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Part 8: Update 6: The one where we murder a bunch of people

Update 6: The one where we murder a bunch of people
Just FYI, Monday marks finals week, so in between a few projects and finals, updates are probably gonna be a bit smaller. Sorry about that!

Before we go to war, let's see what our friends have to say.

: ….huh? If you're worried about me, I'm fine. I'm just thinking of something.

Oh... okay. Let's go see what Spada has to say?

: The hell you want now? Chill out.


No one else to talk to than the soldier dude.

Jesus, what does it take to advance the plot these days?!

Talking to Iria again triggers the cutscene, finally.

Have I mentioned I love Spada?

Time to go to war!

: Shut it! We heard you the first time.

: *sniffle*

: E-excuse me, I have a question...

Talk about mixed messages.

: We haven't received any training, so we're complete novices...

“Listen, just fucking kill everything you see.” Solid military briefing!

: That it? No sweat.

Mind reading police? What is this, Oblivion?

: (How did he know?)

I bought a few life bottles and healed up. Time to murder some children!

Let's loot some chests. The one on the right gave us a Pineapple Gel, which restores 60% of a character's TP, as opposed to the normal 30% of an Orange Gel.

As we start to head into the jungle, look who's apparently stalking us!

: Luca, are you all right? Are you injured?

: Who can say?

You can say! That's why she asked you that question.

: “Who can say?” Are you out of your mind?

: So did you join Arca after all?

: That's right. As part of my training, I'm volunteering here.

: I see...

I didn't catch it in time, but Spada runs off with Iria here.

Spada's a good guy, lookin' out for our idiotic protag.

She wants the D.

: M-me? That's not true...

: No. I can tell, you are strong. You will surely survive.

: You.. really think so?

: There may be powerful warriors present. If it seems you have no chance of victory, please run away and save yourself...

: (What's that supposed to mean?)

: (Well... Whatever...)

: Thanks, I'll be careful. I guess we should get going...

: Until we meet again.


: Hey Luca, does that chick know you were Asura in your past life?

: I'm not sure, I don't remember telling her... There's something very familiar about her...

Anyway, off to the jungle.

Mandatory skit time.



The rest of the skit is the same as admit your worries.

Just for the sake of clarity, I'm going to be walking around as and playing as Spada for now. It doesn't change anything in cutscenes, I just like to walk as him on the world map.

Here is the first “dungeon” of the game. I guess. It's a maze, sort of. I'll be showing off some footage of a real dungeon at a later update.

On the right path, we find a new gun for Iria.

The only other way to go is the left path, and aw shit did we get caught.

: It's okay... I can do it... I'm Asura...

: An Avatar, huh? Did you know Asura?


God. Everyone hates Asura!

Here we go again.

See that glowing circle around Spada? That means I've maxed my Tension Gauge. Time to go super sayian.

So now we get to rack up crazy combos with increased stats, while the enemy is helpless. Too bad I activated it right before he was about to die...

And of course, Iria stole the kill :<

Let's keep going.
The left path goes out into an open field. We have a left and right path choice again.

Going right rewards us with a new sword for Luca-- Obsidian.

Going left rewards us with plot.

Everyone wants to fight this guy!

: ….!!

: You're gonna attack an ally?

: This guy's totally lost it.

: My fault? Don't blame me for your weakness.

Cutting words from the mayor of Wimptown.

Another one of these fights.

This guys is slightly harder, he can cast Lighting and has more HP. We killed him anyway.


Hey look, a save point! Hope nothing prevents me from getting there.

The right and left forks both go to the same place, and trigger this cutscene.

: There's a Garam soldier!

: I hope he isn't an Avatar...

: Looks like it's Iria this time.

: Why do you have to make this about our past lives!?

Don't think I'll ever get tired of murdering these things.

: Hahaha.... Hahahahaha!!

Easy on the evil laugh there, bud.

: What is wrong with you?!

: Huh?

: Don't you think you're out of line? We may be on the battlefield, but it doesn't change the fact that you're taking lives! Weren't you terrified of coming here? Now you're killing people and laughing like a maniac... what happened to you!?

: Chitose...

: T-thank you, but....

: I wish to be close to a strong man...

: Excuse me? You...

: Congratulations. Garam seems to have retreated thanks to your actions. Truly... Congratulations...

Flashback time!

: Hmph. Of course. There is no need to rejoice after every petty victory.

Flashback over. Sorry to cut it here, but my battery is getting low, and this one was kind of screenshot heavy! Tune in next time for another episode of the misadventures of “Everyone wants to either fuck or kill Asura”, and don't forget to check out the Update 6 Skits!