mystic Arte.

: Gushing water! Aquarius Sphere!

: Any normal being would be annihilated.

: But Lambda was protecting them.

Nice timing on that Accel there Cheria! Note that Fodra Queen there has the yellow "iron stance" outline.

Surprisingly I was able to get out of that with good dodging, rather than blowing an Arcane Bottle.

Life Bottles have returned to being my primary "oh crap" button, since they're now 50% revives for most everyone rather than 30%, and the 50% damage titles give me more buffer. So this LP will end how it began, with a ton of life bottle spam on any hard boss.

As her health gets lower, she seems to get more aggressive about stringing together attacks.

Cheria nullifies another Mystic Arte.

The last mode switch.

In theory I could be switching Richard's arte balance around as well but fuck that, if he gets in melee with her he's going to be tasting the psychadelic floor.

That's new.

Nice dark magic death laser you got there. It also causes arteseal. You know, for fun.

The flame blade seems to be giving her some kind of fire aura now.

I'm using an Arcane Bottle even though everyone's ok for REASONS.

A slightly better view of the conjuring circle or whatever for the dark laser.

Well I could use an Arcane Bottle now I guess.

But I'd rather let the burst trigger naturally at this point. Also she's now swinging the blade normally. Weird why she waits so long to do that.

No further Arcane Bottles were used.

Cheria was empty so I had to burn an Hourglass.

Also, she now just explodes you with dark energy.

Gotta keep track of her remaining HP now.

The end is in sight.

: At that point, We tried a different Mystic Arte.
: Disperse into the abyss and nihility! Dual the Sol!

: But it had a flaw.

: They could somehow push against it.

: As you know, most Mystic Artes take place out of time, preventing your opponent from moving until they conclude. But they somehow were pushing against it, forcing Us to extend.

: Gushing water! Aquarius Sphere!

: Raging wind! Prism Stars!

: By this point even Lambda couldn't save them. But I think they knew that.

: I humble myself in the void...Shining Gate!

: Primal fire! Nova Explosion!

: Ebon darkness! Maxwell Minimus!

: Perish! Dimensional Material!

: By all rights that should have been the end of them. But the whole thing snapped back and went nuts. They knew this would happen somehow, and it not only reversed all the injuries I'd inflicted on them, but...

: We won't lose! We will carry on our dreams! Blue Earth!

: It was impossible, but they did it anyway.

OK, some explanation of what the hell there. Dual the Sol and all the others were originally extensions of the "Maxwell" summon in Tales of Eternia (Destiny II US). It became a sort of tradition to extend it like you saw, and the full sequence was in Tales of Rebirth. People who played those previous games would presumably wonder what happened if you held the proper buttons down for the extensions, and then BANG! Blue Earth one shots the boss. Not only that, but it also full heals you and gives you bonus XP.