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Part 73: CH68: No Really, Endings

CH68: No Really, Endings

: It was a narrow thing, but they had beaten an entire planet.

: We had no strength left to fight, but we were still moving.

: Oh, this is bad!
If she absorbs the core's eleth, she'll regain all her strength!

: Lambda...
: Here we go!

: That was it.

: We couldn't hold together.

: Asbel!
: Hng... Gya... Gyraaaaaaaah!
: I wasn't the only one having problems.

: Wh-Where are we?
: Welcome. We are inside Fodra's consciousness.

: A-Asbel?
: No. I am Lambda.
: Where's Asbel?!

: Unfortunately, even with my ability, I was unable to absorb all of Fodra.
However, it did not end in failure. I was able to capture her heart, the part of her overrun by hate.
The core should now return to normal, and in time regain its composure.
Considering the way things ended, it may have been Fodra's own will to protect what precious life remains here.
For now, I think it's best if I try to speak with her.
: Who?
: With the heart of Fodra. Her animosity continues to swirl within me.
I hope to understand her hatred, to melt it away, and eventually change it into trust.
Who knows how long it may take. This could last a century or two, but we have the luxury of time.
: That's so long.
Does that mean that you will be alone, all that time?
: I no longer consider myself alone in this world. Not with a friend who can live forever.
: M-Me?
: Watch over me as time goes by, Protos Heis. Please watch over my progress.
I will start dreaming together with Fodra.
In that dream, I hope that eventually we may form a kind of common understanding.
Just as this man did for me.
When we finally wake up, I think I would like to accompany her on a long journey.
...And see the world.
Now, the time has come. I shall return Asbel to you.

: Asbel!

: Sophie...
: Lambda... He said he was going to dream with Fodra.
Yeah. That's what I heard.
: Asbel. Are you okay?
: Yeah, I think so.
: That was when they noticed I was still there.
: *Sniff... *

: I had nothing left to give.

: Against the humans...that would destroy us!

: You don't have to fight anymore.
Everyone here...understands just how you feel.

: It will be treasured and passed down among their children.
Come with me, and we can watch over them. You and I together.
: Together...

: Will you...take what's...left of me... with you...please?
Take my feelings...and my hopes...for this world.

: And she did.
: Sophie!

: You're... You're crying!

: (When Fodra is green once again. Let's come back to see it...)
(...Together again.)
Everyone, let's go Ephinea.

: All that was left was to drop everyone off at their homes.

: Heck yeah! I want some time to take a look around the city.
: You're going to investigate and see how the new valkines system is working, is that correct?
: Uh-hm, you got it!
It would be totally irresponsible not to follow up.
: I know we take it for granted, but Pascal is really amazing.
: Mm-hm.
: That's right and don't you forget it! Keep those compliments coming!
: Ahem! Aren't you forgetting something, little sister?
; Huh?!

: How many days has it been since your last bath?!
: I kinda forgot.
: I give up.

: Anyone want to take a stray cat off my hands?

: Sorry, but I am more of a dog person actually.
: Meow...
: Hm?

: Better scrub her down just like you would a stray cat.
: Uh...

:You don't need my help to take a bath!
: Geez, Little Bro, you're scarier than Fourier.
: Stop calling me that! My name is Hubert!
Can't you remember that?!
: Hmph, okay.
Hey, I know. I'll call you "Hu".
: "Hu?" Uh...

: Huh?
: This is goodbye for me, too.
Thank you for everything, Captain Malik. You too, Pascal.
: Goodbye, everyone.
: Until then.

: It takes a lot of energy to tame a stray cat.
So hang in there.

: See ya around.

: Heh...

: Don't worry. Besides, I'm sure I'll be back for your wedding.
: Wh-What?!
: Don't tell me that you still haven't talked to the poor girl.
: Like you're one to talk.
: At least I tried to talk to her. She just didn't really get what I said.
: Then it's no different.
: Those two are so much alike in the strangest of ways.
: How are they alike?
: Don't worry. You'll understand someday.
: Uh, yes?
: Your relief work has been invaluable to us. However...
I wouldn't want you to lose sight of your own happiness.
It would be most tragic if an angel of joy such as yourself decided to abandon her own contentment.
And besides, your happiness is Sophie and Asbel's happiness as well.
: Thank you Richard.
: I just wouldn't feel right if I moved on and left you behind.
: I don't know. You kinda sound like a sore loser.
: Tell her how you feel if you don't want to end up being a total loser.

: Well all right then. I think that's my cue to leave.
: Bye-bye, Hubert.

: Thank goodness you're safe, my lord!

: This latest excursion reminded me all the more of how precious peace is.
I want to build a future for Windor, for Ephinea, and for Fodra.
There is more than enough prosperity to go around now.
But I still have much to learn before I make that dream a reality.
When peace is restored, I'd like to see more of the world.
Asbel, Sophie? When the time comes, will you accompany me on that journey?
: Of course!
: Sure. You know it.
Whenever you're ready, we can all meet once again at Lhant Hill.
: Okay!
: Mm!
: All right. I must be off. Thank you for everything.

: Oh. Yeah, right.
: Good luck...out there.
: Well...bye.
: Asbel, what about your promise?
: Cheria!

: I know I'm always really bad with words, but please...
If it's okay with you...
I want you to come live with me.
I know you have a lot of things to do.
So I won't ask you to come back immediately.
I'll be the one waiting for you to come back home this time.
Sophie and I will wait...for as long as it takes. All right?
: Asbel...

: Cheria, last night, I had the strangest dream.
I was playing with a child that looked a lot like both of you.
And after a while I finally figured out who he was.
He was you and Asbel's great-great-grandson.

: Tell me Sophie. Would you be happy if that dream came true?
: Will it come true?!
: Well, it just might.
: I would be so happy if that really came true!
: That's good.

: Sophie? Asbel?
When I come home...
: I'm gonna make you all of your favorite foods.
But only if you promise to eat everything up.
: Mm-hm!

: Hell with waiting for crablettes. Sophie carried them all the way home.


This time it seems they went with a theme of "stuff that happens in the daily lives of the protagonists" rather than "drawings of story events".

: Everything was going to be all right.

: (I'll watch over this world forever.)

: Which star was it?

: And that's about it. Eventually Sophie learned how Fodra split off Little Queens, and remembered me well enough to remake me to go explore things while she protected Fodra and Ephinea, and that's how I ended up here, talking to you.
: Split off you say? Fascinating. I wonder though, how did you turn off the Foselos? It seems obvious from the end there that the Aquasphere was gone.
: Oh right, that. I didn't want to talk about how that happened because it was kind of annoying and stupid. But if you insist....