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Part 20: Update 12

Update 12

All right, let's start searching for Avatars.

Do you think there are any left from the Rehabilitation Program?

There have to be some people still in hiding.

And how do you plan on smoking them out?

And are they even willing to work with us...

Uh... w-we'll just figure that out when we get there! Anyway, let's go.

Let's go? Where we goin'?


Iria is the best navigator.

Anyway, let's go bother Luca's parents.

Is something wrong?


I see. Then we should move along.


Fine, guess not.

That dude just decides “nah I'll leave”

I love Ricardo's pose here.

Man, that was too close.

Ain't you a little jumpy? Not like they're gonna know you're an Avatar just from lookin'.

But Spada, you caused quite a scene when you were arrested. They might recognize you.


Looks like it's you who should be hiding.

What'd you say?!


Oh, I know a good place!


Look for the manhole over in the industrial district.

This is the place. Used it so I'd have somewhere to hide when I ran away from home.

You want us to crawl into a sewer?!

The stink ain't too bad.

M-my, what extravagance we have to look forward to.

Ange, you're really not fooling anyone.

I want everyone to check in periodically and report your findings.

This is a really neat close up on Spada, I kinda like it.

Then let's pair up and move out. I'll flip a coin.

That's him flipping a coin.

So now we have to collect information with just Luca, time to move out!

This is unrelated but I thought this picture of Luca running against a wall was hilarious.

You literally have to just walk around until you have the misfortune of arriving near Luca's house.

Hmm... maybe not go in there.


H-hey, what should we do?

I'm using pictures of genome soldiers from the Metal Gear Solid concept art to act in place of a portrait for these soldiers.


That's the other soldier.

Well... everything seems to be in order here...


That awkward moment when you yell at soldiers who are making accurate accusations about your shitty son.

That's... oddly sweet.

I kinda like Luca's parents, even though they aren't relevant to anything.

Mother... Father...


Clearly just a rumor.

Oh... really? (Didn't they see me? I was sure they did...)

Was that... what happened?

So the bully's were slightly nice after all, happy day!


Wasn't there just someone with you?

I-is that right?


Not sure if it's visable, but Luca is literally hiding behind the skinny guy.

Hmm? Who is that over there?

H-hey! Stop right there!!

We should rest for a bit...

And here's our final party member! I know at least one person in thread was excited for her, I personally like her because of her fighting style and her past life, which are both really funny/badass.


Ya don' look like state people. How'd y'all find this place?

Southern accent intensifies.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

This's where we live, hear? Well, more like we jus' kinda barged in an' took over.


Is that right? Sorry, I had no idea.

Well, long as y'all ain't state people, it's cool.


Hey Luca! You in here!?

Is something wrong, Iria?

Stay out of this Ange!

Why are you blaming me for this? We just happened to be walking nearby, I wasn't going to see my parents.

T-that's just an excuse! Why would you go that close to your house in the first place?

I thought that was where he was supposed to search.

Gosh Iria, what's rustled your jimmies?

Iria, what has you so upset?

Aw, man, keep it down. My ears're ringin' here.

I wonder if Hermana and Spada's inability to enunciate “g”'s means anything... but that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY.

Who are you?

That's what I'm askin'. Anyway, get inside 'fore the soldiers come.

Are you sure it's okay?

Don' worry 'bout it. Now hurry an' follow me.

Anyway here we are, at Hermana's house. Usually I'd call the update around here, but I'll give you guys a bit more because I've been a little scarce on the updates.


What is this place, exactly?

Kinda like an orphanage, I guess.

Oh, really? As a member of the clergy, I have a hard time imagining this place as an orphanage.

Geez Ange, way to be an asshole.

Well, it's also kinda not, see? All the normal places're full up cuz of the war.

The kinda kids livin' here ain' fit for that kinda thing. We're jus' doin' what it takes to stay alive.

So how are you feeding yourself?

I don' wanna say. I mean, y'all promise not to get mad? I ain' good with scary folk.

'Course I know better. But it ain't like we got any other choice. Ain't easy for kids like us to to earn any Gald, hear?

Lady, that's harsh. Ain't like we're livin' here cause we wanna, hear? Hidin' here's the only way we can get by. Don't yell at me, it makes me sad...

Iria, calm down. You're scaring the poor girl.

I-I'm sorry, okay! I think I have another headache coming on...

Whoa! The hell happened to my hideout!?

Who's the kid?

Spada, you're all kids.

