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Tales of Innocence

by Darth Numbers

Part 3: Update 3: EXPOSITION



: Whew. I'm alive again. You couldn't have come at a better time.

: Wouldn't most people be more grateful? Anyway, I have to run an errand, so...

: Don't sweat the details! Plus, I'm broke, so even if I wanted to pay you, I couldn't.

: *Sigh* Just forget it, I'll buy more.

: Man, can't you take a joke?

: Oh um... I'm Luca Milda.

: Oh man, not good!

: What's wrong?

: I just remembered something, I uh, was asked to do some shopping.

Left the stove on, eh Iria?

: A-anyways, gotta run!

: Are you being chased?

Gonna take that as a yes.

: Boy, that would've been great to know a few minutes ago...

: !!

Oh, shit.

This sounds perfectly legitimate and above board!

: .......

You tried.

: Uh, no, I mean...

: Hey! That kid has nothing to do with this!

: Luca, right? Hurry up and get out of here!

I'm gonna chose the cowardly option, because I don't like Iria.

: ..........

Scripted fight. Easy peasy.

: I was probably just lucky, I've never been in a fight before...

: That power just now...

: W-who's there?

: Mathias!

: You followed me this far, I told you I don't know anything!

: S-sensus? The same Sensus that waged war on the Ratio?

: ?!

: Stay back! You saw my power before, the power of the Arch-Demon Asura sleeps within me!

Aww yeah.

: A-asura?!

: W-what's so funny? Are you stepping up or not?

Steppin' up. Them's fightin' words.

Who cares.

: Hey, come here!

Time to run!


: I don't know where to start, first off, what are you doing with those pistols!?

: My parents gave them to me for self defense!

: Anyway, I'll tell you everything, you're the same as me...


: And with that power... came these dreams...

: Dreams... just like me...

: In my hometown of Sania Village, there were other kids just like me.

: Our parents always warned us not to use our powers in front of people...

: Eventually, Mathias and her Arca religion thing showed up...

: Mathias demanded I tell her where the "manifest" is... but I don't know what that is!

: But Mathias knew about my power... that I could use the Devic Artes...

I believe that's "Heavenly artes.

: Devic Artes... that power I used earlier? That the church used long ago?

: Devic Artes don't belong on Naraka. They're the power of the gods from Devaloka, long ago.

: In other words, here on Naraka, it's the abominable power of the Fallen that everyone fears.

: Mathias targeted my village to get to me.

: They wanted to force me to join them!

: But what about the Compulsory Fallen Rehab Program? Are they exempt or something?

: I really don't know. In any case, my parents helped me escape, and I fought my way here.

: So what's the manifest thing?

: I really don't know. I guess it has to do with my past life though...

: P-past life?!

: What happens in our dreams. Mathias says that's our memories from our past lives.

: So that must mean this Inanna chick was somehow related to that "Manifest"?

: HUH? Whaaaat? YOU'RE Inanna?!

: Well, yeah? What about it!?

: I mean.. Well.. I'm Asura in my dreams!

: In Devaloka, Among the gods, I commanded the Sensus!

: And there was a beautiful woman named Inanna who I...

: Who I, um...

: I'm sure that Inanna lived happily with a lover like him!

: Um...

: Anyway, I guess the first thing to do is to learn about that Manifest thing, right?

: Huh? Oh yeah, that's true...

: What could be worth attacking a whole village over?

: They said they wanted to use it to create Utopia...

: Just like you, Ir- I mean, Miss Animi...

: Hey. how about this-- come with me! We'll find the Manifest before they do!

: There must be other people who have memories of the Devic era, like you and me...

: That means they'll also be targeted by the Avatar Hunt.

: If we don't hurry, we might all get caught!

: .....

: (Eddy and Nico saw my power... they might report it...)

: That's true... I'll help out! Lets hurry, Miss Animi!

: My parents gave me this, but you can use it.

Iria joined the party, and we got a sword! Nice.

This is a pretty good place to stop, hopefully next update will be less plot heavy!