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Part 75: CH70: Turtlez Flute Symphony

CH70: Turtlez Flute Symphony

Ok so the first thing we're doing is handing in EVERY REQUEST IN THE WORLD. Worlds, actually. One of them is for an item that can ONLY be stolen from this particular arena miniboss.

You get a scene when you hand it in.

: What's wrong?
: They stole someone's medicine! What could they have possibly been thinking?! I mean, that's just evil!
: Cheria, are you upset?
: Of course I'm upset!
: Hey, it looks like there's something in there besides medicine.
: Yeah, look. I wonder if they took this from someone, too.
: If so, we should try and get it back to its original owner. Let's hang onto it for the time being.
: What if no one claims it?
: Well...we'll just have to cross that bridge later.
: ...Sticky fingers.
: H-Hey! Who taught Sophie that?!
: What? Don't look at me!

We get the Kitty's Paw, which is used to make Sophie's joke weapon. I'll have to check back to see if we ever made it using an alternate method, but I don't think so.

Anyway, back to the Zhonecage.
Dungeon Video: Floor 4

So we've got beasts for this floor, and they hit pretty hard. This one is demonstrating his "Kill Cheria Laser" although the color blends into the floor. At some point I eventually realized I needed to put the "reduce damage 50%" title onto Cheria since she did zero casting while dead.

BTW Pascal won the vote for this floor.

Also, this floor's Rare Item is the Purebright Cloth, which makes the best female-only armor.

: Eventually they met the next Terma-Ten member.

: Do you know this person, Pascal?
: Oh, that's no person. It's a Turtlez!
: Tortoise! Tortoise!
: Man, this is one weird Turtlez right here.
: I am NOT a weird Turtlez! How dare youz!
: This is the Turtlez we saw at the border fortress.
: I totally do not remember that.
: I will never forgive youz! I can solve riddlez with my MINDZ! My Turtlez Transport carriez much cargo! I enjoy eating soft tofuz!
: ...What the heck are you talking about?
: I'll have youz know, I can parallel parkz my Turtlez Transport what while takin' a bath!
: ...You're not making any sense.
: Don't make fun of me, seez?! I'll destroy yaz! I'll bury yaz in the groundz! I'll show youz the power of a Turtlez that's touched the darknezz!

: Technically the Terma Ten isn't composed of individuals, since the Dark Turtlez and his Turtlez Transport fought as a unit.

For the most part, he does small numbers of powerful hits.

Reminder that this is being reduced by 50%.

You don't want to be under that when it hits.

Here he's rushing forward, hitting us continually. Sophie is unfortunately in the center of the damage zone.

Sophie, being the only true melee character here, is taking the brunt of the aggro (and deaths).

At this low HP he starts spinning, which is dangerous because he's no longer easy to run away from. Oh and it does a lot of damage.

Oh, and he has a Mystic Arte. There are IIRC SIX new-ish Mystic Artes for the denizens of the Zhonecage.

I like the name here, but I think it should be "Coinz" instead of "Moneyz".

Unfortunately these hits are too small to activate Sophie's "reduce by 50%" which kicks in at 750 if I recall correctly.

Also, his stomp is upgraded.

Everyone is mean to mez! They sayz I'm different from other Turtlez! They tease mez for it!
: That's sad.
: It is?
: They all callz me the rotten Mabo Curry boy! I'm not rotten Mabo Curry, seez!
: You're a rotten Turtlez then?
: No! Look, I knowz I ain't pretty. I knowz that I'm an ugly Turtlez... But I'm still gonna flap my wingz and fly somedayz!

: Oh! It's gonna totally happen!
: What's going to happen?!
: The Turtlez is gonna turn into a swan!
: Woooo....z!

: I iz a swan now.
: You look the same.
: Hey, look!
He molted! How cute!
: It's true. You have been reborn.
: Nooooo!
: This must have been a... difficult journey.
: Congratulations! You really are a regular ol' weird Turtlez after all!

After you beat him, you can go see the Turtlez Bozz again.

: We found him in the Zhonecage. He wasn't very nice.
: Yeah, actually he was kind of a jerk.
Turtlez Bozz: The Dark Turtlez iz my son. The other day, he sentz me a letter. Said he waz sorry for all the troublez he'd caused. Now fair's fair, yeah? Here's that Turtlez Flute I promised.
: Thank you.
Turtlez Bozz: With that flute, you can callz us to come servez youz, anytimez, anywherez. If there's ever anythin' you needz from uz, just say the wordz. Or uh, blow the flutez.

So we can use the Turtlez Flute anywhere from the item menu, and it pops open a merchant window. The prices are all 10x normal, but at this point I've stopped giving a shit about mere mortal money concerns.

Ok so the next floor was a tie between Pascal and Richard, so I went with Richard as we'd just used Pascal.
Dungeon Video: Floor 5

This is the Android floor, and kind of sucks to fight. They're fast and teleporty. At least you only fight two at once. It feels a lot harder than the next floor, despite the higher level there.

This floor's rare item is the Enasphere, which if you remember from way back is one of the "ultimate upgrade" items. It's actually one I haven't managed to get from the Eleth Mixer (despite it being in there for pretty much the entire game). Asbel's "best" weapon is made from it (I'll discuss this once we actually get it).

: It's a good thing Lambda wasn't with them for this one.