Heard the story from my pal Luca here. An' I was thinkin' maybe we could work out some sort of trade.

I'm not sure you make an acceptable trading partner, but let's see what you have to offer.

We hear all sorts of stuff, see? So maybe we can get the info yer lookin' for.

And in return?

All business, huh? I hear there's somethin' real valuable in this here cavern. Think y'all can help me get it?

Something valuable? Like a jewel?

There's this crazy mushroom you can use in some kinda elixir of life or somethin'.

A mushroom? As in a mushroom mushroom?

Ya know of some other mushroom? Yup, that, prolly.

Ange partakes of a different sort of mushroom, possibly?

Hear you can sell it for some crazy cash. Crazy. If we had that, we could get by more honest-like, you hear?

What should we do? We really have no way of confirming this brat's information.

Don't feel bad Hermana, he calls everyone that.

I say we do as she asks. Is everyone okay with that?

I have no interest in charity work.

… As you wish, then.

Ricardo's favorite movie is The Princess Bride.

Well then, Hermana, we have a deal.

All right! The sewer hooks up to a cavern deeper in.

For real? News to me.

That's no good, bud. Ya gotta pay more attention. Lemme show ya the way.

Hermana hasn't actually joined our party yet, but she will soon!

Same here.

It can't be mere coincidence. Do you think it's related to our past lives?

Perhaps it is some sort of shared memory...

Right on. Let's finish and ditch this dump.

Why's it smell like dogs? This ain't no place for a dog.

That gets explained, don't worry. Anyway, there's kind of a tough boss coming up, so I'm going to be switching back to my go-to party of Ange, Spada, and Luca.

ANYWAY! I recently got a better recording setup, and someone mentioned wanting to see the dungeon crawling, so I recorded it! It's sped up 2x because I'm awful with directions and kept going the wrong way, also I ended up cutting out some of the battles because even sped up, they're tedious. I recommend watching the video, but if that doesn't do it for you, here are some radical screenshots.

And here we are at the save point!

An altar. The ancient writing on it indicate that it is quite old.

Where you seein' this? I miss the expiration date or somethin'?

Although Man was cast down from Devaloka, the Devic script remained in use for some time. As time passed, the alphabet changed little by little until it achieved its current form.

Odd. I've never seen this kind of writing before, but I understand it.

Perhaps we can assume that we learned it by reading it in our memories of the Devic Era.

Such prayers are typically associated with the regional beliefs that preceded the unification by the church. Given the sheer size of this area, it much have been a place of considerable ritual significance.

So why was it abandoned?

The answer relies upon five volume's worth of church history. I would be happy to prepare a series of lectures for you.

Just lemme outta here, then you can start.


Of course. My apologies for bringing up such a boring topic...

Don't say that. I wouldn't mind hearing more about it.

How thoughtful Luca. Perhaps I can provide some lessons for you-- just the two of us.


H-hey! Maybe I wanna learn too after all...

Spada, given your aversion to studying, perhaps we can start you by copying manuscripts.

W-wait! I take it back!

We good? Let's go!

Let's keep going.

What's this thing?

The light is pooling. What could this be...

Oh, my...

Do you know what this is, Ange?

Ooh, shiny!

Think it's safe to touch?

There's nothing to--


Beware, Asura's forces are coming!

This is technically a Ratio soldier, not a human soldier, but I'm assuming you guys know what I mean with this thumbnail. Well, especially now that I've told you.

That's right, Asura has a fucking dragon.

The time for battle is at an end! People of Ratio, hear me! Let us lay down our arms and join hands as we march onward!

I knew this day would come, yet life without battle seems so very lonely.

That's right, my dear Inanna. I can now show you the beauty of this world as it existed in ages past.

But I would, Vrtra. The world that you once lived in, the world you described to me in my bedtimes stories, means everything to me.

Imagine having to change a demon lord's dirty diapers.

Excellent. See him in.

Mmm. I could not have done it without your support. You have my sincere thanks. Oh, Master Orifiel!

Master Asura...

Master Orifiel, your sullen mood is unbefitting such an auspicious occasion.

Himmel is dead... or rather, he was murdered. I imagine they sought to punish my betrayal, or send a message to other defectors.

Or perhaps both... your purpose for siding with me was to save Himmel, was it not?

I betrayed him! I allowed myself to be filled with joy as I heard of your victory! In that moment I forgot all about Himmel, even as he waited for my return...

Forgive me...

