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Part 6: Update 5

Update 5
In which we beat the crap out of an innocent (?) dude, and talk to swords.

Well there's 2 people who aren't us in this room, should we talk to cab driver or weaboo first?

I'm going with weaboo.

: Hello, nice to meet you.

: Hello, my name is Luca.

Don't ask me how that's pronounced.

: Yes, that's right. You too?

: Of course! I heard that they were gathering people with memories of their past lives. I'm searching for someone, He has surely been reborn and it is my destiny to meet him.

: Are you planning on joining Arca then?

: That is my intention. If I join, I'll surely meet him...

: I guess so... but aren't you worried? You're joining a group you know nothing about.

: But I'm sure that being together with other people who remember their past lives will be fun. You have memories of your past life as well, right?

: Y-yeah. Although I haven't remembered much...

: That girl you came in with... is she a friend?

Oh god no. Not the yandere.

: Something like that.

: I'm not sure why, but I don't think I'll like her very much.

: Huh? Why? She's self-centered and strong willed, but she's a nice girl! Probably.

: For some reason, I feel the two of you do not belong together... Please forget I said anything, it's not any of my business, right?

: …

Well. Time to talk to the cab driver with swords?

: You talkin' to me?

: (Oh no... a bully...)

: What, so you're gonna call me out and then go all silent on me?

: Oh, um, I'm sorry...

: I-I'm Luca. Luca Milda.

: Sounds familiar... you rich or something?

: Y-yes, more or less... but I don't have any lunch money on me.

I'm not gonna do nothin', moron! So how about that cute chick over there? She your girlfriend?


: N-not at all! She's just a fri... an acquaintance.

: Strangers, huh?

: To be honest, I don't know what she thinks of me...

: Well if you're here, you're a Fallen, right?

: That would seem to be the case...

: I started a fight in town. Thought they'd ship me to juvie, but they threw me in here when they saw I was a fallen.

: I saw you being taken away...

: Yeah? What'd you think? Pretty strong, huh?

: I only saw the part where you got arrested.

: What?! Why the hell weren't you watchin' when I knocked them the hell out?

: Eek!! I'm sorry!

: You scare too easy.

: Y-yes, I'm sorry...

: You should loosen up. Well, guess I'll be counting on you.

: Yes! N-nice to meet you, Spada!

Time to talk to Iria.

: Hey, Iria...

: What's wrong? Don't sound so depressed from the start!

: What are they going to do to us? Just thinking about it gives me the shakes...

: Then just don't think about it, idiot.

: H-how can you be so calm?

: There have been plenty of times where I thought I might not survive. I guess I never imagined it would end like this.

: I've never even considered I might not survive...

: Do you regret coming along with me?

: N-no way! I just...

: Mmm, actually, never mind. I'm afraid to hear your answer... Seeing the fear in your eyes, I feel like I've done something terrible. So... don't look at me like that.

: …..

: …...

: It'll be okay! I'm sure we'll have a chance to escape.

: …......Obviously! Like I would give up so easily!

: Yeah! We'll show them! We'll send anyone in our course flying!

After you talk to everyone, talk to Spada again.

: They can't keep us locked in here forever...

A dating sim?

: Hah! Ain't that just perfect?

: Um, is Chitose not coming?

: O-oh, nevermind...

: Like we would ever join!

: Damn straight!

I really like his manner of speaking.

: …..

: Yeah, thanks...

Uh.. Wow. Time to murder an innocent dude I guess?

: Just one?! Who the hell you think you're dealing with?!

Spada has other concerns.

: H-hold on, you want us to fight this man? He's a person, just like us!

: No! Monsters are one thing, but this person has a family... friends...

: Huh? Me?

: N-no way, are you mistaking me for someone else? I've never killed anyone...

And this is the perfect time to fix that!

: What the hell?!

: H-he isn't human? What is he?

Fight time!

Enemy defeated.

: The hell was that about?

: Why did this happen?

: Could this be a grudge from his past life? He said he was Ratio...

: A god?

: So he just transformed into a god?

: (In other words, to him, meeting Luca was an extreme circumstance... It might be better if we avoid bumping into other Avatars...)

: T-then, is it possible for me to revert to my past life's form as well?


: No way... I can't fight anymore...

: Hold on! You can't just wimp out on us!

Here we go again. Murder time!

: Outta my way!

: “The heart's blade shall be thy companions shield!” How many times did I hear those words? Stand back before you get hurt. I'll take it from here!

Form of... a giant sword?

Anyway, we now have a one on one fight with Spada and the Ratio soldier.

Ignore my E rank, I was trying to show off some of Spada's moves, and I kept getting hit :U

: Then you must be...

: I was the holy sword Durandal in my past life.

Yup! Not only is he a delinquent knight wearing a cab driver hat and wielding 2 swords, he was also a giant talking sword in his past life! I love Spada.

: The unmatched sword of Devaloka, whose very blade was said to be the only thing he couldn't cut.

Flashback time!

: Ha. You're magnificently sharp this evening, Durandal... sharper than ever.

: Naturally...

: You have saved my life once again. As long as you live, my savior... and as my faithful companion, we can continue to walk the path of battle to the end of the ages.

I guess swords can get married in Devaloka.

: I am glad to hear you say that... Very well, I shall be by your side for all eternity...

: Let us continue to bathe your blade in blood. But for now, you should rest in your sheathe.

Flashback over.

: When I think about it, you were a weird dude. Talkin' to a sword like that...

: What about you? You were a sword that could talk! That's pretty weird too.

: Heh. At least you talk tough. Too bad you would've been nothin' without Durandal.

: So you were that sword guy? I was Inanna in my past life.

: Oh, that was you? I'd never have guessed by lookin' at you, that's for sure.

: Oh, you're too kind. You look just like a normal person, who would have guessed you were a sword?

: That supposed to be some kinda compliment?

: So what? We passed?

: S-so they're sending us to war after all...

: No! I won't do it!

: Bring it on.

: ….

Spada joined! So yeah, now we're being sent off to war. Cause little kids need a little more war in their life, right? Anyway this is a good stopping place for now, thanks for tuning in, and make sure to check out the update 5 skits, linked in this post and the OP. See you next time!