: A curtsey? Awfully polite for her.
: It...It can't be!
: You're...Emeraude?!
: I am Emeraude. And I am not Emeraude.
: What does that mean?
: In the body of the humanoid Emeraude once used, a soul was born! Emeraude had a certain desire. And fulfilling that strong desire has become this soul's calling. I will not let you interfere!
: She looks serious!
: But you were on Fodra! How did you get here?
: I snuck onboard your shuttle when you left Fodra for Ephinea. No one noticed me. Neither you nor Emeraude! Ah ha ha!
: Here she comes!
: Wait, exactly how does that work?
: As near as I can figure out, Emeraude had a "backup" body that attained a will of its own the way some of the Humanoids did.
: And what the hell was it doing during all of the proceeding?
: I'll tell you later.

So we've reached the maximum HP cap for bosses and there's still 5 floors left!

We've got a LOT of tools we didn't for the last go-around.

Even with all her boosted stats, our own high level and 50% damage reduction mean this is a cake walk in comparison.

I think they forgot to change the damage on Killing Field or something. Sheeeeeeesh. It just tickles.

Also, they cared enough to give her a modified portrait for her Mystic Arte.

: Emeraude? What was the strong desire you mentioned?
: Before Emeraude became a humanoid, nature granted her one last gift... ...The ability to cause insatiable lust in men!
: ...Huh?
: Oh, it's true! Men were falling all over themselves just to get a glimpse of her. But this was during a time of war, and such things could not continue. So she prayed... She prayed that her sudden attractiveness would go on forever!
: Wait, really? This doesn't have to do with Fodra or Lambda or... something important?
: Oh, the real Emeraude continued to work on those problems. But her desire to remain attractive was passed to me.
: To think she suffered from such a tragic past...
: Captain...are we supposed to take this seriously?
: O, cruel fate! How I yearn to be attractive once more! But now, I am little more than a discarded thought. Something the real Emeraude simply...forgot.
: *Snort!* Er...pardon me.
: If you must know, she was bar hopping in Strahta.

Anyway, we get the Fairy Scabbard but it has no associated skit. Asbel isn't crazy enough to have comical misunderstandings with himself anyway.

So let's refight the Dark Turtlez because why not.
: So! Ya came back, did yaz? Well then, I'm gonna destroy yaz!
: Wait! Before you destroy us, I wanna ask a question!
: Yez? Whatcha want?
: Why can't people die here?
: Probably 'cause we're surrounded by eleth, yeahz?
: Oh, nice! That's what I thought, too.

: I remember whenz I was a young little Turtlez. I drove as fast as the windz on my Turtlez Transport!

Also the Emeraude Copy
: Ha! I see my beauty still has the power to enchant men!
: Um...all right? If that gets you through the day... Here we go!

: Brave young warriors... Be attractive forever... Be...insatiable...

OK, for the next floor, we had another Pascal/Richard tie. I used Richard since I wasn't sure how well Pascal would work with the boss.
Dungeon Video: Floor 6

This is mostly the bird floor, we'll have 3 birds and a turtle or starfish or something in most fights. Occasionally we get turtles and starfish exclusively though.

The special item is Dragon's Blood, which makes the best "universal" armor.

These birds hit super hard.

Triple rez combo!

: OK this is the point where even Sophie started to realize that something was weird with the selection process for the "Terma Ten."

: Huh?
: It sounds like a peepit.

: What's going on here?!
: There's so many of them!
: This is starting to creep me out!
: Peep!
: Peep peep!
: Peep! Peep! Peep!
: Look out, Cheria! Here they come!

So uh this is definitely not a "member" in the traditional sense. More like "army" or "force" than anything else.

You're going to to have to fight 25 of them in total. At 4.5 million HP, that may be the highest such total for any boss in a Tales game, not counting healing.

Fortunately they're not hard to damage.

If you can get them to bunch up, well,...

I heard that if you manage to kill every enemy on the field, then regardless of how many are in reserve, the fight ends, but I've never managed to test it. This is the closest I came.

Oh, and they have a Mystic Arte. Each.

Fortunately the Mystic Arte KILLS the bird using it. Unfortunately, by "each" I meant that several of them can activate it during the Eleth Break.

: P-Peeeep...
: Wait. I hear something... Oh my gosh... Their thoughts are being transmitted by all the airborne eleth!
: What the hell?
: This wicked cook was chasing us all around, peep! Chasing all my brothers and sisters... So one day we turned on him and made him go away forever, peep!
: Yeah, I suppose this many birds could take down a grown man.
: We were trying to escape again when a big light swallowed us up, peep peep! We just... We just wanna grow up and become real chickens together!
: Oh, Asbel...
: Don't say it.
: The poor little things...
: I knew you were going to say it.
: Yes. But I'm still going to take this grilled chicken they all left... The poor things...
Screenshots don't show it, but the Peeps all run off when she starts the second Sentence.
: Great. I think even Cheria's being affected by the eleth now...

OK, so I did a special thing for the refight here.
: Did you come back for more grilled chicken, peep?!

DOUBLE PASCAL! With bonus Richard! There's no reason I can't use those impersonator titles to turn anyone into anyone. I could do this with four of Pascal, none of whom were actually the real Pascal, if I wanted to/had enough Life Bottles.

Fun with Fearful Storm!

: Big brother!
: Looks delicious!

OK, no voting for next time, but I'll promise you this: All-Sophie party is happening. Maybe All-Cheria as well.