….I cannot accept your apology. Your will and Himmel's will are one and the same. I will honor him by serving you.

Then you will join us?

I would have you. With this, we step one step closer to the perfect world. I will gain Cerberus's approval and obtain the true prize...

FLASHBACK OVER. But we're still going! I promised you a boss fight and by golly you'll get one.

…Did you all see that?

That was from when the Sensus unified Devaloka, right?


So everyone saw it? Ricardo, you too?

I did, but I don't know why. I wasn't even there.

He doesn't even go here!

So what exactly was that whirlpool of light?

Why do you know something like that?

I encountered the same thing in the basement of the cathedral. It was what caused me to awaken...

So there're other places jus' like this?

Makes sense. If we start lookin' for these things...

We'd remember more an' more stuff. Sounds like fun!

Excuse me?

Wait a sec!

You saw it too?

Right on. I'm Vrtra, see?

That's right. In our party we have: A demon lord, his talking sword, his girlfriend, a reaper of souls, a tactician, and now A GIANT FUCKING DRAGON.


Jus' kiddin'.

Man, don't scare me like that...

I was jus' kiddin' about that too! I really was Vrtra, Who're you? Asura?

I'm Asura.

For real!? Man, ya look way too skinny for Asura! Oh well, I'll beef ya' up!

Wait just a second! Were you really that dragon?

Yup! I was all huge an' I'd fly 'round and give the boot to all them Ratio guys!! You were Inanna, right? Anyway, these dreams I been seein' forever mean somethin'. Good to know.

They're memories of our past lives, of the Devic Era.

Oh, my past life? I'm with ya', rock on. Even though they were jus' dreams, I always got real lonely when I had 'em.


When Devaloka fell, I was the only one left... Everybody else died and left me by my lonesome...

I see...

I was whisperin' Asura's name to my last breath. It was like that for hundreds, thousands of years... all alone. An' jus' when I thought the loneliness would never end, I'd wake up.

Vrtra was always thinking of me?

'Course, things didn't change much when I woke up. Even when I told people 'bout it, nobody really got it.

You must have been so lonely... let me give you a hug...

Naw, I'm good now. I got you guys as friends, see?

What is it?

It's about that mushroom we were looking for... Coda's found it. And he's eating it.

If you noticed, why didn't you stop him!?

I didn't want to ruin the mood.

Ricardo, you dork.

At least there's some of it left...

Then why don't we head back?


The other kids oughta be comin' back from work 'bout now. Let's go see them.

Anyway, we have to walk back to the beginning now.


We can see that. There are two of them.

We can see that too!

Hmm? Do I know ya?

….The guardian of the Manifest. Cerberus, right?

His name is literally “dog” in french.

Huh? Whacha askin' me for? I ain' the one who was watchin' it.

Child, why are you searching for the Manifest?

Wait a second... something doesn't feel right about that memory.


Why did Asura want to obtain the Manifest?

It's difficult to imagine he went through all the trouble of unifying Devaloka just to destroy it.

However, if I recall correctly, the Manifest was...

We don' know what we don' know, now leave us alone!

I'll ask again. Why do you seek the Manifest? Choose your words wisely if you value your life.

Ricardo, I do wish you would refrain from threatening children.

Loose lips, huh? Guess he's with that Arca thing.

Empty rhetoric. Repeating hollow words won't help you now.

We've finally been reunited! I'm going to make sure she's never alone ever again!

His dogs are named Cer and Ber. FUNNY JOKE NAMCO HAHA

Anyway, boss battle time. I recorded myself beating it (at normal time, unlike the dungeon crawling one), and I encourage you to check it out, but if you're a screenshot kind of person, screenshots are below.

Chien Fight

It's kind of a tough fight, as you can see I had to use a life bottle, and Ange was on Heal Duty for a lot of it. It's annoying because you're fighting 3 really mobile enemies, and if you noticed, I hadn't bought a new weapon for Ange, so all my attacks with her did 1 damage. I kept trying to get Infinite Jam (the overlimit of this game) off, but I just ended up dying in the other runs, so I ended up keeping this run instead. You'll see Infinite Jam soon, I swear! We're nearing the plot point where we unlock the ability to get our Mystic Artes as well, so next boss battle I'll make a point to include Infinite Jam and Mystic Artes. Anyway, for those not liking videos, screenshots are below.

Anyway, that's the end of that battle! This update was super long and I hope y'all like it, make sure to tune in for next time's update, and check out the Update 12 Skits!